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Proud Mother
NEXT BEST THING    http://www.nextbestthingband.com


makes their debut at the World of Bluegrass this week.

Check out their schedule for the week:

Wednesday: 10 pm Ernest Tubb Record Shop (Broadway Store)
                  1 AM (or Thursday morning) Virginia Bluegrass Suite Rm 109
Friday: 3pm Bluegrass Inn  
Saturday: 11pm Mulligans Pub on 2nd Ave

Say HI to my girls!!!



 " Pardon Me " , Mamm....., is it possible that they would ever travel down under.? & maybe bring their Mom to sing too ?
or should i just order the CD ?.lol

Kim From MO
Wow!!!  Way to go NBT!!! 

Ragin' Thinger!!
NBT: Saw you folks last week in Gettysburg. I'm the guy who told you folks how super you were and that your mom would have to watch it as you group will far surpass her success in the future. I predict it. LOL!
Anyway, I like your CD; all songs are great! Keep it up. You folks have something special with your instrumentation and lyrics. Keep on writing songs. It's so great to hear a new female group in Bluegrass. You guys have what it takes(if that's what you want!).
Keep going and now that you have easily survived your first bluegrass festival, and with flying colors, you should go straight up the bluegrass  ladder.
You have a bunch of new fans: everyone who saw you guys at Gettysburg.
I'm not certain how Gettysburg's fest ranks, if there is such a thing, among all the fests in the East, but we locals think it's one of the best and surely one of the cleanest and best organized. We get folks from all over the US and Canada here in May and in August as well.
Anyway, my Dallas Cowboys ball cap is off to your band and especially the gals for showing us fans that you got the right stuff.
Now that I've buttered you up, let's get working on another CD; I'm wearin' out the one I bought last week.
Tim Larson, Gettysburg 
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