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Uh...NO Cal!  I can safely say NO, it's not the new look of The Rage.

But I can say, The Men of the Rage have been on an extensive shopping spree with an expert stylist....and they're gonna look mighty handsome!!!


I've been a huge fan of Stompin' Tom for aboot 25 years.  We'll have to play "Sudbury Bluegrass Saturday Night" next year at Sally Mountain

GLK Eh, you're right .......... I'm sure you can come up with a great version of "Sudbury Bluegrass Saturday Night", maybe similar to your many versus of "Salty Dog Blues", which by the way, have you recorded that on CD yet?  I've had many inquiries.  Could be a hot seller.

I think your version of "Sudbury Bluegrass Saturday Night" would be great if you did it as a duo with Av.  How aboot a quick trip to Napanee?

I must agree,very similar look with the eye makeup.

......... someone roared Bobby scored, it's the good old hockey game ........



Great suggestion, 86.  I'll talk it over with Av.  She lives in El Eh now, so I bump into her all of the time. 
That sweet fiddle keeps on playin' and we ate the dilly pickle
Everybody get tickled for it's Sudbury Bluegrass Saturday Night

GKeh, you're so lucky to have her living so close ....... you talk it over with her and see what you can come up with. 

Just think, she use to live only 2 hours from me, now she lives 39 hours away ............ go figure ........... I hope it wasn't some thing I said.

When you bump into her again tell her I say "Hi."

Second Period ............

Ocho y Seis,

She usually comes to our bluegrass jams, so I'll pass along your greeting.  I'm sure it was nothing personal.  In fact, we were just talking aboot you last week.  She wants to get back to her roots, so her next record is going to be all acoustic.  She's looking for someone who can play Canadian style banjo.  Keep your phone on, eh?

They storm the crease like bumblebees
Quatre-vingt Six

GK Eh, je garderai mon téléphone sur  ........... Je parie ceux-là sont tout à fait les embouteillages de blue grass avec tous ces instruments électriques.  Je n'ai jamais entendu sa voix de blue grass.

 .....They voyage comme une flamme ardent ...........




GK Eh, I'll keep my phone on  ........... I bet those are quite the bluegrass jams with all those electric instruments.  I've never heard her bluegrass voice.


.....They travel like a burning flame ...........




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