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Hello to all the ragers,

Just wanted to let you all know that Tensel, Karen, and I have recorded a Cd and it should be available at Sally Mountain. There are 7 songs on the cd, one of which is an original by Dee Gaskin, and 6 other great songs. We had mom and Darrin's help on some harmony vocals and Hunter played mandolin and fiddle. We are extremly excited to get this project out and we hope you all will come get one. We are just starting out with this band, but we hope you all will come see us again at Sally Mountain and in the east Tennessee area.

Now I know you all consider yourself ragers, but maybe you can someday be Next Best Thingers!! haha Well take care of yourselves in Rage Land and if it gets to boring here come on down to NBT Land. Have a good day and check us out on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/nextbestthingband!

Tom Alman
Hey Sally! I wont be at Sally Mountain but would love to hear the CD. Let us know when and where we can get a copy! Maybe we can get MOM to put it on her website!!!


I want to be a "THINGER"

Shouldn't you be at work Susan?

Hey Julia I'm at work and I've been on the computer ALLLL DAY! YEAH FOR THINGERS!!!!

Uncle Pen's Friend

I was just going to say we should be called "Ragers" and "Thingers" but Susan beat me to it.   But hey all great minds think a like.   We'll be at Sally Mountain.   We can't wait.    Best of luck with the band.

I wanna be a "Thinger" too!
p.s. Julia, work is overated. ;-)
Uncle Pen's Friend
Hey I haven't done a darn thing at work going on 3 days now.   No one seems to be sick around here and they aren't wrecking theie cars and they aren't burning things up.    Makes for 3 very long days, lots of sleep and lots of surfing time.   What's left other than being a Rager and a Thinger
The Ol' Dawg

Sally - The Ol' Dawg is from Jawja. SOOOOOOOOOOO, that would make me a "Thanger" !!!  

Kim from MO
Wow, how cool is that, Sally?  Best of luck on the new CD.  I want to be a "Thinger" too!!

Amy, I'd gladly trade you jobs this week!  I have been in computer training for 2 days and have a big meeting at 8 in the morning.  I could use some down time!!
Mike B

Sally - I want to be a Thinger too!  Where do we sign up?

Hey Sally Girl,

I can't wait to get the new CD.  You can bet I will be first in line for it!  Matt, Mom, the kids and I will be the loudest screamers on the front row!!  We love you.  So glad I got your all's autograph last year on the Marsha Brady Camper.

I was Thinger when Thinger wasn't cool!
Me Too!


This is exciting news for you all, and about time. You guys are awesome!

Best of luck from

Dean the Boston Boy
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