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Check back for some very exiting opportunities for October.

Two in particular are

10/11  in Nashville, TN


10/25 in Kansas City, MO

Details coming as soon as we can share this very exciting news!

We are going to be in Nashville on the 11th! Got 5th row tickets at the Ryman for Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.
Rhonda, are you coming to play with Steve and SCR?? That would be awesome!
We will sure be watching, and listening, for the good new's can't wait. Also for the video with Gene Watson.
Mary G

Hi yall! We're waiting and want to go!

Oh Mindy....you are a sharp cookie!! 
Woo Hoo!!!
Oh Rhonda, that is awesome. I can't wait! What a night this is going to be!
Hopefully we will get to say hi!

Will it be the full band at the show or is it a solo thing on the 11th?  That outta be a GREAT show!!
It will just be one song.  I'll be there solo.  All the Rage have volunteered to do my hair and make up that night.
All the Rage have volunteered to do my hair and make up that night. 

I want photos of that

Hey everybody!  I check the message board all the time, but have never posted. Just wanted to say how cool it will be to play with SCR.  The mandolin player is from my hometown.  They are nice guys!


if the Rage are doing your hair, does that mean it's a halloween party?

Mark, Paula, & Paityn

We are looking forward to seeing you and the Rage at Clinton. We
have been here waiting since Wednesday. Paityn has started calling out your name when she hears one of your songs on the radio, even before she hears your voice.

Can't wait to hear about Oct. 25th in Kansas City so we can make plans to be there. That is close to our stomping ground.

See you in a few hours.
I'm so sad that I couldn't make it to Knuckleheads the other night. I hope you'll be doing another show in KC on the 25th so I can see you this time!
Rhonda will actually be singing the national anthem at the Kansas City Chiefs game on the 25th. No show, just the anthem.


BTW....their opponent will be the Chargers from San Diego.
Yeah, I knew she was doing the anthem (which will be great!)...I was just hoping for a show too.
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