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Rhonda, You are " one in a millions ." Your fans will love you forever, for stopping by to see Mary. God Love U.

Mary, our prayers are with you, and I am sure when Rhonda and the band shows up, your spirits will be lifted alot. God Bless you, and people like Rhonda.
Marsha & Little Mtn Boys
Dancing Mary has attended many of our shows and many festivals with us on bus trips and is indeed a unique lady!
 We are holding a benefit show for Mary this coming Sunday, July 26th, 2009 at the Madison Heights Bingo Hall in Madison Heights, VA starting at 2 PM. There will other bands playing as well, if you're in the area, please support this event. Thank You!
butch turner

mary is my sister's mother-n-law and i know her well she is such a great person and i am her boy friend i know that she really appreciates all the support!!! and will be really excited about seeing her blue grass friends . thanks guys for the wonderful gift that you all are giving to her.....butch  roanoke, virginia     p.s.  loved the blue ridge bluegrass festival in salem ,va you were really great rhonda    


I agree Butch that Rhonda was great in Salem. My best wishes to Mary. Let her know that she is loved by all B/grasss fans.


That's horrible! I will be Praying for her. I am so glad that you are a Christian and you don't fake about it. Best wishes to Mary!

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