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Dr. George

Hey Folks........one of my racing message boards has a Roll Call every now and again so that the folks who participate, on the message board, can learn more about the folks who participate on the message board.....get it!


Anyway...I've gotten to meet some really wonderful folks, chasing Rhonda and the guys around the eastern part of the U.S., and I would like to learn more about you others that express your thoughts on this venue.  Just write a quick BIO below.  I'll start it off:


Doctor George:   AKA  George Gwynn,   Frederick, MD

Time w/Ragin Fever:   1.5 years

Occupation:  Patient Monitoring Consultant, Welch Allyn Corp.

Wife:  Kathy    Daughter: Lauren (College at UCF)  Son:  Ryan  (High School)

Hobbies:  Ragin, racing, fishing, hunting, golfing, Philadelphia Eagles

Goals:  Want to be a professional race driver when I grow up


Uncle Pen in PA

How could I resist.  I hope others follow suit.



Uncle Pen in PA    AKA Michael Lebo

Time w/Ragin Fever:   3.0 years

Occupation:  Chief Financial Officer  American Lung Association of the Mid-                           Atlantic


Friend:  Amy     Daughter: Lindsay (Unemployed College Graduate) Son: Matthew (US Army)   Grandaughters Allison and Lilly

Hobbies:  Soccer Referee, Bluegrass and Amateur Website Developer

Goals:  Want to learn to play the new dobro I bought


HEY DOC...here goes:

  • AKA:Ladyplumb - Betty Turney
  • Rager (sic:Rhonda fan) - 2.5 - 3 years  (By the way, how long has "ragin'and ragers been around JULIA-the terminology)
  • Occ:  own Plumbing Company &  Home school teacher
  • Husband: DOUG & 6 kids (4 still at home, one grandchild in home, also)
  • Hobbies:  Home schooling!!! listening to music,writing songs, fishing, writing book, reading sci-fi & mysteries, raising american bull dogs, getting away for a day or two with Doug, jigsaw puzzles if any time left lol.  everyone says I like to cook- BUT I really don't- just have to! WHAT I REALLY LOVE IS TAKING "TIME-OUT" AND GETTING ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD.
  • Goal:  get ALL kids raised & out on their own so it'll be just me & Doug for a while!!!  Have someone sing one of the songs I've written.  Finish my book and have it published.  Have our male dog, Samson, live for-ever or give us one just like him ( I have NO control over this!)  One day actually get to go to SALLY MT. and I'd love to have a long conversation with Herb.  I would like to meet Dean Koontz and Alan Dean Foster.  I'd also....hey, you should have said "REALISTIC GOALS"




Charles Flanary

      Charles Flanary:   Charles R. Flanary,          Archie,Missouri

      Time W/Ragin Fever:   5 years

      Occupation:  Retired General Motors worker and live on a 90 acre farm.

      Wife:  Mary Ruth,  2 daughters,married,     4 grandchildren, 3 boys 1 girl

      Hobbies:  Following Rhonda around the country Ragin,Internet.

      Goals:     To see how many RV&R shows I can get to.


Don Phelps

Air Traffic Controller

Wife:  Pam   Daughter: Christi

Ragers for 1.5 years   

Hobbies: Bluegrass and ? well  Bluegrass.   Gas prices took all the others away.




Chris (Chris from Knoxville):   Chris Johnson - Knoxville, TN (GIRL Chris, NOT boy Chris...LOL )

Time w/Ragin Fever:   1 year

Occupation:  Medical Technologist/Application Analyst w/Covenant Health here in Knoxville (I support the Medical Laboratory software at all of the Covenant Health hospitals).

Family:  Husband of almost 19 years - Keith, 11 year old son - Cody, 19 year old cat - Bubba, 5 year old cat - Pooter, 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer - Candy

Hobbies:  Pickin' Bluegrass (decent at banjo and guitar, just started the fiddle), golf, fishing, reading, RAGIN'!

Goals:  Not anything specific...just want to make the most out of everything that the Lord gives me!

Ed Hutson

Ed Hutson     AKA The Other Ed

Time w/Ragin Fever:   Many years, but officially for 1 year 8 months

Occupation:  Budget Officer, Lincoln University of Missouri


Friend:  Vicki (my Wife)    Son: Joshua, age 15, Alias Josh The Drummer

Hobbies:  Playing Mandolin, Guitar, and learning more Banjo and Bass, Bluegrass and Gospel Music,


Goals:  Want to learn to play the mandolin like Rhonda and Josh, the Banjo like Kenny, the guitar like Josh and the Bass like Mickey

Uncle Pen's Friend

Here I go:


Uncle Pen's Friend:  AKA - Amy Reynold

Employed as an Emergency Medical Technician for a fire department and a local race track


Family:   Michael Lebo (friend), no children;  two dogs - Cocker Spaniel named Snickers and the wild one - a Golden Retriever named Gee.


