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One day, long, long ago, there lived a man who did not complain, demand ,or watch football all day long.
But it was a long time ago, & it was just that one day.

The End
Excellent Louise,
 But, lets add, baseball, basketball, and sometimes golf, racing.  Can't live without them though can we.
John S
Oh Louise .... that was wrooooooong
... Funny, but sooooooooo wrooooooong
One of the men.
Thats telling her John.

John and one of the men....it was only a joke. I never intended to offend or hurt any ones feelings.
I apologize and want post again.
Again ...I am truly sorry. It was a joke and certainly not meant for the truth.
Louise My Dear, I don't know why you are apologizing for posting an innocent little joke about men. A lot of the men on here are always bashing women with their
''women should stay in their place jokes''.
I always enjoy reading your posts , don't let them run you off.
I know you love Rhonda's music and I hope to see you post again soon.
Don't go anywhere Louise we need you to help balance out Dear Herby's posts!!!

Louise, keep writing. 

I laughed when I read your post.

Nothing like a good sense of humor.

Here's mine.


One day, long, long ago, there lived a man, who asked a women to marry him. 
She refused and said "NO". 
He lived happily ever after.  

I thought it was funny too!  Keep posting! I enjoy reading your posts!  Hey, have you seen the few posts I posted about my wife? Not that I bashed her, but I posted some jokes about my wife.  Of course, she is in the other room right now watching Ugly Betty, and she doesn't know that I posted stuff about her.  Not that I am afraid of her mind you!  The idea, a guy named Vito afraid of his wife!  Ooops, she is coming in!  Gotta hide the screen!
Hey Louise!
Hey Louise ...
Honey, I thought it was a cute and funny joke . You didn't hurt my feelings, upset or anything else ... TRUST me, it takes a lot to irritate me, and a cute joke just don't do it ... and besides I am man enough to laugh at myself ... usually before others do
You keep crackin' the jokes and I'll keep enjoying them
Thanks everyone!!!


Louise, Louise,

She always makes our days...


She cheers us up

And makes us smile

In oh-so many ways!!



Gary Keh
Louise, there was nothing offensive about that joke.  "The War Between The Genders" is one of the most popular topics on this message board and we expect you to support your team.  This board provides a forum for the processing of all domestic issues, frequently involving the Queen herself and Dear Herby.  Sometimes these domestic co-counselling sessions take an international twist, courtesy of everyone's favorite Canadian couple, eh? 

However, I must say that the guy in that joke doesn't sound like much of a man to me!
Mike B

I agree with Gary 100%!  No harm & no foul.  The ladies on here would be lost without Herby & The Boys to point them in the right direction.


Mike B, nice work with that basketball reference.  It's scary how often we're in agreement.   There may be hope for you yet.  Just stick with me and I'll be happy to help you with your other incorrect views! 

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