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Hi Bob, Hope our paths cross some time at a festival somewhere. Maybe Deb will start up Canyon Country again this year. If not, try to make it to Smoked Country Jam at Lock Haven next summer. I've attended both years last year as a volunteer. Always loved Emporium used to go to Costella Pa as a kid to our camp,travel that way up to Port Allegeny and Coudersport when Curwensville plays them in football now. That is truly God's Country! I've even swam at the pool at Sizerville, probably the coldest water in the eastern US!!......... take care.Greg .

check out this site: http://www.smokedcountryjam.com

neal allison
NAME;neal allison
WORK:self employed(18 wheeler)
STATUS:single,a lovely daughter
two grand kids ALLISON 21
goal:see RV andR often
get back into woodworking
as a hobby,learn to play radio
without breaking up.
cell#:828 234 1489
house:828 256 4036
roger wiget

roger wiget

dob 10 14 1948

Got my packet 2 weeks ago

Now me and my wife are ragers

Sorry doc,iam so late with this but i have been real busy at work.

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes:   AKA  Ben Hughes (no big mystery there!),   Dennisport, MA

Time w/Ragin Fever:   2 years

Occupation:  Sales Associate for CVS Pharmacy

Family: Dad/Jim Hughes,
            & my two fish (both un-named)

Hobbies:  Ragin, Hip Hop and Breakdance, Photography, Web/Print Media Design

Goals:  Succeed in becoming a Professional Photographer, Graphic Artist, or Dancer, and to not get anything less than a C on my next report card.....

Glad that I could bring this post back to life - Did you know this post has THE MOST VIEW ON THIS BOARD EVER!?!?!?!?

-Ben Hughes

John Meyers

John Meyers


My wife and I live in the Smoky Mountains about 5 minutes from Dollywood.

We moved here from Stuart, Florida this year. Wish we knew about this area years ago. 


We live in Wears Valley and have recently become involved with The Friends of Wears Valley.  We are trying to encourage sensible development so the Smokies don't get slashed and trashed.  If you're interested in our cause,  Email me at Afriqueart@aol.com.   The name comes from my interest in African Art.  Kinda different for a white boy from Oklahoma. 


I am an ex computer geek.  I used to be a manager for Martin County, FL.  Designed fiber optic networks and before that, was a Marlboro man.  Marketed cigs before I grew up and realized how deadly they are.


My wife makes beautiful quilts and I putter around until I decide what I want to do.  I'm 45 and not yet ready to retire. 


I just picked up a mandolin and have been trying to learn how to play the thing.  It's given me a much greater respect for mando players!!!!!


I've always been into music.  I used to consult with the radio industry.  Now I'm learning a whole new genre in Bluegrass!   Lot's different than the

Stones and mainstream Rock and Roll!


What a great family the Ragers are.  Pleased to be able to call all of you friends!

Name:John Spence

Location: The wild and wonderfuil state of West Virginia ... just outside the capitol of Charleston.

Occupation: Registered Nurse on a coronary care unit (post surgery).

Married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Stephanie. 16 years now. No kids ... she says she couldn't handle anything more than me ... I am a handful . She and I are opposites in that I am the one who likes to whoop and holler and she is more the quiet, "Oh my stars, he's at it again," type .

Hobbies: I love reading, and music, really scary movies (as long as I can sleep with the lights on when dark hits )and being out in the hills that surround us on all sides. Since there aren't kids in the house, our nephew Cody is a big focus when he is either in town, or we visit him and his dad in Lexington, KY.

Other activities: We are very involved in our local church. I am an adult Sunday School teacher, the choir dirrector, praise leader, board member, and well ... anything else I am handed to do . Steph works with the women's ministries group, is a board member, and takes care of things "behind the scenes." We are members of the Nazarene denomination here in town.

We discovered Rhonda and The Rage on a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC last September. Since I was listening to AKUS at the time, one of my coworkers suggested anything by RVR and I picked up the live CD. I can only say one thing ... by the time we had hit the beach the CD was worn out ! Shortly after our return home RVR made a stop at a little ole place in an way small town named Marmet, and we were hooked! Now, not a day goes by that RVR aren't heard in the house, in the car, or wherever I can find a CD player.

I've ran across some nice folk on this message board, and have a good time reading the posts and posting a few myself ever so often. Bluegrass folk ... uhm ... err ... Rhonda and The Rage folk are the best! !
Gary Kennedy

I don't usually like to participate in a thread until I'm sure that it's the popular thing to do, but I've decided to take a chance on this one.  Please don't tell my publisher about this, because my autobiography is scheduled to be released any day now.  There will be no countdown clues, however.


Chapter One - I Am Born 

January 28, 1953 in the holy city of Bucyrus, Ohio.  (Once again, for those of you who haven't marked your calendar yet, that date is January 28th.)


My musical career got off to a slow start, primarily due to the fact that my entire youth was spent playing sports, watching sports, and reading about sports.  My first musical goal, which has yet to be realized, was to play in the Ohio State University Marching Band and dot the "I" during Script Ohio.


