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Thanks to Yogi's strategic driving.  He positioned the bus for a swift crossing over the grassy knoll.  He hit the gas, and never let up until he hit the pavement on the other side.

After traveling from Port Huron to Detroit, we arrived at the Canadian border.

Everyone was asked to exit the bus.  After a few questions about our show, we were cleared to enter into Canada. 

We have just crossed onto Hwy 401, and are making our way to London.

All is well.  Hunter & Kenny are watching Law & Order. 

I'm going to bed.  Good Night!!!  

Gary Kennedy
Hallelujah!  Oh Canada!  Yogi comes through with another "clutch" performance!  I'd rather not hear about a grassy knoll, though.  That's my other nightmare.

I just thought I would vote a few more times before going to bed, so now I can go to sleep knowing that the Martha White Bluegrass Express is on the move again.  Personally, I would have crossed the border in Detroit to begin with, but I guess that's why I never have any exciting travel adventures like the great RHONDA VINCENT.  You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20 Vision and I'd give an Ocean of Diamonds to be a Freeborn Man so that I could Drink Up and Go Home.

You're lucky that I wasn't the border guard, because there wouldn't have been a few questions about your show.  There would have been a RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE show right there at the border.

Mike Garlock, please give Yogi a hug for me!
Yogi is my Hero!!!! Glad you guys made it safely to Canada
Mike Garlock
Morning Gary,

    I alway's give Yogi a big Hug, but this one's for you.  Mike G.
Tom Alman
Good job Yogi! But I'll save my hug for the Queen, thanks LOL!!!

Don A

  Glad to hear you made it across the border with no real problems.

Back in the late 70's another well know bluegrass band were crossing the border to do a show in Oshawa, Ontario, and the folks at the border wouldn't let them bring their instruments with them , so they left them at the border with Canada Customs, borrowed instruments when they got there and did the show.

On a more serious note, just watch out for any freezing rain ..... and on the road, for any polar bears or moose  .............. they can do a lot of damage to a vehicle.  We are just feeding the dogs and will soon be hooking them up to the sled, and then it's off to London.  Mush. 

Well, I guess I'll turn down the heat in the igloo and we'll be on our way.

See you in London. 


Rhonda you really should write a book  

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Don and Ragers Everywhere,

    We are just getting ready to shuffle off to Buffalo then a couple more hours to London.  We've never been there before and we are looking forward to seeing that part of Canada.  Sunday Morning we just might have to stop and see the Falls again.  It's been a few years since I've enjoyed that view.  Rager's heading for the show drive just like Yogi, not like the good Doctor.  Mike G.
Ann Adams
Man!!!!!!!!!!  Don says I write a book.    Welcome to Ontario, Canada.
He won't be hooking up the dog team...........he learned from Herb that it is wifely duties to do that, as well as the "3 K's"............kooking, kleaning and kids.
See you in London.
Mike G.
Yogi went to "Herb's Driving School" also. You should see him take that bus UP an OFF ramp. Better yet, you should see the eyes of the drivers in the cars that he meets.  Heck, the Florida Hwy Patrol doesn't even take a 2nd look at him. Good thing he doesn't have HERB-JR plates on that thing. I've always told Yogi, "when in doubt, kick that bus into 4-wheel, and go where no man has gone before." And when you get there, break out in song...."On the Road Again...just can't wait to get on the road again...watching Rhonda put lipstick on is sin...I can't wait to get on the road again" Yes sir, nothing like knowing Rhonda is in the back doing make-up while 4-wheeling a bus in rough terrain. It just doesn't get any better than that.
Kookin', Kleanin', Kids, and dog sleds....I'll make a note of that for the 2009 revised edition of the book Don, Mike G, Dawg, and I are Rightin'

Good job Ann. You're an inspiration to wives everywhere. May I use your name and likeness in the book?
Great job Yogi!  Glad you guys made it past that toxic mess.  Rhonda, you should definitely write a book about your adventures over the years.  It would be a best seller!

Don't forget to stop in at a Tim Horton's, get some hot chocolate and yummy donuts, and then take in a good ol hockey game.

Have fun in Canada!
The Ol' Dawg

Would another definition of "toxic spill" be the Queen doin' make up during Yogi's 4-wheelin' expeditions ?   


Rhonda's mistake was coming to Detroit in the first place.  The whole city is a "Toxic Spill" and I oughta know...I LIVE HERE!!!!!  Welcome to Detroit, Rhonda...The Arm Pit of America!  LOL  Glad to hear you made it out of Detroit and into Canada.  I've been here over 25 years and STILL haven't found a way out of this hell hole!!  LOL  RAGE ON!!!!!

Ann Adams
Hey Herb, just look up "stupid" in the dictionary and my picture is right beside it.  I don't know how I get roped into these things.  You would think that after 26 years of wedded bliss  I would smartn' up.  I think if you used my name an likeness in the book the women of the world would be out to get me.
We are in London waiting oh so patiently for the concert of the decade.
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