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You Know Who
Just when I thought I had a peaceful day ahead of me. 

 I slept in late.

Started cooking lunch.....then all of a sudden, I hear

I couldn't believe my ears. And the announcer said "MISSOURI"!
I thought my hubby watched Missouri yesterday????


Just hush and get my lunch/supper on the table. I'll take care of the TV.

Tom Alman
Just think about it this way Rhonda, it never stops. There is something on all year round LOL!!!

Rhonda... it could be worse.... picture in picture with both the football AND basketball!!!
Tom Alman
Now Katie! Thats what you do on New Years Day! You watch picture in picture and get a couple of other TV's to watch all the games at the same time LOL!!!

  Now that's a good one Katie!! 

Even if our TV has that cabability.....Dear Herby is technically challenged, and would not be able to activate that feature, thank goodness.  

Boy, you lucked out there Rhonda. Next I think that the remote might have to make a detour into the unknown space in the sofa or something!

Now Tom, with my husband, it's on any given day with sports... the PIP is going with NASCAR and football, the bedroom has on another sport and then runs downstairs just in case there might be something on that TV. Don't get me wrong, I do love my sports.... but really, Thanksgiving day with football on from 9:30am til 8pm was just a TAD too much!



Amen to the 2nd power!~  My brother would watch a ping-pong tournament if it's on TV!

Rhonda, speaking of sports, maybe on your upcoming CD you could record a SPORTS song for Dear Herby.  I'm sure if you did that you would just make his day.  When I was thinking  of sporting songs ......... there's only one that came to mind ........ a definite Canadian song  ............. about the great sport of ............. ice hockey.

I'm sure Herby will appreciate this song.

When you travel to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick in April 2009, I'm sure if you sang this song, all those in attendance over the age of 40 will be singing it with you.   

Have a Great week.

Oh, I'm pretty sure that SOMEBODY warned you that there was going to be both football AND basketball over the weekend, Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes.

86, as usual your taste in music is impeccable.  I've been a huge fan of Stompin' Tom for aboot 25 years.  We'll have to play "Sudbury Bluegrass Saturday Night" next year at Sally Mountain while 99 and 13 tell us how the bingo went tonight.....we'll look afright!

I'm not sure that we want to encourage the audience to sing along with RHONDA, though.  Whenever Avril sings "The Hockey Song", there are all of these teennotRagers singing along and you can't even hear Av.  It's pretty annoying, eh?

Hello out there, we're on the air......
Agent 99
Oh my gosh GLK EH....................I am still laughing.  I am sure 86 will have something to add when he wakes up from his slumber.  "Snatching people from the jaws of death" (his words not mine) is a tiring job.  He needed to catch a couple of zz's before tonight's shift.
How aboot "Sally Mountain Bluegrass Saturday Night", eh
........it's hockey night, tonight.......
Member of the Hood
Well Agent 99, how aboot "Sally Mountain Bluegrass Every Night", eh (really confusing the spell check w/aboot )
Eh Canada
Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed how much the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT resembles a certain Canadian singer?  It must be the eye makeup, eh?

eh Cal.....
 eh......do ya think the Rage will have this new look??  
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