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Charlie K

Excellent job, Julia. I love the texture and the photo on the home page. When Rhonda retires, you can come to work for me!

Beverly Grim
Wow, Baby, Wow,
Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking at the new web page the colors are eye catching but being a bit old fashioned I personally do not care for Rhonda's atire at all. It is way too revealing and more unattractive than it is nice. What happened to the wholesome girl and where did this person come from? Sorry.

Kim From MO

Wow!!!  Thought I had an error when I first logged on!  I love the new look, great job Julia!!  Rhonda, you look beautiful (as always!)

Julia and Rhonda,
GREAT work on the new look!!!!!! Very fashionable!!!!!!!!! I love the picture on the opening page!!!! My husband called from work and told me to check out the updated website. He's an automotive machinist and he's looking at the new site at work.  MMMMMMM.......Guess there's a lot of cars backed up in the garage that aren't "FIXED" yet.  Just kidding honey!!!! I know that you work so hard. You just have to take a "BREAK" every now and then!!!
love, Tracie   

  Looks Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent work, Prez!  RHONDA VINCENT looks completely stunning in that gold dress, which she wore to the Ryman.  Of course, we're talking about someone who would look completely stunning in a burlap sack, so I'm not sure how much the dress has to do with it.

I'm still trying to recover from a very full month of Ragin' Live, which began on June 26th in Charlotte, michigan and ended 143 miles away on July 25th in Van Wert, OHIO.  Somehow, it feels like I travelled a little farther than that.
Tom Alman
I saw that LOL!!!

Sweet Brenda

The Web Site is  AWESOME......You Both Did A Great Job.

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