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Herby, we don't have enough snow here to hook the dogs up to the sled.  I'd have to drive 99 (the shrimper), the sled and the dogs until we found enough snow.
. . . And I thought I lived in the GREAT WHITE NORTH.  The weather's all messed up . . . You're getting all the snow and we're just getting some cold weather.
Here's hoping you don't get too much snow!!!
I hope RV got all the wood chopped before heading back out on the road.  Oh, who am I kidding . . . I KNOW she did!!!!!
3" is nothing!! MA is expecting 12-18" tomorrow!! We haven't had any days of from school yet, but I'm hoping for a day off tomorrow.

I hope all the Ragers are having a great winter!!
Mary G

We are home safe and sound. Might have been able to do it last night but glad we didn't try. It took us about 4 1/2 hrs which would usually be 3 hours from KC to home. We saw several cars in the ditch, glad we weren't. 35 wasn't good but also ok considering, then when we had to get off on 2 lane state highway 2 not much snowplowing had been done. I'm not complaining though we are home safe and sound. Now rest up, wash clothes, and repack just gotta Rage On!

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