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Thanks so much for the prayers.  Mom is doing a little bit better.  This week has been really tiring and stressful with number crunching and family meetings.  I'm glad I am here to be able to help them out.  Mom is talking to all of the doctors in the area right now in hopes of finding something that is remotely close to her specialty.  She will likely lose 30% of her pay in the transfer to a new job but will hopefully be able to build her pay back up over time with her vast experience.

Thank you again,


Hey, Courtney ... for the last few months on the hospital unit I work on, we have been utilizing the skills of a nurse practitioner to help expedite discharges, and she is really good at helping when a patient decides to have more serious complications. She works directly with our cardio-thoracic surgeons, and collaborates with the cardiologist, neurologists, etc. Her skill and knowledge is such a benefit for both the patients and staff, and we as RN staff certainly appreciate the efforts as we get a little help for a change .
Perhaps your mom could look into the hospital systems there and see if this could be a possibility.
Just a thought ...
John S
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