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Brrr......we have at least 3" of snow already and it's to snow most of the day.  They may not have school here until May
Mike G.
Good Morning Julia, Rhonda & Ragers,

    After you get Smithville all cleaned up could you head down to Bama and help out UM South...I think he could use you!  Mike G.
The Ol' Snowbound Hound

6 inches at the Jawja Dawghouse -


Ain't NOBODY goin' nowhere today !!!

Mike B
Mornin' y'all!  I'm not sure about the numbers, but we've had a pretty good storm up to this point.  Last night was a Noreaster with lightning, thunder and howling wind in the middle of the snowstorm.  That doesn't happen every day in Alabama.  The only other time I can recall thundersnow was in 1993.  The ruts on the road in front of my house look to be at least 6 - 8 inches deep. I'll post pictures on Facebook  later.
Have a great day!

6 inches here in NC...and still falling.  They are saying we should get 8-12 inches.  I KNOW I will be teaching school until July.  This week willl surely be my spring break.  Goodness!

Dear Herby
Dry here in N'east Mo. I think we've only had about 4" of snow all year. Which, is OK with me!!!
We must be in the middle of the storms. They're going north and south, and missing us in the middle.
Stay warm and safe!!! Especially those of you in the south. I know you're not used to this.

Not sure how many inches of snow we got this morning.  It's not as bad as many other places thankfully, but they still canceled school.  Time to go play in the snow!! :-)

Y'all have a great day and stay safe out there!

Robert Hall

Good morning everyone....very cold here but sunny at the moment,19 degrees with a 20+ mph wind chill....

We got about 3" of fluffy snow Saturday night here...
and Tuesday night and Wednesday we are supposed to get another 6-12" ,the "Nor'easter coming up from the gulf coast that Dawg got his 6" of snow from is destined to "blow up" just off Cape Cod again...
Lucky us...(not!)..

I'm praying we dont get that much snow,or if we do,its not that wet cement stuff we got the day after Christmas..I am not looking forward to plowing,and am praying my truck & plow hold together,and my neighbor next door doesn't give me any more greif about the snow piles ...(been wishing he'd just do me a favor and shoot me,then I wont have to deal with winter and poor health any more!)..

I've had a head cold that wont quit since mid december,every morning I wake up sneezing and with a runny nose,but once I get up it seems to fade away,then come back at night again...I've had bad back aches that feel like a knife between my shoulder blades since then too,and every storm we get I have to make it worse by shoveling and using my tractor/snowblower...

The furnace hasn't shut off for more than 20 minutes per hour since I got it to re-start last week,after the oil tank ran dry...I bet 20 gallons out of the 100 we had put in (for 300 bucks! :eek,have been used up already...All I could scrounge up for firewood the other day was about 20 pallets that were soaking wet,and I've already burned half of them up too...

I put ten bucks worth of diesel in my plow truck yesterday--got a whopping THREE gallons !.....that'll be enough to plow our driveway once or twice maybe....like we have money to burn on moving SNOW,when we're already barely scraping by...it's sickening..

It's going to be a LONG winter,and probably the roughest one I've had to endure so far,except maybe the one a few years ago when I almost died from a bowel obstruction,and still had to plow and shovel like I was still healthy...

Frankly I'll be surprised if I make it till spring,and I hate to say it,but my mother isn't getting any better either....things are really bad here for both of us,and I wish at least the weather would give us a break,when nothing else here seems to be getting any better...

Hope Rhonda has no troubles getting to her next show...hope she has a set of chains for the Martha White Express,just in case she needs them!...

Gary Kennedy
No snow here yet, but the temperature is only supposed to get up to 63.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Okay, I'm off to the beach, then back home again for the mythical national championship game.  Remember, if it's close in the 4th quarter, Auburn wins.  Everyone be careful today!

Mike B
This is the day we have ALL been waiting for.  Counting down the hours 'til the National Championship Game.  I am so proud to be an AUBURN TIGER!

Professor Ron

I thought Dawgs liked snow? 

The Ol' Dawg

Dawgs do like snow - There was a day's worth of sleet and freezin' rain over the top of our six inches of snow that created an icy crust. They finally started cleanin' the state highways and secondary roads last night around 10 PM, but, a lot of roads are still too bad to travel on. We seldom have this much widespread snow and ice ( last time it happened was March in 1993 ) and our DOT is not equipped to handle this much. Supposed to get over freezin' for 3 or 4 hours this afternoon. We'll see . . .

Dear Herby
We got 6" of snow here too. Supposed to get another 2 " then the wind comes in to push the front out. 30 mph winds will be more of a problem than the snow. Lots of drifting, which will make travel hazardous.
I hear Jimmy and Mary G. were stranded in KC yesterday. I really thought Ann A.....aka 99 would hook the dog sled up, and come and get them. 86....wake up the shrimper, and have her bring the dogs down here. We need her badly!!!
Mike G.
Morning Herby,

    Sometime's you have to pay a price for Raging.  Sometime's it's a Speeding Ticket in Iowa or Sometime's you get caught driving up on an Off Ramp or sometime's your stuck at an Airport...
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