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Loved Mary's idea for sharing recipes.  How about we share our menu's and we can ask for specific recipes??

We're having a big Sandker Thanksgiving at our house.

Herb Jr and I (and I use the word herb lightly) in this context) are baking the
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Hot Rolls (4 dozen)
Sweet Tea (4 gallons)

Herb Sr  & Thelma are bringing:
Green Beans

Others are bringing
Creamed Corn
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Misc Desserts

What are we missing???

86 & 99

You are having GRAVY, right?

Mac and Cheese?  Cranberry Sauce for the Turkey?

Darnit, I'm hungry now!
Jim & Jane
We also have all of the mentioned traditional menu..and
Turnips, Jim's favorite
Cranberry sauce, this year it's homemade,after getting the berries from the bogs
Both grown here on Cape,of course
and...mulled apple cider, yummy !

Whitey/ Linda
Rhonda! my home made noodles, and oyster dressing, or plain, I make both, differant strokes, for differant folks, lol, your menu sounds great, I will make the noodles and bring the oysters OK? ops!! I forgot,  I wasn't invited. Have a happy one anyway.
 love you all Linda and Whitey
Savannah P

Holiday Punch and Beats!!! Our family has EVERYTHING on this list! haha. I never eat the beats though...hehe.

Savannah P

Oh yeah...and OREO PIE!!!


I don't know what we're having besides a birthday cake,

Charlie K
Well, I don't see anything from Martha White, so you better get that in there. Does Martha White have cornbread stuffing????
Charlie K
There is a recipe for cornbread dressing on the Martha White website. I don't know what Martha White has because we don't have MW products in So Cal.
Edward M. O'Brien

Rhonda, you'll see my contribution to Thanksgiving tonight in Sellersville !

  No fair Ed....... hope you a fun  time at the show tonight!!!!!

     wish I was going.....have a safe trip.

Rain or no rain.... Deep Fried Turkey..... Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Mary G

Jim said we are havg a can of Spam, a bag of chips, a cold can of RC, and M. Do you believe that? Both my boys are good cooks, spicy but good cooks. Tob has to woirk until 4 so ours probably be 4:30 and what we are having I'm not sure Jody said he is cooking. I'll probably have a pie or something started before he gets here

Mary G
I wasn't finished I don't know what happened. Anyway the capital M was Martha White brownies. I think they want ham. The best part is just being together!

I would like some favorite recipes on how to fix sweet potatoes. I know I could use the web but sometimes your favorites are better.

As an added note you who still have your folks around treasure that! My dad has been gone 16 years now, mom almost 3 now, Jim's dad almost 5 years, and my sister June. Holidays they are especially missed.

We all think since we can't celebrate how we'd like, we think being at Myrtle Beach to see Rhonda & the Rage would be a great Thanksgiving!!!! We knew the boys couldn't make it though so we canceled our reservations. Someday! 
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