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National League Central Standings

Team                W-L                   Pct.                   GB

St. Louis        11-5                  .688                   -
Cincinnati           9-6                   .600                   1.5
pirates                 9-6                   .600                   1.5
Chicago Cubs         8-6                   .571                   2.0
Houston             6-9                   .400                   4.5
Milwaukee           6-9                   .400                   4.5

1 reason the Cardinals are in first?????

Albert Pujols .345 avg....6 home runs (1st) 21 RBI (1st) slugging pct. .724 (1st) total bases 42 (1st) runs scored 18 (1st)

Sir Albert leads the league in just about everything including Hot Dog sales during the 7th inning stretch. The guy is on fire. He's unbelievable!!! There isn't a better player in baseball than Sir Albert. What he's done in his 1st 8 seasons hasn't been done by anybody in the modern era of baseball.

Of course is biggest claim to fame is when I punched him out on a called 3rd strike while he played for Maple Woods Community College. His next at bat he hit 1 so far, it hasn't come down yet!!!! It's still orbiting the earth.

Now, the pennant can't be won in April, but it can be lost!!!

Big series with the Cubbies this weekend in St. Louis.
Should`ve kept Rolen at third base instead of getting Glaus.
George Steinbrenner
Dear Mr. Sandker,
    Thank you for pointing out the exceptional play of Albert Pujols.  I have ordered the NY Yankee's to make a offer today for his relocation to NY.  Enjoy the rest of the Baseball Season and if you would like to visit the new Stadium I have Suite Tickets available for you anytime.  GS
What's that???? Do I see the PIRATES in third place????? And that's without a multi-millionare first baseman!!! Anyone can win with Albert Pujols....try winning with a team who's highest paid players make less than the Card's batboy Watch out Herby.....Here we come!!!

I have a hard time believing the pirates are doing better than the phils.

Don't worry Harry...I have a feeling that things will balance out soon and we'll see the two teams back where they should be.
Herb!!! you are absolutely right about Sir Albert, he is the best, now back to the cubs, we have four players hitting under 200, made a bad trade this winter sending Mark D'rosa, to Cleveland.
Our pitching is good, hitting is terrible right now.
Now, how long did you umpire in college? My son, Mike is umpiring college baseball, thoroughly enjoys it. 
           Whitey a cub fan 
I umpired a total of 22yrs, with 15 of them in the college ranks. I enjoyed it thoroughly. If it weren't for a bad back, I probably would still be doing it today.

Should be a good series this weekend!!! Go Cards!!!!!!!
Julia, your post was completely inappropriate.  The Pirates are actually tied for second.

Herb, Albert still says that the called third strike was a foot outside.  Most observers believed that you were anxious to get home to RHONDA VINCENT's cooking.
 Congratulations, on the 22yrs. umpiring, I did it for 19 yrs. umpire, and referring, never left the high school level, couldn't! had a factory job, did the other, evenings, and week-ends, my son is  doing the same thing, only has moved up to college level, as of last year.
 It was hard work but, man did I enjoy it, paid very little back then too.
My son spent two weeks in Flo. this Spring doing college games there, the pay was out of sight.
 Talk at you later Herb.
Whitey, if memory serves me, I think Div. II paid $120 per game. NAIA $100 per. Div I paid $1200 for a 3 game series plus travel and hotels.

I was fortunate enough to get to work the NAIA World Series in Lewiston, Id. Beautiful country up there on the Snake River. They sure love their baseball too. I had the 1st game behind the dish at 8 am and there was 8000 ppl in attendance. I also got selected to do the championship game behind the plate in front of 13,000, and a nationally televised audience on Fox Sports Northwest. Pretty cool stuff. Many perks. Got a massage before and after each game. Free golf daily. (I was there for a week) Got video tape of each game. It's no wonder they liked me up there. I had a huge zone.  The pitcher pretty much had to hit a guy in the head to get a free pass. LOL

I started umpiring and officiating basketball at the YMCA, then 5th & 6th grade, then Jr. and Sr.High School level out of neccessity to make extra money for my family like many officials do. Then after 5 years, it became a profession to go along with the rest of my jobs...Then it became something you just enjoyed doing.

I always preffered college over HS sports simply because of the talent level being better. The better the talent, the easier to officiate.

Whitey, the best advice I can give your son at the college level is: eat a slice of humble pie before going to the park. Don't have a chip like most umps do when completing umpiring school. Nobody likes that.
Have a big zone behind the plate. With metal bats, they can hit balls 6" off the plate over the fence. Coaches hate a walk fest. It's much tougher to call borderline pitches for strikes. If you can do that with consistency, coaches will love ya.
Be approachable, consistent, and in position to make calls. Nobody likes a lazy ump. If you hustle to get in position, you will hear less grief on your calls. If you're lazy, they will question all calls, even if you did get it right, and you'll never get the benefit of the doubt.

I was the first and only umpire from the Midwest to get to work the WS. I did this without any formal training for the position, or politics. All 12 of the umpires at the WS had been to umpiring school except for me. Most came from the Pac 10, Southeast conference, ACC, Big 10. I was the lone small school official. The attitudes of my partners were dreadful. They all acted like they were God, and everybody else was of lesser quality. So you can understand how easy it was for me to float to the top. The offers I had to work in other D-1 conferences after the WS was overwhelming. I thanked them and told them I was flattered, but I didn't want to travel that much, and be away from my family.

GLK...It doesn't matter if the pitch was a foot inside or outside. Dear Herby said it was a strike and that was final!!!!! Sir Albert took it like a man.

So Humble!!!!!!
Oh Whitey.....Cards win game 1...4-3....They are now 12-5, and tied for the best record in Major League Baseball.

I have some golfing buddies of mine that are misguided Cubs fans. Boy, are they going to hear about this tomorrow.
Yep!!! another one bites the dust.
Maybe my (cub) buddies wont let me down in golf
 have a great one.
Jim & Mary Goodman

Dear Herby, I enjoyed your writeup. Sounds like an interesting past. We are sports fans, but it was still interesting. No being Rhonda and the Rage fans is a different story. We are definitely fans! Mary


I should have proofread my last post. I meant we are not sports fans. We enjoyed hearing about your experiences and We are Rhonda's fans! 

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