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Our Menu has expanded.

I'm about to go prep the turkey.  And thanks to SAMI, and her knives, I'll be able to peel those potatoes in a jif. Sliced my hand already. Those babies are SHARP...but SOOO awesome!!   Thanks Sami.

Here's our updated list:

Cheese, Chili,  & Califlower,

Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

Thelma -
Green Beans
Peach Pie
Pumpkin Pie

Edith - Deviled Eggs
Kathy - Creamed Corn
Jennifer - Chocolate Cake
Helen - Pecan Pie
Betty - Jello Salad

Plus whatever the others bring. 

Can you say FEAST????  

Mary G
Well Jody wound up cooking all I did was make one chocolate pie. Jody made potatoes, ham in the crock pot, stuffing, and cherry delight dessert. Yes our dinner was different this year but it was what the requests were and didn't want tons of leftovers except the ham as Jim & I will be gone next week. Jim will go nuts sitting around the hospital all week. Hope everything goes supper well and they don't keep me that long. My left knee is getting replaced. I had both knees partially replaced 8 years ago but the left is gone now. I'll be fine I've got the good Lord, (yes they really are) fabulous family, friends, and a huge Rager family pulling for me. Got to get this healing started and be ready to go again for Jekyll Island, Jeff City, and then the Cruise! Jim will probably take the computer along so he can keep up with what you all are doing. Carolyn will be laid up about the same time but she has my heart so as soon as she can I bet she'll put that arm in a sling and GO! Don't worry I too will GO just not as quick. I hope this doesn't sound like gloom and doom because it isn't I too agree with Gloria, Louise, Louis and many others who have said they have been blessed!  As a side Note though herb and don -- Jim said help he is just wore slick!! Oh goodness! Do you see anywhere above where Jim is mentioned? Tob worked all day what is Jim's excuse no he's ok, he played with the Deaner man, fetched ice bags, filled the dishwasher, and the best part the 3 of them serenaded Dean and I to a living room of bluegrass!

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