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Please keep Vicki Simmons in your prayers. I have known Vicki for around 14 years and she is a very talented and nice lady.

This was posted online:

Please remember bass player, Vicki Simmons, at this time. She is a really sweet person that I know many of you know. Below is a note from Curt Chapman's mom regarding Vicki's condition:

Just received a call from Pam Perry at Renfro Valley to tell us Vicki Simmons is in St. Joseph's Hospital, Lexington, in ICU with a brain aneurisym which they suspect is already bleeding. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and they say this is the most invasive, serious kind of brain surgery. Family and friends have gathered at the hospital.

Vicki, as most of you know, was the bass player for the New Coon Creek Girls for years, then with Dale Ann Bradley, and has worked at Renfro Valley many years also. She raised her family, played music and did all her own work even though she had a severe sight problem. She is a phenomenal person who never let her sight problem change her life. Prayers are requested for her and the family. Will update when further info is available.
Betty Rose Chapman
Robert Hall
Julia,I'll send up a prayer for Vicki Simmons!..

Though I am not familiar with her,I do recognize Pam Perry's name,I met Pam a few times at Fan Fair when she was in the all female band "Wild Rose" with Pam Gadd,Wanda Vick,Kathy Mack,and Nancy-Given Prout,and Donna Hammit was also in the band when I met them all..a very talented band I wish had't disbanded!..

I never did get to dig up any of the "New Coon Creek Girls" CD's,I know Pam Gadd was in that band as well..someday when I'm rich maybe I will!..

I'm very sorry to hear of Vicki's serious illness,and I hope all goes well for her and she fully recovers...

Jane H
Julia, Thank you for the info, this is very concerning. Vicki is a special person.We will hold her and her family very near in prayer.

I will keep this family in my prayers.

Oh my!  I'm so sorry to hear this!  I'll be sure to keep Vicki and her family in my thoughts and prayers.
Lynn & Joe

Our prayers are with Vicki and her family.

Julia!  Vicki , her family and friends will be in my prayers as well.
 God Bless!!!

Sweet Brenda

Our prayers go out to Vicki and her family.  God will take care of her.

Thank you all for the prayers!!! They are working!!!

This was just posted on the B-grassL from Curt Chapman :

Vicki has come throught the surgery with flying colors! She
has shown no signs of any problem what-so-ever! She is still in ICU & probably will be for a few days.The address for the hospital is:
St. Joseph Hospital
1 Saint Joseph Drive
Lexington Ky , 40504
I will post more as we find out!


Vicki has had a set back and is not doing well. Please keep the prayers going up for her.
Jim Hughes
We are saddened by this last update here in the Hughes house....   We were encouraged to know that the doctors had discovered the problem and got her in to operate in a timely manner because way too many folks are not that lucky... And, that the initial post-op reports had her doing well..........  Jane had a dear friend and coworker (Nurse) who had the same problem and never got to the OR before she died.   She needed another hour which may have made a huge difference.....

We continue to hold Vickie close in our daily thoughts and prayers.   In the mean time I hold onto memories of the last few times we visited together.....  At the Podunk Festival in Connecticut in August last year while she waited to do a work shop and, again 2 years ago at Strawberry Park when we sat in their traveling vehicle (a Dodge van) with Dale Ann Bradley and got a nice long sneak preview listen to the new project they were working on "Catch Tomorrow".    We had enjoyed a great dinner and then relaxed for about a half hour to listen to the music.  A great time for sure.

I pray that God will touch his healing hands on Vickie and will allow her renewed life...

Take care everyone and have a great day!!!!!


The latest word posted on the Bgrass-L by Chappy is that Vicki was doing better last night.
Continued prayers!

CT Strickland Jr.
Julia, I'm praying for your friend as I sit here at my desk.
The latest update on Vicki is very good! Thanks everyone for your prayers!

From BGrass-L

Great news! Vicki is now out of ICU & is in a regular room. She ate supper last night & was walking today on her own. She still has a long way to go but this is great news. Thanks again to you all for the prayers & thoughts! I will post later with the room number.

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