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Hi everyone,

My mom's boss called to have her come over to his house.  He then proceeded to tell her that he had to lay her off.  She's a nurse practitioner and is the primary breadwinner of the family.  This is an absolutely devastating event for all of us.  She worked for this doctor for almost 10 years and just like that, he let her go.  She will be able to work until May and then will have to find another job.  We are thankful for this, but still very very worried.

If you don't mind, could you please say a prayer for my mom?  She's a very strong woman, but this is a huge blow to her.  I am thankful for everything that God has given us and am hopeful that she will find another job soon.

Thank you so much,



You bet I will pray for your mom.  Tell your mom that what she should do is have the Doctor write her a personal letter of recommendation.  That will go a long way.  In the event he no longer practices, retires, etc., at least she has a document that shows she has a history of excellent performance.  Another thing she should ask him is for job referrals.  Maybe he knows another doctor who is in need of her services.  And another source is to have her register now, with a recruiter who specifically handles health care.  I pray that your mom will find something soon Courtney.  Please keep me posted.

Tom Alman
Best of luck to your mom, Courtney. Tell her not to give up!!!


The first link below is a Google search I did under the subject, jobs for nurse practitioners.  The second link seems to be a placement company for Nurse Practitioners.  I hope this helps your mom.

Good luck!


Your mother  should apply for unemployment as soon as she can, tell her not to back away from getting any help she can until the next job is available. She should not have as much trouble finding a job as she would in another profession. Health care is a demanding vocation. We wish the best for all your family. Try not to get too discouraged, it is a very trying time for lots of people. Our grandson has been out of work for several months, they are trying to keep bills paid from her salary and his unemployment. It is hard, the hold family needs to hang tight.
I will be praying for your Mother. Maybe between now and May she will find another job.
Seems like the health care profession is always needing good people around here. It is very hard on someone who has worked at a place as long as your Mom to loose their job. 

God Bless

John S
Courtney ...
What a terrible thing to happen to your mom. I can only imagine the fear and bewilderment at loosing a job.
The medical field is a place where a job should be easily obtained, perhaps with a little searching. People are always going to be ill and need care, so I am praying that with just a little effort, she will have the job she wants/needs and that new position will come along soon.
Joe & Lynn

Courtney, let your mother know that she and the family are in our prayers.

Robert Hall
Courtney,I'll pray your mom finds a new job soon,and can adjust to the sudden changes her life will now have..I'm sure she will,though it may take time..she'll need you to help her,I hope you can be with her to offer support..

I know all too well how losing a job makes you feel--whether you left on your own,got laid off,or were fired,been there on 2 out of 3 counts!--I never got laid off,but got fired once,and quit 2 jobs..and 2 out of those 3 times, my employers fought my unemployment claims,but after a few appeals I won them..one job I quit,the last one I had, I never bothered applying for it, because I started working for myself instead..
I should have though!..

You mom is better off than many other workers though,as others here have said,health care is one of few industries actually hiring more help now--up here, there is a real need for more nurses and doctors--many are LEAVING my state,and the ones remaining, are struggling to keep up with the huge number of people that are ill,that grows daily..

There is a lot of elderly people who need visiting nurses and home health care advocates here too..a friend of mine's wife recently got that type of job,and she has 15 clients she has to go see weekly..and if she were able to do more,her employer has many others on a "waiting list"that are hoping to get a nurse ..

Things aren't looking good for anyone in the auto industry--two new dealerships closed near me recently,putting 50+ people out of work at both of them,

My older brother got "laid off" last September--and isn't likely to get called back,because the company he worked at for 24 years has decided to sell off their fleet of Mack trucks used for deliveries,and now have another leasing company do the deliveries instead--so there's not much need for a fleet maintenance mechanic now..

My brother in law has been out of work just as long too,he was a mold maker in the plastics industry..both will run out of unemployment soon,but the bills will still keep coming in..needless to say they are both worried sick..

Best of luck to your Mom Courtney!..hope she'll get a new job--many times when one loses a job,the next one has better working conditions and is better paying ,so don't lose hope!..

Kim from MO
I'll keep your Mom and your family in my prayers. 

Kim from MO
tracie SCRUGGS
Your Mom and your family will be in our prayers!!
(michael, tracie, and ryan)
Courtney, your Mom is in my thoughts and prayers.
Courtney, i wil pray that your Mom will be able to find another job.
Jim Simmons

Courtney I will be praying for a good outcome for your mom and family. I am sure things will turn out fine and maybe even better than before. Keep the Faith.

Ann & Don A

Courtney.......Don & I are keeping your Mom, and the rest of your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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