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Oops too,  I meant mine not mind   :-)

On a ukulele that chord is a f7-5#9




Bb is correct!!!

Man!  I was too slow answering!  I had to figure it out on my mando!  Atleast I got the right answer! 

Congratulations Edward  ............... now, what song is Rhonda singing in the photo?

To: CharlieK and Rhonda

Can I use a copy of that pic of Rhonda in black on my website where I show her artist review page.  That is a real good pic of her with the original strap after it was recently reconditioned with the new style rhinestone rimsets. I might get a another quote form Rhonda on customer service one day in the future.

btw..not trying to make a big deal, but since I changed my website over to new platform, the url for CT Music Straps still goes to the new site, but I have old pages cached on the web.  I have redirected those, but if any of you have bookmarks saved from visiting the site, you might want to refresh your browser, and clean your cache or re-save bookmarks.

Other wise for anyone visting for the first time it should work fine.

CT Strickland

Ooops that last post my sig was mispelled. (left out the "s") that link was supposed to be http://www.ctmusicstraps.com

I have some older pics of Rhonda on there under artist testimonials.

Charlie K

I have no objection, CT. Just give me a credit line! Ha Ha. Just Kidding!

Charles, your picture of Rhonda is really nice, I love it, Whitey is doing pretty good too, just needs to learn how to post them lol, he is going to try as soon as our son-in-law comes over.
 We have a picture of Rhonda,me, and Whitey, that we want to put on just for Herbie, lol.
 Have a great day all.
 Linda from Ind.
Tim A
Looks like a B flat chord.
Thanks, and have a great day!
Carol Cox

Rhonda, John says E chord.

Jim Goodman

I was too slow also but correct!


just got this TAKAMINE at a yard sale                                                                         

Jim Goodman

Charles the picture of Rhonda was Great .Keep the Pictures coming. jim

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