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Charles Flanary
Good morning Sweet Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Kenny & Kaye,Mickey & Crystal,Darrell & Amanda,Hunter,Yogi & Barbara,Richard & Julia and Ragers everywhere.Not much time left so I'll see you soon,travel safe.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Charlie K

NINE DAYS!!!! OMGosh, I gotta start getting ready! See you soon Charles.

Good Morning Charles ..I know you are getting excited..a lot of fun ahead for you.
Good Morning Charlie and to all Ragers everywhere.
Have a nice Monday!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Alman
Good morning Charles, Charles, Louise, And the whole Ragin gang! Keep Smilin'!!!

Good Mornin' Ragers!

9 more days!!

Ann A

Good Mornin' Ragers

   I can't believe it..........we leave in 4 days. 

Better get the camper ready!  




Ronald McCafferty
Good day, Charles and all Ragers! Charles, I met you at Naperville, IL this past March while talking to Carolyn about Sally Mountain. That show would have been my first time seeing Rhonda live but she was sick. My wife and I left there all excited about coming to Sally this 4th of July, but I regret to say that it will not work out for us this year. My wife cannot make the drive due to her health. We need to check the schedule and book another show. We are extremely dissapointed but are confident that we will get to see Rhonda eventually. I told Carolyn personally that we would be there, and of course she doesn't really know me or that I really am a man of my words. I wish you all great weather and a good time this year and maybe we will see you somewhere else this year. Regretfully, Ron McCafferty of Glen Ellyn, IL.
Wow...Nine Days before the fester.  There's already 20 campers in place.

Many camped out this past weekend, just enjoying the peaceful beauty of the surroundings.

Mike & Brenda...you have a prime camping spot. However.....you should have employed Dear Rv to park your Rv.    Dear Herby almost became Herby Dearest when WE went to park it together.    Ugh!  MEN!   
Mike Garlock
Thanks Rhonda,

    Sounds like Herby is rufflin' up the Queen's Feathers.  Maybe you could get yourself a Florida Highway Patrol Uniform.  I've personally seen him back-pedal form a confrontation with them!  Just a thought.  Mike G.
Mike B

Good afternoon Charles and ALL the Ragin' Gang!

I almost had to ruin another white shirt for the burrito bandito.

It reminded me of the time we remodeled our home.

I had 2 ideas:  One was to put a big picture window in the living room.
The other was to knock the south wall and put in a patio door.

BOTH of my ideas were vetoed by Dear Herby.

DO YOU KNOW....that 4 weeks later, in the middle of the construction;
DEAR HERBY came home and had 2 REALLY GREAT IDEAS --- and he had ordered a big window for the living room.

The other idea was to put in FRENCH DOORS out the south wall.

I'm so glad that he thought of that.     

However Mike...this time, he didn't come up with that great idea yet.

You're beautiful picture window that COULD have been facing the stage, so you could listen from the comfort of your recliner; is instead across the road, facing the West row of TREES!!!!

My idea was vetoed AGAIN!!!
You were really expecting him to have more than 2 great ideas in his lifetime?
Mr. Zoom
I had really hoped to attend this year, but unfortunately my medical problems did a number on my annual leave.

Maybe in 2009?

Have fun, y'all!

Edward from WV

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