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Good Morning!

I was just thinking the other day about the Rager Band and was wondering if we were going to do it this year.  I'm totally up for it!  I really need to know so that I can sacrifice packing 80 pairs of shoes so I can bring my mandolin.  

I'm thinking we can get a sorta Roll Call for pickers and singers for Sally Mountain 2009 and then maybe share what songs we do know with each other so that some of us can scramble to learn a few new songs.

So who's in?

You can play my new Weber mandolin Courtney, if you need to save on packing.

Maybe you can assist our Rager Bandleader   aka GLK

and the first chair chop chop  aka Suzy Que; in coordinating the Rager Band Appearance. 

I am on the job.  Ragers let me know who wants to be part of the RAGER BAND!

Suzy Q/Chop Chop
Clueless in CA

The Rager Bandleader was obviously selected for his good looks, dynamic stage presence, and musical expertise.  Unfortunately, his organizational skills leave a great deal to be desired.  Suzy Q should be able to help out in that area and she will be a welcome addition to the Rager Band!


I don't mind doing some pickin' , but I'll have to check my schedule first ....... I'll be with Dear Herby, at The Sally Mountain Course for Women, assisting in teaching his "HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE" course.  If the schedules conflict, I think you know where I’ll be. Expecting a big turnout at the course this year …………. Probably twice as many as last year.  

Uncle Pen

I'm in!!!!


Uncle Pen!  Thanks for signing up!  We could use you on the dobro.

Gary K, I'm hoping we can enlist you to play guitar for us.  Better start practicing those G runs!

Don, Don, Don...   You better watch yourself or else I will be packing your stage outfit.

Sassy, Chop Chop!

RV, thanks for the offer.  I'm hoping to get everything to fit so the airlines don't charge me extra.  Gosh, they just don't understand that a girl's gotta have 3 weeks worth of outfits and shoes for 6 days.   If push comes to shove, I'll gladly take you up on your offer.  I'd get extra insurance on that thing before you hand it to me though.

We will have a fitting for all Rager Band members at the Fan Club Party.  We need the band looking sharp! I'll pack outfits for everybody.
Ann A

Courtney...........Can I please, please help with Don's stage outfit???????

DLW (Don's loving wife)

Kim From MO

Ohhhh, this outta be good!! 


     I can hardly wait!  Bring it on, ladies!     

I don't really wanna be in the rager band... seeing as I don't know how to play any instruments. But I would gladly show up to watch all of you I just have one request so that you all can have it memorized by heart to play every single day of Sally Mountain... and that is, of course, Gary Kennedy's very own version of Salty Dog. Which I think everyone who was in the "ghetto" last year will agree with me is the best song ever ...Even though you might have to resort to playing the song in the ghetto because other people might get sick of it.
Jim Goodman

Hi I'm looking forward to pickin my mandolin with the Ragers. Jim

Oh Wow... We forgot to assign the wardrobe consultant.

Looks like Courtney may have already been nominated, eh Ann?

eh Ann

eh Rhonda.......I think your right, Courtney has already been nominated and won the title of "Sally Mountain Wardrobe Consultant",
as far as I am concerned  .................
payback to "you know who" for hiding  in her tent last year and taking 20 years off her life. 
One thing, we all did learn Cajun french that nite.  ........  I think she was telling him what a wonderful, funny person he was!  

Gary Kennedy
Sami, you have been a loyal fan throughout my career and I greatly appreciate your support.  Thanks to your constant pest.....uh, I mean encouraging......Salty Dog Blues has become my most requested song.  Actually, the only other request that I've ever gotten was when Charles Flanary asked me to sing Far, Far Away.  I'm pretty sure that everyone got sick of Salty Dog last year, so it's probably time to move on.

Speaking of Move On......jk, JM 
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