At a very early age, I started noticing that I liked girls better than boys, so I developed a strong preference for female vocalists.  Some of my favorites were Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, and Melanie Safka (the folk singer who just went by her first name).  I eventually discovered country music and became a fan of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Donna Fargo, and Linda Ronstadt, among others.  Okay, there were some men that I listened to also (not that there's anything wrong with that): Merle Haggard, George Jones, Waylon and Willie and I never should have started this list because I'm undoubtedly leaving out some great ones who "wouldn't have a chance on today's radio".  Perhaps I should just add, as Prince Charles would say, "all the ones I forgot".


Shortly thereafter, Emmylou Harris had her first big hit and she quickly became my favorite.  (I don't want to spoil the ending, but that title has since been claimed by someone else.)


The world changed dramatically on August 3, 1974 when I went to my first bluegrass festival near Ottawa, Ohio.  Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Lester Flatt (with his hot young banjo player Kenny Ingram), Jimmy Martin, Jim and Jesse, and Larry Sparks were all there, so it was quite an introduction.  This was the first time that I had even listened to bluegrass music and I became an instant fan.  My only complaint was the shortage of female singers.  (I don't want to spoil the ending, but that situation would eventually improve dramatically.) 


After graduating from Norton Elementary School and Bucyrus High School, I attended The Ohio State University, the University of South Florida, and San Diego State University.  I have a degree in history which qualifies me to work as a statistician and scoreboard operator at college and professional sporting events.  I'll try to make my employment resume as brief as possible, so here we go.


I'm currently in my 27th year with the San Diego State University Athletic Department, where I'm in charge of statisticians, scorers, and timers for various sports.  I'm also in my 20th year as a scoreboard operator at Qualcomm Stadium (The Stadium Formerly Known as the Murph).  This has included the San Diego Chargers (National Football League), the San Diego Padres (Major League Baseball) until they moved into their new stadium last year, and whatever else happens to be happening there.  We've had a World Series, the MLB All-Star Game, and 3 Super Bowls.  I used to do quite a bit of free lance work for sports telecasts, but most of those jobs have been eliminated by technological advances.   I've also been the statistician for the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments a few times.  I haven't made it to the Final Four yet, but that's my career goal.  Actually, I did stats for the Final Four one time, but it was volleyball, not basketball.


Aside from all of the fun and games, I also have a job which requires honest work.  For the past seven years, I've worked for a company called Trader Joe's, which is a chain of trendy, specialty grocery stores that began in southern California.  We're now in twenty states, and I just heard that we'll be adding stores in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  When they open the Nashville store, I may try to transfer and go to 100 RVR shows in a year.  I certainly hope that they won't be expecting me to work.


If I think about it for a moment, I'll probably be able to come up with some more information about myself which you can't possibly live without.  I'm a bit of an exercise addict, although you wouldn't know it to look at me, because I'm on the high carb diet.  I ran two marathons in 1981, but my knees have since decided that they much prefer walking or using the elliptical cross trainer at the gym.  When you go to Sally Mountain, I'll be the one who's walking laps around the park, preferably in the morning while it's still cool.  Of course, if we stay up all night pickin'......well, you know.


When I moved to California in 1977, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a thriving bluegrass community in San Diego.  Although I was too scared to sing or play in front of anyone (and probably should have stayed that way), I've been a bluegrass music fan for over 31 years and rarely listen to anything else (at least not by choice).  We have a bluegrass open mic every Tuesday night at different locations around San Diego County.  About eight years ago, I started helping with the MC work at these events.  Apparently, I have a knack for thinking of stupid things to say at just the wrong time, so they kept inviting back.  I even got to introduce the great Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys when they played at the La Paloma Theatre a few years ago (I don't want to spoil the ending, but it gets even better than that).  I've also been one of the MCs for the Summergrass Bluegrass Festival (near San Diego), which is prominently featured as the cover story in the January, 2006 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited.


That just reminded me of another important career highlight.  I have twice appeared on the cover of Bluegrass Unlimited.  Without going out in the garage and digging them out, I'm pretty sure that it was January, 1998 and January, 2003. 


Anyway, I've always planned vacations around bluegrass festivals and have been to the Huck Finn Jubilee (Victorville, CA), Summersville, Gettysburg, Bean Blossom, and the Bluegrass Classic (near Columbus, Ohio) many times.  What I used to do was go to a bluegrass festival, set up my tent, and stay the entire weekend.  Of course, that was before the incomparable Rhonda Vincent came to California in the summer of 2003 and and ruined my life.  Things haven't been the same since and I don't see it changing anytime soon.


Coming Soon: Chapter Two - Discovering Rhonda or The Making of a Groupie


Wow Looks Like I have gotten behind a few posts...


OK, Here goes. User Name, "CT"

REAL Name:

C.T. Strickland, Jr.


Age: 44 (Birthday Same Month as Rhonda's, just 1 yr older)


Location: Pleasant Garden, NC (Near Greensboro)


Married over 24 yrs to Marie, my wife and we have 3 children. Chris (Oldest Son - Age 23, Hint to any interested Cookie girls, ), Kim (Only Daughter, Age 21, Remember "Little Kim" Rhonda?...), and Youngest Son, ANDREW, (Age 8, Who became a card-carrying Rager this year and asked Rhonda "Why didn't Fan Club Members get Paid for joining?")


