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CT Strickland Jr.
My wife learned a few days ago that she has the very early stages of Uterine Cancer.  We are to see a Specialist on Monday, and there are plans for a full hysterectomy to treat the condition.  Please pray for us as that is just another problem we are dealing with this year. 2009-2010 have been very hard for us as I am sure has been for some others.  Thanks in advance for my Rager Family!


I'm so sorry to hear this CT. I will keep you all in my prayers!
C.T. please know that you and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers.
Mike Garlock

Sorry to here this C.T. we will keep your Wife in our Prayers.  Mike G.


You & your wife are in our prayers.

Whitey & Linda

So sorry, we will have you in our prayers.   Linda

Mary & Jim Goodman

We are so very sorry, you will both be in our thoughts and prayers!


Saying a Special Prayer for your wife!

Ann & Don A

We were so sorry to hear about this CT.....Your wife and of course you are in our thoughts and prayers!

Thanks everyone...

We went to the Cancer Center on Monday to see the specialist, and it appears for now that they believe we have caught it early.  We do not have a surgery date yet, but we should have that over the next 30 days.  I will keep you posted as to the results after the surgery.


CT Strickland jr.
Marie goes in for surgery tomorrow.  Prayers that all will go well and that this surgery will get everything as the docs anticipate.  Thanks for all the prayers and encouraging words.


CT...we'll be sending our good thoughts and prayers.   All the best!!!
Carol Cox

CT, I will be praying that all will go well with your wife's surgery. My husband is a cancer survivor of fourteen years so I know what you are going through. I pray that they will be able to get all the cnacer and that she will have a complete recovery! God Bless both of you!!   Carol

CT Strickland Jr
Thanks for the prayers of Rhonda and Rager family!

Surgery went well last Friday and Marie came home on Sat.  She is still in quite a bit of pain, which should lessen with time.  All that was removed was sent to lab for routine testing.  She has a follow up in about 2 wks so I will update you then.


CT Strickland Jr.
My wife got a good report the other day and according to all results she is cancer free!  Praise the Lord!  Thanks for prayers!  My wife, Marie, thanks God for using the symptoms she experienced to alert her that something was not right, and the doctors skill and wisdom in diagnosing the condition.  We both thank all of you who prayed and thought of us during that time!

Your Rager Friend

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