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Sweet Brenda
I just got home from the hosp. we took Dad in today his heart is beating to slow.  The Dr. said they are going to shock it and pray it is going to work.

We all know prayers work, so please put him on your list. John Hutchinson
Mary C. and Jim

Brenda, your Dad and family are in our prayers.


Brenda, I will be praying for your Dad.

The Hughes
Brenda, Sending prayers for healing your dad, and keeping you and family in His gentle care.
John S

Brenda ... your dad has my prayers as well.

Brenda, we are keeping your Dad in our thoughts and prayers!
Mike Garlock

    We will be Praying for your Father's Heart to improve.  Mike G.

Brenda I will keep him in my prayers! 


Brenda, praying for John's full speedy recovery!!! Give him a big hug and kiss from me and he will surely get back up to speed.If there is anything we can do just call me! Love ya! Sandy & Mitchell

Brenda. i will be Praying for your Dad to get well soon.
Rgin Rebel

Brenda, I will be praying for your Dad, hope he is home and better real soon.

Ann A
Brenda, Don & I are saying our prayers for your Dad's speedy recovery.
We are keeping you in our thoughts!
Prayers are being said right now.  Please keep us updated.
Brenda, I will keep your dad in my prayers as well!
Dave Webster

I just said a prayer. 

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