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Mary G

So Harry do I take it Thanksgiving is your birthday? If so how many?

Uncle Pen & Friend
HMMMMM Thanksgiving ????????

We will be traveling down the BLUE HIGHWAY for NOTHIN FANCY our main course will be DR. RALPH STANLEY with a side of JAMES KING, MARTY RAYBON & JESSE MCREYNOLDS

Would LOVE those courses!

Yes Mary G.  Thanksgiving is my birthday this year, or vice versa.

It's number 51
Tom Kelly
Rhonda - I know you just forgot to list the cranberry sauce.
I am going to old friends who always have Thanksgiving for family and a small crowd of friends.
Our menu is just about the same as yours.
I have been told each year that I will not be let in the door unless I bring at least 2 loaves of my family recipe Irish Soda Bread!
Hey, I only bake 3 or 4 things and this is one of them. I follow the old family basic recipe and it seems to work.
Enjoy your dinner and festivities.
- - - And tell Hunter it is time for him to begin to learn to help out in the kitchen like all good husbands (and "to be's") always do.

Wow y'all is fancy with your viddels!
I'm having either Possum Stew or Road Kill casserole, (depending on what gets hit on the road). With fresh greens (turnip, mustard, polk sald, again depends on who's garden I raid). turnips, tater or rutabagas whichever I grab from the cellar. Some kind of salad maybe dandelions, need to get them out of the yard anyway. Most likely pie, just depends on who lets one sit in the winder to cool long enough for me to pinch it

Oops just changed to rabbit stew one was running across the road just now and missed it's chance to get to the other side

Oh boy...I'm gonna have to start my list over.   I think Thelma is also bring noodles and gravy.

And today, Gaven's Grandma served us the most INCREDIBLE homemade Cranberry Sauce.  She is going to send the recipe.  I couldn't stop eating it.

Goodness Gracious Was Good!

I told Herb I was gonna make it. He said not to worry about it.  That he is worried that I won't have the mashed potatoes ready by dinner time. 

JoAnn Leobold
Good morning, Rhonda!

We all thank you for a spectacular concert at Johnson-Williams in Berryville VA last night!  We especially loved your version of the '12 Days of Christmas' !!

As promised (from Gaven's "Nana") here is the recipe for the now infamous cranberry sauce:

16 oz. can whole-berry cranberry sauce
1 pkg. (12 oz.) fresh cranberries
1 12 oz. jar red currant jelly (I substituted apple jelly)
1 cup light coren syrup
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

Combine all ingredients in saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, until cranberries pop, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat to cool.

Serve with turkey or ham.  ENJOY!

Have a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement of Gaven.  He is a lucky young man.


Carol Cox

Am enjoying reading about the Thanksgiving Dinner but is sure making me hungry!! We will be having all the traditional foods but for all holiday dinners I always have to add chicken dumplings and deviled eggs. These are two of the favorites of both our sons and grandsons. I also make cole slaw and a fruit salad. We will have a total of fifteen or sixteen for dinner.    

Mary G
Thanks to Gaven's Nana, JoAnn, for the recipe! I'm going to try Rhonda's  carrots she posted awhile back. Hey Tom is your bread recipe something you'd care to share? I stopped in Macon today to buy some Martha White products and they no longer handle them BUMMER! They said they are no longer supplied by the same warehouse so that was their excuse darn it. By the way isn't Nana a beautiful word!
We folks "North of the Border", have already celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving (in Oct)......but in keeping with the Thanksgiving season and all our "adopted" American family, especially with all those great food ideas, I think we will just have to celebrate Thanksgiving #2 .......
So get ready 86  .........your apron is all washed and pressed and I have backup help all lined up for you.........KAOS
Have fun Boys.....if you want, I am sure "The Chief" will come and give you a hand!

Edward M. O'Brien
Well, I know that 99 doesn't like shrimp, so I'll skip the appetizers - ( my SHRIMP coctail and SHRIMP & Old Bay) and get to the meal;
 The bird,
 mac & cheese ( Grandmom's)
 Pototo Salad (G'moms' again)
 creamy pearl onions,
 steak (my sister, the hostess, doesn't like turkey; I might get on that list next year)
 pies, pies, pies,
 and , if you make the mistake of mentioning something that you like , it'll be there too ( I expressed a fondness for Reese Cups; they were there !!)
 If you're still hungry, there's probably a few SHRIMP left over in the bottom of the bowl !!
This year we are eating dinner(4:00) at our daughter's(Stephanie) home. Her mother-n-law had a heart procedure last Thursday,so she is limited  to what she can do.So son-n-law family coming too. We eat together alot ,love those people.  all like family. Eric's(parents, brother's family., sister's family Niece's & nephews. My parents(  Brother Rick, sister Teresa.) some cousins too! Just a big house full.
      Eric & Stephanie:              Moi                         mamaw Ruth(my mom)
     Smoked turkey                  Ham                        pumpkin pie
      Sweet tea/coffee              slaw                         roast/gravy
      mac/cheese                     dressing/gravy           broccoli casserole
                                            cranberry sauce
    others:                               mashed potatoes
   green beans                          pumpkin crisp              
   corn on cob                      MW (Biscuits)
   sweet potato casserole
    desserts                         ***HAPPY THANKSGIVING*** GOD BLESS
John w Jones
I'm unsure which place I'll land or what thanksgiving dinner I'll crash.

But I am so thankfull for all the choices, I have been invited by so many people! I do know I will have a case of black olives in the truck .............just can't be thanksgiving without them
I know it will be turkey, as my wife was soaking it today.  I can guess there will be creamed potatoes (we whip them up instead of mash).  Maybe greenbeans or a casserole of some sort, some pies, either pumpkin or pecan, cranberry sauce.  Dinner rolls of some sort, and more than likely sweet tea.


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