Hobbies:  Bluegrass, Longaberger and Boyds Bear collector, Racing, Camping, cleaning up my golden's constant shedding, traveling


Goal:  for my dog to stop constant shedding and to tame the wild beast,  become a fulltime Bluegrass Festival goer.  Not necessarily in that order.


TERRI:  I live in Knoxville, TN.  I have been a dental

           assistant for 23 years, the last 16 of them for

           the same dentist.


            I have been a Rager for 5 years, that's when

            I saw Rhonda for the first time.


            Hobbies are spending as much time with my

            10 yr. old nephew, Spencer and 3 yr. old

            niece, Kate as I possibly can.  I love to play 

            around with my fiddle ( I'd love to play

            bluegrass, but it's too hard for me, so for

            now, it's old-time.  I like to go by myself to

            the mountains and just lay on a blanket and

            read, or pray, or whatever hits me at the

            moment.  I love music of all kinds, but blue-

            grass is my favorite.


            As far as goals go, I guess my ultimate goal

            is just to try as hard as I can to be like

            Jesus, some days I do better than others..


Kaci Wubbena    AKA: Kaci


Time Ragin: almost a year


Occupation: High School and College Student


1 dog - Sara (my pride and joy)


Hobbies: playing the mandolin, shopping, four-wheeling, camping, fishing, chatting on the internet and on the message board (that I am addicted to)


Goals: Master the mandolin like Rhonda, meet and have Rhonda and Dolly sign my mandolin, and finally....save up enough to buy another mandolin.



I do have to say, this was a great idea. Next, we should post pictures... that way, at festivals, we may actually be able to pick each other out of the crowd.





Name:  Harry Meade

Location:  Nanticoke, PA

Years Ragin:  not really sure but finally joined fan club just last week

Spouse:  Nancy

Occupation:  Foole (actually disabled, was an electrician)

Age:  46

Hobbies:  My Charger of course, guitar, and sad to say I'm a tv fanatic






p.s.  Uncle Pen are you any relation to Jeff Lebo who used to play basketball for North Carolina??



Great Idea Dr George, here's my bio...


Roger : AKA Roger Randolph, St Albans WV

Time w/Ragin Fever:  1 year fan club member / known of Rhonda for about 13 years.

Occupation: Retired Air Force /  Manager (Soon to own) my family's Chevron Service station biz of 41 years. (Hey folks, gas is only $2.90 for self serve regular here)

Family :  Wife - Tina;  Kids - James, John, Joseph, Jessica, Matthew, Amanda, and Alyssa, (I know, that's a bunch but some are step kids) 3 grand kids at the present time.

Hobbies : Playing guitar, learning banjo, have a fiddle I'm restoring to learn to play.  Write songs (some of you heard one at Sally Mountain this past year, Roadkill Cafe)  Want to get a resonator guitar and learn Dobro style, Play keyboard also.  Photography and anything related to computers/electronics.

Goals: To write a song that Rhonda would be willing to play in public and possibly sing it with her someday.  To go to as many shows as my budget and workload will allow me to go to.



Deanie Kate

Okay here I go:


My real name is Deanie Kate Diver

Occupation:  Worthless Check Diversion Program Coordinator for the Local State Attorney after retiring from Law Enforcement after 13 years.

Married to my wonderful second husband for 13 years this coming November.

Children: One Step-daughter who is happily married for the second time to a city manager and between the two of them I have four beautiful grandchildren two from his first marriage Zach and Emily and two from my step-daughters first marriage Samantha and Sara.

One Daughter from my first marriage Hannah Marie who is my pride and joy.  She loves Bluegrass and is a swimmer also.  She goes to school and is a senior this year, going to school full time, working part time and learning to play the fiddle.  Hopefully my sister is going to join us and learn the bass and we will have a group of our own one of these days.

I have been a Rager for 2 years now, thanks to my wonderful mother and father in law who introduced me to them. 

Hobbies: NASCAR, Bluegrass Festivals and anytime I can see RVR.

Goals:  To master the mandolin (I am an intermediate player now) and have just gotten a new instructor who is wonderful and play the strings off anything that has them.


Favorite things: Spending time with my family and traveling to the beautiful mountains in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee!



Name: Jessica Sabo aka Jess/Jessica

Location: Kermit, West Virginia

Been a Rager: Almost 2 years. 

Occupation: Senior in High School and working at Dairy Queen.

Hobbies: Mostly working, going out with friends, and going to Bluegrass festivals/events. 

Goals: Be Valedictorian of my graduating class. Learn a Bluegrass instrument ... most likely guitar, banjo, or mandolin.

Dr. George


This is great, gang.........I hope everyone contributes!



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