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And here I am again.....the last one to bed. 

Good Night! 

Professor Ron

Good night and ... good luck! 

Jim Hughes

Haha.....    Me too!    Have a good night.   I need some sleep badly cuz' 5:30 will be here before I know what happened....


 We're all still up here, and I'm not tired yet!!!
Look's like "The Boss" is getting ready to pack it in though.
Let's party

Well, everyone else here has gone to bed now.  Sure is quiet!!!  Yee Haw!!!!!!
Alvin Bressler

Time for a C-Pap breathing machine! After he gets it mastered, he will be amazed how rested he feels, & no more snoring for you to put up with. My Wife has had one for several years. Tony the Tiger says, they are Grrrrrrrrreat! Alvin

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