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Jim and Jane
We're on our way, just crossed the bridge off the Cape. First destination WV/Ohio area to pick up Sami and Nikki tomorrow afternoon, then on to KC Weds to meet up w/Ben the competitor...next Sat. a.m. we'll be at SM. Looking forward to a week w/ Rager friends old and new.
J n J

Oh.....had to go and rip poor Herby on another thread. Didn't have the intestinal fortitude to face him on the "Dear Herby" page.....cowards. Well, I'll have you know that Herby can multi-task, and do 2 threads at once. How do you like that???

For the record....she wanted a SLIDING GLASS DOOR in the old house back in 1983. All MEN know that sliders leak cold air, freeze up in the winter time, and can be broken into with a credit card. So, I came up with idea of putting a Dbl French door in to make her happy, and be economical also. The picture window was a weak moment. I have no reason for that.

I also learned a valuable lesson about marriage. NEVER under any circumstances build, or add on anything new to a house. Neither of you will agree on anything about it. Buy a house that's already been built. Then she can complain to someone other than you.

Mike, your camping spot is perfect. You wouldn't want it any other way. The picture window is facing the woods for a reason. There are no drapes on it. If it faced the crowd, everybody would be able to see you in your boxers. More shade where you are also. More jamming. Good surroundings...my DAD is parked next to you.

Next time you want to confront "Dear Herby"...."Dear RV"...come on over to my turf. You know where to find me. This way we can settle this man to man. LOL
Dear Herb....Y

I'm thinking that since this is RHONDA'S MESSAGE BOARD, it's ALL her turf Talk to us when you get your own message board

You can't wait to see me next week can you!!!

I have a lump of coal waiting for you Prez.

You forget Herb, I'm married to a coal miner......a lump of coal is a very good thing for us In fact, those lumps of coal are going to help me buy a new iMac soon

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