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Hi Jim!

Thanks for signing up for the Rager Band!  We look forward to having you pick with us!

Dear Sami,

Thanks for the support!   Better grab a seat early.  It's could be a sell out!

Dear Ann Eh,

You have a top secret mission to get Don's measurements while he's sleeping.  I've got an idea, and I'm pretty sure that boy ain't gonna like it!

It's payback time girls!

On the Job 99
Courtney..........I'm in and on the job.  
Expect an email from me any time in the near future.
"Operation Payback Time" is on. 
Don't forget, RV was given a big fright  as well, from
"you know who" ......so big, she almost threw a brick through her computer screen. 
Signed ,
On the Job 99

Dear 99,

Excellent work!  I'm looking forward to receiving those measurements from you.

I forgot that "you know who" also scared the bejeezums outta RV on several occasions.  I do remember "you know who" shaking a Port-O-Let when she was inside it.   

You should get a separate email account just for this occasion.  I would hate for "you know who" to intercept our evil plans.

Hmm now that I think of it....what size shoe does "you know who" wear?

Let the Games Begin!!



You Know Who

Hmm now that I think of it....what size shoe does "you know who" wear?

Is that mens, or ladies??? 


So I'm thinking maybe we could list some of the songs we would like to play for the Rager Band Performance so that we can all learn them if we don't already know them. 

I only know a handful so if there's something y'all are thinking about playing, please let us know so that I can make my best attempt to learn them.

I should be able to formulate a list once I get home.

What are y'alls thoughts?  Any requests out the from the audience?

Dear "You Know Who",

I think the answer to that question will depend on your behavior.

Ok Here's my list so far:

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Cripple Creek

Wildwood Flower

Cluck Old Hen

Old Joe Clark

Blue Moon of Kentucky (at least the chords at this point)


Angeline the Baker

Blackberry Blossom

Old Home Place

Big Mon

East Tennessee Blues

Home Sweet Home

Plus a few others

I can chord some others, and I'm certainly willing to learn whatever y'all want to play.

Looks like a great list so far, Courtney.

Here's one more:  "Doug's Tune"  written by Doug Dillard.


I noticed from the Dear Herby thread, that GLK says he's "thinking about singing 'Sudbury Saturday Night' with the Rager Band."  A classic Stompin' Tom tune.
DA, I want to do something Canadian, so it's either that or Sk8er Boi.  Both tunes have a banjo kickoff, so I'll let you decide.  I do them both in the key of Eh!

See you there!

Either one is ok with me.  The banjo kick off is essentially the same in both, and in the key of Eh.  In fact both videos are very similar, except Avril doesn't use a piece of plywood to stomp on!  But then again she doesn't have the boots for it either.  

something Canadian

Big Joe Muffaraw will take up the whole set if you sing all the verses. LOL
Uncle Pen

I think I have a Dobro break for Sudbury Saturday Night~

Thanks, Uncle Pen!  That settles it then.  We'll do Sudbury Saturday Night and let Sassy sing SK8er Boi.  There's no point in making things so Complicated.

DA, thanks for pointing out the similarities between Stompin' Tom and Avril.  You have a keen ear for music!
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