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uncle pens friend
we will still host our rager picnic on saturday even though the wedding is taking place during dinner break. Feel free to stop to eat and visit.
Jim Hughes
Hey Amy...
Wish we could be there with all of you.   Enjoy the festival and we will look forward to catching up with you and Mike somewhere down the road.
Louis Gentile
uncle Pen's friend my name is Louis
and fan club member of Rhonda's
fan club I be wearing my tan Rhonda
Vincent t-shirt with my 3 fan club buttons in front of shirt be wearing eyeglass's

Bummed out in Port Perry
Man, Amy this awful.....we miss another Gettysburg (notice I didn't put Wettysburg ) Rager Picnic.  This is Don's W/E to work his 6 shifts.  With all his other holidays booked for festivals it just wasn't in the cards. 
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (not a train), in anywhere from 2 to 3 years we will be back at the August festival.  I just said last night how I really miss that one! 
But in the end we really do want to give Katie a great education.......cause we may need her and Andrew to support us as we hit all the bluegrass festivals our old bones can take!!!!  
Although the kids keep telling us to be nice to them cause they get to choose our Nursing Homes!
Have fun this weekend!!

We'll be there.

Hi Harry....guess who is coming to Gettysburg!!!  
Professor Ron

Amy, you're a dear...Michael is not bad either!  I hope to see you all with some goodies.

Professor Ron

Harry, watch out for a rogue parrot!


Are you coming just to harass me?
Sorry Harry but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity
Jim & Mary G

We would love to be there to meet new ragers to us & see old friends but can't make this one.  We've never been to Gettysburg but it is on our bucket list. Have fun, we will be thinking of yall.  Can't wait to see ragers soon down the road!

Hi Amy....I hope to make it over after the wedding!!!

Thanks for the great food and good company Amy and UP.


Thanks again for another great picnic. See you again in August if not sooner. Maybe Carlisle?

Professor Ron

Thanks Michael and Amy.  It was as great as usual!  Come on August!!

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