Rager Status:

In 2000 Heard a voice on Radio, and did a search to see who "Rhonda Vincent" was?  Found this site, emailed Julia, & Rhonda, and took in some Shows and have been a fan and friend ever since.



Assistant Operations Manager/ Ordained Minister/ President of CT Music Straps Inc. 


Met a great Artist, Great Fan Club Prez, and Great Group of Fans on this Board and at Fests over the years.  Glad to be of service to provide custom instrument straps for Rhonda, Rage, and other Artists in this Music industry.


For Those who haven't seen this pic, Here I am with Rhonda (Officially representing CT Music Straps Inc., of course and met the COOKIE GIRLS at the Denton, NC Show in 2005)


CT & Rhonda @Denton, NC Show







I'm bumping this thread back up to the top so some of our newer message board visitors can add a little about themselves.  We seem to have picked up a BUNCH of new fans on the board in the past few weeks.

Ben Hughes

Hey Julia - do ya think that maybe you could 'pin' this post? just so that new Ragers are able to introduce themselves to all of the rest of us? Plus, it's nice to be able to get into this thread and read up on who certain people are on the board!


-Ben Hughes

p.s. - BUMP!


Well..I'm not really new..I've been reading posts for a long time..but just recently started posting..


Name-Nikki Joseph 

location-Parkersburg, West Virginia

RVR fan-about three years


Hobbies-listening to Bluegrass of course,singing,reading,checking the message board,hanging out with friends,downloading stuff on my iPod..it delights me when I find out I downloaded something without screwing everything else up,eating,Chinese food..does anyone else like Chinese food as much as I do?..writing songs,taking pictures,learning how to play guitar, banjo,and piano,watching movies is always fun,horseback riding,camping, and discovering new singers..

Other Bluegrass singers I like- Alison Krauss,Alecia Nugent,IIIrd Time Out,Sceldom Scene,Ricky Scaggs,Jd Crowe,Nickel Creek,Cherryholmes, & many many more!

Why I started listening to Bluegrass- I guess my grandpa..because he would always play and sing for me and I just started listening to Bluegrass on a local radio station and on a Bluegrass channel on tv..I have been a long time fan of Alison Krauss and I just happened to hear a Rhonda Vincent song on one of the music channels and I just loved her voice..It's funny that I like bluegrass b/c No one in my immediate family listens to Bluegrass..they are Rock fans.. 


Well..I guess thats all..I enjoyed reading this post..it took me forever though!


I guess it is my turn:


NAME: Odis Cleaver


AGE: 71


LOCATION: Wichita Falls, TX


OCCUPATION: Retired, but have a volunteer program through the American Cancer Society called the Threads of Love. We assist cancer patient with crafts, candy and just sat down and have a good visit with them. We spend a lot of time with cancer patient.


MARRIAGE STATUS: Married to Sweetie for two years. She has been a sweetheart to me for the past three years.


RV FAN: I first downloaded a song from Napster of Rhonda and the Rage and after that I started looking for anything I could find by her. In this part of Texas the record section of the stores had nothing by Rhonda Vincent. I drove over 200 hundred miles (one way) to see her perform at Paris Texas for the first time and it was well worth the long drive. I have been on two bluegrass cruise, five shows and two birthday bashes. I also helped in erecting the sign in Green top MO. morning wise. I have met many nice people through Rhonda, which I still communicate with by e-mail and have lost some e-mail address that I wish I still had.


HOBBIES: I like playing my guitar. I am trying to learn flat picking. The old fingers don't move like they did when I was 19. I have five guitars and still can't find one that will play. I love golf, and play a little pool. I also like playing with SWEETIE! We like traveling and exploring around old cemeteries. Sweetie and I are Christian. I like studying the Bible and find that it is very interesting. The more I study the Bible the less I find out I know about the good book.


Real Name:Ellyn Carson


Place:Huxley, IA




Hobbies: Dance(ballet), Fiddle, Piano, Saxaphone, Rubber stamping, Talking with friends (I'm really good at it), and doing peoples hair.



         Mom(Angie or the other MandoMama)

 age  13 Brother(Brandon, plays the gutar

 age   7  Brother(Ryan)

 age   5 Sister(Meggan)

Fan of RV&R:for 2 years




Welcome to the MB Ellyn.  Tell your mom and Dad HI. 




Hi Lynn!

  My mom has also started writing on here!  But I got her started.  I said that I was going to write and ask what kind of fiddle strings people use, she wanted me to ask Josh about an intro to a song because she was a little freaked out to have every body read something that she wrote.  But I guess she got over it.

        We are actually coming to Missourie this weekend and we are planning to play music.  We'll have to call you to tell when its going to happen so if you and Joe want to come, you can.  We are also coming to Sally Mountain again this year, so if you can't come to the music party, we'll see you there!!! 


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