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Hey all...I am making a trip to NYC in June and wondered if anyone had suggestions for the "must see" sites or adventures. I am going with my boyfreind and his family for his sisters graduation from Med School, we will only be there for 4 days, but I wanted to make sure and visit the  best of best! We are going to go do the normal tourist things like Empire State Building, Times Square, Ground Zero, but I want the other stuff...like best places to eat, shop, any advice?

Mike Garlock
Hi Lib,

    I would suggest you bring lots of Money.  I like the Chelsea Market where they film the Food Network.  Central Park at 72nd St. is "Strawberry Fields" the John Lennon Memorial.  The Mayor of Strawberry Fields gives a little talk all day and of course you can leave a donation.  We alway's go to the Bowery for Dinner to a great Cuban Restaurant http://www.agozarnyc.com.   Mike G.

Thank you so much Mike! I can't wait to share this information with everyone else. Hope you have a great day!

The girls and I love the Spadium.

You can get an authentic Shiatsu massage, and let those ladies "walk all over you". 

It's in the Garment District.

Also LOVE to dine at My Favorite Dessert Company.
(I think they changed their name to My Favorite Restaurant, or something like.) It's on a street that runs parallel to Broadway, just South of Times Square.

We LOVE the Gotham Comedy Club.  Great comedy. 

There are many stores.  The Manhattan Mall is great.

One of my favorite stores is Zan.

Hmmm....do you need a personal tour guide???  

I would LOVE a personal tour guide!!! The massage sounds amazing!!

I think you need to tell your dear hubby that you deserve a few days off and let's go shopping!
Be sure to go to Times Square in the morning around 10am;
and get a photo with the Naked Cowboy!!!  Be sure to take $$s for at tip.

He won't take a photo without it.  Just put the tip in his boot. It's about the only place there is to place the $$s. 

Gloria Boyd
Lib, It's been several years since we went to NY. But then you could buy just about anything on the street. They would shout $5.00 ,$5.00. We went with our daughter's senior class and had a very nice time.We went to  a play, a yankee ball game, ellis island, statute of liberty,empire state building ate at Mama Leona's .But this  was in 1991.Things probably have changed.

   My daughter went to christian  church there were only 17 in her class.  I am glad we didn't see the NAKED COWBOY!!!     There is plenty to do  have fun!
Hi Lib!

My best friend's boyfriend lives in New York City, and she makes many trips to see him.  He lives in the China town area, and she keeps telling me how awesome and cheap the food is in that area!  I'll have to find out some specific areas that she loves and recommends.  I'm thinking that once she moves there in the Fall, I will have a place to visit once in a while.  I've never been there but have always wanted to. 

I wouldn't mind seeing said Naked Cowboy.   I like Cowboys and well yea...

Duh...I completely forgot about the Statue of Liberty.

I've never taken the ferry over from NYC.  We've always just gone to the park and seen it from afar.  There is usually street shows going on the park.
Kids performing for tips.    Of course that's pretty much all over the city.
It's just my memory from there. 

The Sally Mountain Show DID play at the park there. But that was back around 1976? 

I'm sure someone can research the date, because, they had scaffolding all around the statue of liberty. I did get photos, but I was very disappointed that we couldn't go over and in it. And it had all the construction around it.

Mike B

One thing about the Statue of Liberty, the security is as tight or maybe even tighter than it is at airports.  Not a problem really, just make sure you are security-friendly before you arrive.  I guess I'm weird, but one thing that amazed me was an international food market on the street level of Grand Central Station.  Fresh produce from all over the world used in cooking practically every cuisine known to man.  None of it looks as good as my beans & taters, but it is interesting.  I recommend visiting the WTC statue located at Battery Park.  I'm referring to the bronze globe that was at Ground Zero and was damaged when the WTC Towers fell around it.  Very moving.


The best thing to do in New York is...walk around and people watch. Go to midtown, see ROckefeller Center, eat a hot pretzel from a cart. I love "doing nothing" in NYC.

Walking through Central Park on a nice warm day is fun and NOT dangerous. Of course you always have to have your City-Smarts no matter where you travel, but if you're with 2 or 3 other people it's a great way to spend an afternoon.

The people have reclaimed their beautiful piece of the city and thousands use it every day for biking, running, walking their dogs and taking the kids for a run. Cost: Zero; Entertainment value: High.

If you like Museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art "suggests" a minimum donation  - but I have given them $5-$10 and spent time just wandering around the galleries. Other museums are not quite as flexible. MOMA? Fugeddaboutit...

Of course, if a certain Queen of Bluegrass is playing at B.B. King's or Joe's Pub, that could be fun too. I've seen Rhonda at Joe's, and Cherryholmes too. Rhonda also played at least one free outdoor show in lower Manhattan, because I was there! (2005?) Free music happens in spring and summer all the time and is worth snooping around for.

Hi Lib.
I hope you have a great trip , I'm so happy for you dear.
The only thing I know about NY is, my brother and his wife went there on their vacation. He said the first person they saw was ''DOLLY P.
He said they were right beside her in her limo and my Sis said , OH look! there's Dolly . She heard them and waved, she was so friendly.
So, my advise is ' look for Dolly'', follow her . I bet she will take you to the best places to eat.

Be safe sweet one and have a fun time.

 Hi Dean,
Do you live in NY?
Thanks everyone for all the help!! I am looking forward to the trip even more now!

Oh I wish wish Rhonda would be there I would love to go see her again!! I am pretty excited because my boyfriends friend lives right around the block from where Law and Order is shot so we are going to try and go see that along wtih going to a taping  of the David Letterman show...don't worry I will take lots of pictures and post them and tell ya'll all about the trip...and I hope we get to see the naked cowboy!!! I LOVE cowboys...my boyfriend has a pair of cowboy boots but that is as close as he gets so this will be a treat for me I'll make sure and take tons of pictures for you Courtney!

Be sure to visit Ground Zero, and pay tribute to those who lost their lives. It's an overwhelming experience.  I was there just days after. Fires were still burning, and smoke and dust covered everything for many blocks. We could feel it in our lungs within moments.

It's something that affected many  around the world. And there is an incredible history posted there, along with photos of that fateful day.

Gary K

It appears that we posted at exactly the same time again.  As usual, I was being nice to YLH.  I don't want him to throw away my Missouri Summer Home.  Happy Floridating to you and the Rage!

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