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You asked for it.  So it's coming soon.

Time to start Journey II 2009!!!  

It's a count down till the Prez is back in the office.

The first phase is ready, and I have a couple songs for you to check out.

I need some suggestions for contests for this next Journey.

Of course the "Song Sequence" was a real keeper.

And maybe we could start with just a list of selected songs, after you hear all the song auditions.  I have video of the song selection process.

Suggested Contests:
Release Date

Let me know your thoughts on how to proceed, since you're the officiating officer for the official game rules for 2009.  

Agent 13

I'd like to suggest Agent 86 be disqualified; since he is an official investigator. Gives him an unfair advantage, dontcha think????  

Agent 86

Now ........ now .......... Agent 13 ....... I think in a rhondabout way you might need a refresher course in the North ............. dontcha think?!!!!!!!!!

Agent 13

Hey.......I graduated....and I've got the pin to prove it!!!  

Agent 86

Your too funny  Agent 13 ......... but that pin was for phase 1 of the official "Musher" Course.  Kind of like an RV Contest ...... many phases.  After completing Phase 2, you'll receive a sled .......... phase 3, one dog ....... phase 4, another dog, and so on until the phases are complete.  I think it's time for Phase 2.  Come north, 13 ........ mush!!!!!!!!!!

It's a count down till the Prez is back in the office.

I thought we were on vacation until January 2nd!
WE, are on vacation???? Since when??? Prez, you and I don't have the luxury of a vacation. We work 13 months a year. Only the corporate execs of RV&R get vacations. Blue collar workers like us must slave on.

Wake me from my nap Friday around 4pm. This way I won't miss supper!!!!
WAKE UP HERB!!! oh wait, you said 4 pm not AM

Well it was worth a try Herby.....I guess I'd better get back to work
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Prez & Other Sleepless Nuts,

     Where is everybody the last 24 hours?  You would think it was a holiday.  Time to get up and go Deer Hunting, go to work and go Deer Hunting the last hour or so tonight.  Gotta try and get AmY through a tuff Winter.  It's 2 months til Carnival's Chef's take over the Food appropriation duties.  I heard Carinival Freedom has Venison (Deer Meat eh Susan) on the Menu every night...Mike G.
Tom Alman
Rise and Shine! We have Ragin' to do! No time to sleep in!!!

You Know Who!!!!
Super Sassy search for the songs,
Hopefully it won't take you long;
To find the link that takes you to,
A video I made for you!!!

P.S. Perhaps Agent 86 can use his shoe phone to call while under the cone of silence, and get a tip to direct you to the link. 

Agent 86

86  is on assignment right now, my shoe phone is dead (short circuit ... I thought I was being tazered) , & the cone of silence is being repaired  ............ but ............ if you email me Super Sassy Susan, I think might be able to help you out.

When the shoe is repaired and all charged up, and the cone of silence is fixed, I may need to make a few calls.

Have a Great Friday!!!!!!!!!

O Susan, Where Art Thou?

WOW!!!!!! I am gone for 2 days and look what I have missed!!  

Good Songs


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