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Hi Ed,

I really missed everyone at Gettysburg!! We plan on being there in August.....so bring your rain coat
Harry, I do what I can
Gary Kennedy
This isn't really on topic, but the one time that I almost missed a RHONDA VINCENT show due to a blizzard, I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Julia.  Oh, and then after the snow stopped, I was following her on I-77 when we had to wait about an hour while they cleared an accident.  Probably just another coincidence. 

Anyway, it was great to see so many Ragers at Graves Mountain.  Did anyone else notice that the nicest day of the festival was Saturday?  Hey, wasn't that the day that Ed was there?
Probably just another coincidence.  

I think not.
Thank you for noticing Gary, by the way it was great to see you and so many other Ragers all together. We pretty much had North, South, East, and west covered.
Suzie Q...would you like to chime in here about the "black cat" and the importance of keeping your distance from her when something important is about to happen.......

Poppop, you can't hold a candle to this girl when it comes to catastrophic situations. Take the Pirates for example....enough said!!!
Herby....are there any Cards games during Sally Mtn week? Wanna take me out to the ballgame?????

Careful what you ask for Prez....there are 2 rivers to cross before we get to St. Louis. I hear they are very deep, and fast running. You know how accidents can happen....

Ok but YOU have to do all of my work when I'm gone!!!

Ouch...she always gets the last one in.

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