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My prayers are with your father and your family.

Brenda, prayers are on the way.  Take care.
Tom Alman
All tbe best to your father Brenda!!!

Dave Webster
Sweet Brenda, I just said another prayer for your Father.

Dave Webster
Sweet Brenda
Thank you all for the prayers.  Dad is doing better tonight, they worked on his heart today and it is beating right.  He was going to come home, but now
he is having something going on with his bladder so they wanted him to stay another night.

So keep him in your prayers.
Sweet Brenda 
Rockin' Robin
Glad he's doing better SB and we'll continue to remember him!
Kim from MO
Glad to hear your Father is better Brenda, hope he continues to improve.

Kim from MO
Sweet Brenda
Thank You, Thank You.....All the prayers worked, Dad is at home now and doing a lot better. 

It is so great to have friends like all of you.

Sweet Brenda
That's wonderful news Brenda! Give your Dad our best!
Gloria Boyd

Brenda,  We have been praying for your dad and so glad to hear that he is doing much better. Prayers will continue . I hope you have a nice day .

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