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For those of you have attended the NOTHIN' FANCY FESTIVAL in Buena Vista, Virginia; you most likely have witnessed the glide of Mary, who has attended faithfully, and has a real love for bluegrass guitar players.

I just heard that Mary has been stricken with a life threatening illness.

I'm so sorry to hear this.  We all love Mary, and ask that you join us in prayer for healing. 

If anyone has an address for Mary, please post, so we may send cards and good wishes her way.  And if you know Mary, give her a big hug from me, and let her know we are praying for her healing, and sending our love.

That's terrible news!  I haven't met Dancin' Mary yet, but I will certainly keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.
Bill Hinson

Will remember mary in prayer

I have Mary and her family in my prayers.
Richard Blanton

I am so sorry to hear about Mary. My wife and I love Mary and have chatted with her at many of Rhonda's concerts (Buena Vista, Appomattox , Lynchburg at Cattle Annies). She thoroughly enjoys the concerts and especially likes to dance at them. And she has loved all of Rhonda's guitar players and has threatened to take them home with her. We are all saying a prayer for her recovery.

Sweet Brenda
My prayers are with Mary.

I Love Mary she is one awesome lady. 


We will continue to pray for Mary.

Gloria Boyd

We  will keep Mary and  her family  in our prayers.

Oh my goodness Rhonda, Thanks so much for posting this, I had no idea. Mary's address is: Mary Ennis  High Peak Rd. Monroe, Va 24574
We will definitely pray for a quick recovery for Mary. She sure does have a "likin" for those guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, accordion, etc. players. She is such a happy go lucky person and I wish her the best.
Rhonda, Sandy

I haven't met Mary but she's part of our family. I'm sending a card today or tomorrow.

I'm liturgist this Sunday morning and she will be mentioned, for sure.

Rhonda & The Rage
We're planning to stop by and see Mary in the morning.

If anyone can post her exact location, whether she is in the hospital or at home; and if she can receive visitors; please let us know asap.


Mary is a very Special Lady!  I pray she is doing well !

We found Mary, thanks to Sandy.   We're planning a special visit today!

I spoke with her.  She ask me to pray for her.  She said she wasn't doing well at all. She was voice was happy and enthusiastic, as she said she LOVED all the MEN of the Rage!  Especially my Banjo Player. 

Little does she know, Aaron will be making a personal visit.

Gloria B

God Bless you Rhonda.   This will  lift her spirits and make her feel much better. We are still praying for Mary.


Rhonda, you are such a special lady! I just wish I could see Mary when you arrive, I know she will be SO touched. This is choking me up just thinking about it.  God bless you!

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