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Susie Lee
Thank you for your very kind words. People like you and everyone else on here have given me great strength and I thank you.
May God bless you
Thank you again
PS you can chat with me anytime you want.If you need a friend.
I recently discovered an incredible song (while attending a formal gathering with Dear Herby), written and performed  LIVE by T Graham Brown titled  "Wine Into Water."  He and his very talented band sang a portion of it accapella.
It was stunning.

I've listened to it on CD, all the way home from the airport.

   I hope it is a blessing to you.

Album: Wine Into Water
T. Graham Brown

You've heard a multitude of prayers on my behalf
I pray that one more is not too much to ask
I've tried to fight this battle by myself
But it's a war that I can't win without your help

To-night I'm as low as any man can go
I'm down and I can't  fall much further
And once upon a time you turned the water into wine
Now on my knees I'm turning to you father
Could you help me turn the wine back into water

So many times I've hurt the ones I love
I pushed them to the edge of giving up
They've stood by me but how much can they stand
If I don't put this bottle in you hands

To-night I'm as low as any man can go
I'm down and I can't fall much farther
And once upon a time you turned the water into wine
Now on my knees I'm turning to you father
Could you help me turn the wine back into water

I shook my fist at heaven for all the hell that I've been through
Now I'm beggin' for forgiveness and a miracle from you, cause
To-night I'm as low as any man can go
I'm down and I can't fall much farther
And once upon a time you turned the water into wine
Now on my knees I'm turning to you father
Could you help me turn the wine back into water
Could you help me turn the wine back into

The Ol' Dawg

I have been a friend of T. Graham Brown for over 30 years, since he was a club singer in Athens, GA, and, before he made it in Nashville. Not wantin' to step on the Queen's toes on this'un, but, the song "Wine Into Water" can also be found on his CD's "The Next Right Thing", "The Present", and "Live At Billy Bob's", as well as some of the "Best Of" compilations out there. I also understand that Johnny Bush has recorded a version of it on a recent album, too. Tony wrote the song about his struggles with substance abuse, as a result of a bipolar disorder that he has suffered with for many years. That song has touched many people and has, arguably, become his most requested song. Congratulations on accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior - It's the MOST IMPORTANT decision that you have, or ever will, make in your life.

Susie Lee
Dear Rhonda,  and  Ol Dawg
Than you both for taking the time to send me the words to the song and also where I can find it on cd. This is all new to me  I was not raised in church and I had a very abusive father. That is what brought me to the celebrate recovery
group. It is held at  the church I have started attending. You all have been wonderful to me and encourage me. I am on such a natural high right now and waiting on the bubble to burst.
Thank you Ol dawg
And Rhonda thank you for taking the time to answer these and send me the words to that song.
I love you all
Tom Alman
Hi Susie Lee! When times get tough all you gotta do is look up this thread and you find some strength and hope. Don't give up!!!

Mike B

Don't worry!  If you are truly a Child of God, the bubble will never burst!!!  I know that many faiths are represented here, but in my faith, your Eternal Life began at the moment of your salvation.  Difficult days ahead?  ABSOLUTELY!  You don't have your old habits to lean on during tough times.  Don't worry about that either!  The Word of God is stronger than ANY alcohol or drug known to man.  I urge you to find a Bible study group or a Sunday School class and get yourself grounded in the Word so that you have a powerful weapon when the Evil One comes knocking on your door.  
Thank you so much for sharing your story.  You are truly an inspiration to all of us!
Welcome to the new life you have chosen and to the message board. Scripture reading and prayer daily is the way to go. The people here will give you the incouragement you need also. Hang in there over the years, life will give you more blessings than you can imagine. Your sister in Christ, Mary.
Susie Lee:

God loves us all so much he will even forgive US (or at least me) for spelling your name differently! Pretty name, too.

We love you, too.

Dean the Boston Boy
Susie Lee
Dear Mary, Mike, and Dean
Thank you for all of your support.This is very new like I said before. I will be 46 in Aug. and have lived a life one way for all those years. This new life is very different and I am trying so hard. I am in a group called Celebrate Recovery. It is held at the church I attend and we do bible study that night also.
My other nights all but Wednesday night is filled up with AA meetings. I just started those also and I can't fall back into the alcohol and drugs. The drugs I was doing have caused me heart problems. So I go as often as I can. You all are so wonderful. It is nice to know if the going gets a little tough I can come here and talk with all of you.
Thank you and May God Bless you all.
Hang in there Susie!

WE  R  HERE 4  U!!!


As the Reverend Peter Gomes writes, "You can do this!" - and you can. There is help everywhere when and if you need it.

I highly recommend the Isaacs' CD "Stand Still" and the songs "He Understands My Tears" and "I Can't Make It Lord Without You" included on it. Sonya and her family always fill my spirit, even when I don't think it's possible. If it's not their all-time best album, it's pretty high up there.

Dean the Boston Boy

Hi Susie,

If you happen to be home tonight at 9 p.m. central time, stop into the Rhonda Vincent Chat and hang out with us.  It's always a lot of fun.  Just go to http://www.rhondavincent.com and click on the Chat button.  If you have AOL Instant Messenger, you can enter the chat room.

If ever, you need someone to talk to, my personal email address is goaliegirl32cp@yahoo.com

God Bless,


EXCELLENT NEWS!! SO GLAD RHONDA was able to help you turn to the ONLY ONE who can give us what we really need - His salvation!

Welcome to the greatest bunch of fans in the world, THE RAGERS!!


Robert Hall
Susie Lee:

I'm glad your on the road to recovery,and I'm sure that "finding" Rhonda's music and friendship is part of God's master plan for you..It's now your turn,the ball is in your court!.

I have been very blessed to have found,and gotten to know Rhonda and a few other artists I enjoy listening too also-- meeting them and getting to know them has certainly enriched and changed my life a great deal..yes,I do believe GOD led me to the artists I find comfort listening too..it simply cannot be "coincidence"...

At first I just was drawn in by their music,songs that open your heart to God's love---but quickly discovered these "artists" are much more than just "singers" and "musicians"..they are HUMAN too,and are often a source of inspiration and strength to us when things go sour in our lives...even when THEIR lives may not be going so well!..
They are not psychiatrists,but often do more for our mental well being than any "doctor" or pill can!..

I wont go into great detail,but let's just say I have not exactly been an angel my whole life,but I am not a "bad" person either,I always want to help others and be of assistance when they need help..

I can honestly say I've ever stolen anything from anyone,nor have I abused anyone,or taken advantage of anyone..(more than I can say for many of my so called "friends" I grew up with,many of which that are no longer alive,thanks to hard drugs and cigarettes).

I was exposed to drugs and alcohol at an early age (junior high school),and have fallen "off the wagon" more than once,after losing some very close "good" friends,my father,and having some bad things happen in my life---and I still do sometimes,but with the inspiration given to me by people like Rhonda,I have managed not to go too far off the deep end..

I have made it to age 49,soon to be 50--and I am the last "survivor" ,as far as my group of friends I grew up with..they all beat me to the pearly gates,and it's lonely here without them..some days I wonder why I'm the "lucky one" who's left here alone..

RHNDA!--I remember T.Grahm Brown's "Wine Into Water" song when TNN played the video for it often back in the 90's,and I also found that song very inspirational...but it pales in comparison to may of your gospel songs in my opinion!..

I always liked his voice and many of his songs,like "Darlene","I Tell It Like It Used To Be",and many others..he has a lot of "soul" in his voice!..

Susie Lee,I will pray for all the best for you!..keep up the good work,I know it's hard not to give in and go back to the "easy way out" of facing reality...but we must all face it,like it or not..every day here is a struggle for me too,your not alone in facing hard times..

I face daily battles with depression,brought on by circumstances I'm facing at "home" with an elderly ailing mother,my own health issues,and having no steady job or income..sometimes life just sucks,and there isn't much you can do about it..and you get weary of fighting a losing battle,but you must keep on fighting anyway..some days I just feel like giving up--every day that ends in "Y"..it's tough to keep going,when things always look bleak,and you know they wont get any better than they are now,only worse....

The fact I am forced once again to miss Rhonda's Sally Mountain festival and fan club party has me feeling quite sad,that,and hearing the news my favorite comedian George Carlin died Sunday started my week off on a sad note..

I immediately thought of my high school best friend "Larry" who died in 1994 of heart disease when I heard of George's passing--we laughed long and hard at all of his comedy tapes in the '70's,and he was the best!...I now wish I'd have gone to see him "live" when he came to perform locally..

If not for the fact a few years ago, Rhonda helped break my long streak of depression ,self doubt,well,at least interrupt it anyway,I cant say for sure I'd still be here today...
I often feel unworthy of her kindness,but I am eternally grateful to her for caring enough to want to help..the fact she did helped me realize maybe I AM worth something,and God has some purpose here for me..

We have a very good friend in Rhonda,and I will always be her fan,not of only her music,but her compassion as well..along with the other artists who have been very kind and caring to me, when I've had the pleasure of getting to talk with them..
I pray daily for all of them to be safe,healthy,and that they outlive me,for I would not want to face life without them..We are truly blessed to have come to know them all..

Take care and God bless you Susie Lee...

:remember this:

"If you need help--ask GOD!--If you don't-- THANK GOD!.

And if you get tempted to backslide,think of these words from another song..

" God is watching us,God is watching us....from a distance!".

Take care,and may God bless...

Susie Lee
Thank you for your support and the letter was great. I have meet Rhonda a couple of times but not really on a personal level. I have pics of of us together and all that. Her music and her spirit is what I have responded to. Thank you for sharing with me.
Thank you also for your support and thank you for always responding to me. I will keep in touch with you. Thanks again.
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