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Hi!  I'm Mary.  35 from Oklahoma.
My hubby and I have been married 15 years
One daughter, 14, who is the absolute light of our world.
I work at a winery here as the operations manager.  It's fun. 
My favorite pasttime is cooking, I collect cookbooks.  I have probably close to 100.  Don't tell my hubby.  He hasn't figured it out yet.  
I love music all kinds.  Country and Bluegrass are what I grew up on. 
I'm just happy to be here.  Rhonda is incredible.

Mary Walker

Mary Walker:   AKA  Mary Walker - the girl next door,   Originally from Kirksville, MO, living in Ann Arbor, MI (an hour west of Detroit)

Time w/Ragin Fever:   Saw Rhonda for the first time when I was 8 or 9 years old (16 or 17 years ago). How can you live next door to Rhonda and not be a fan?

Occupation: Um, according to my mom, Professional Student, Law Student, Ave Maria School of Law, Graduating May 2007

Status: Single

Hobbies:  I'm in law school, they don't let us have hobbies, but I work a lot for an attorney in Downtown Detroit.

Goals:  Graduate and get a job.

Ragin' Lunatic

I find myself up late and thought I'd share my first ever experience with Rhonda.  I was just vaguely aware of her and the Rage and on sort of a whim went to see her at the Oakboro NC Music Hall last Oct. or Nov. 2005. It was the first bluegrass concert I've ever been to. Oakboro Music Hall is a couple of old store fronts and they've knocked some walls down and made a big room with exposed rafters. 


I came in late in the middle of "Kentucky Borderline" which I had never heard before. Kevin is playing his lead part and he and the guys are in dark suits and I can't remember their shirt colors but I don't think it was the red ones and I'm thinking, "This is so unlike a rock and roll concert."  Rhonda's in a dress that is reminiscent of what the ladies may have worn on stage at the Opry 50 - 60 years ago and she looked so stunning.  And there's the "Martha White" banners on those retro microphones, and there's no wall of amplifiers behind them, just a brick wall. 


The rhythm of that song is so fast and Rhonda and everyone are obviously feeling it and they are revved up, high energy, and this old rocker is immediately tuned in. Kevin's lead ends and Rhonda, Mickey and Josh all lean into the same microphone and hit the chorus in perfect time and harmony and my head starts to spin because I feel for a second I'm in a time warp and it is 1949.  But I was absolutely dazzled and would have been standing on the back of my chair screamin' "Bravo! Bravisimo! Encore!" but I'm a ragin' lunatic by this time none the less.  It took just half a song to turn me into one.   


But, this is the really good part.  After that song or the next one, Rhonda was adjusting her ear piece monitor and her ring gets caught in her hair! She gives her hand a tug but she has gotten it stuck good.  Imagine that - the star with her hand stuck in her hair!!!??? In a second's time you can see in her face a little panic, a little embarrassment, a little laughing at herself.  In the vulnerability of the brief moment she becomes even more gorgeous, radiantly so (forget it girls, you wouldn't understand), and it just melts a guy's heart. Rhonda quickly regained composure, leaned down to someone on the front row, and her hand is soon released.  It was in that moment that she swept me off my feet.  Stole my heart. (Just don't tell my wife - though she strongly suspects. I call myself the "Ragin' Lunatic".  She'd call me the "Ragin' Idiot.").  


My wife was not a blue grass fan but she reluctantly came along to that Oakboro concert (I've only been listening to bluegrass for about a year).  I think she feared being stuck in a room full of tobacco chewin' yokels.  But Rhonda and the guys converted her. She's a rager now too.  I suspect she's got a big crush on Josh but there you are.       


Hey... Its me Sky...

    Born in OHIO lived there all my life... BIG bluegrass fan.. love listening to Rhonda Vincent and the Rage...

   I have my own bluegrass band too.. I dont play but do LOTS of singing... Hubby plays guitar... Two years in a row visiting Bill Monroe's home in Kentucky in October during the bluegrass shows there... WONDERFUL listening stuff... Have 2 grown sons.... neither are bluegrass fans but trying to turn that around... still working but trying to win lottery so I can retire... lol... Nice hearing from all... feel free to drop a line... Thank again... Ya'll have a great day.... Bye for now...... Sky

Don Fender

Hi, My name is Don Fender. I have lived in the mountains of NC my whole life. I've never  posted, but I've been reading them for about a year. I am a machinist & real estate broker. Been married 23 years to Sheila who is a closet designer. No kids. I've been a RVR fan for about 5 years and have been to 6 of her concerts.

Ben Hughes
I believe that this has got to be one of the most amazing ideas to ever hit this message board. What I want to know is, DOC, how does it feel to know that you have created the post with 9 pages, 8414 views and 126 indivisual posts? That's a pretty cool thing.

Alrighty, here's a list of who has posted to this with a bio about themselves. Ill divide them into pages so anyone looking for a specific person can easily find the page their on:

  1. Dr. George (George Gwynn)
  2. Uncle Pen in PA (Michael Lebo)
  3. LadyPlumb (Betty Turney)
  4. Charles Flanary
  5. Digger (Don Phelps)
  6. Chris from Knoxville
  7. Ed Hutson
  8. Uncle Pen's Friend (Amy Reynold)
  9. Terri from Knoxville
  10. Kaci Wubbena
  11. Harry Meade
  12. Roger Randolph
  13. Deanie Kate Diver
  14. Jessica Sabo
  15. Rick Chamberlain
  16. Jimmy
  17. Mike Garlock
  18. Vernon Brogan
  19. Carol Laferty
  20. Lisa McCaffrey
  21. Mountaineer (Mr. Farrell & Mrs. Sheila Sheppard)
  22. Jimmy Douglas
  23. Rocky (Robert Coleman)
  24. Bill Hinson
  25. Phil Wiechman
  26. Jim Hughes
  27. Ol Mt. Fiddler (Timothy Kennedy)
  28. Heather Twigg
  29. Lois Gulliver
  30. Susan Hypes
  31. Leannette Stephan
  32. Russ Reeves
  33. Carol Cox
  34. Shelby
  35. DianneVA (Dianne Collins)
  36. Ol Roy
  37. Lynn Roberts
  38. Bill Combs
  39. Charlie Knoth
  40. Jim Miller
  41. Bud Quinn
  42. Mark H
  43. Kimmy Sharpe
  44. Jessica Sharpe
  45. Monica Martincic
  46. Linda Sharpe
  47. Ted Sharpe
  48. Samantha
  49. Fred Black
  50. BlueBird (Shannon Bullins)
  51. BamaPhotoPro (Bobby Johnson)
  52. John Meyers
  53. Carol Western
  54. Craig Watts
  55. Julia Yocum
  56. Ol Roy Ellis
  57. Tabitha Wilson
  58. SpindleSis (Sharon Shannon)
  59. Kimberly Burnham
  60. Greg Parks
  61. Poppop (Ed Rosenkrans)
  62. Whit King
  63. Tony WIlliams
  64. Terri Williams
  65. Kristin Smith
  66. Richard Farmer
  67. Bob Martin
  68. Neal Allison
  69. Riger Wiget
  70. Ben Hughes
  71. John Spence
  72. Gary Kennedy
  73. CT (C.T. Strickland)
  74. Nikki Joseph
  75. Odis Cleaver
  76. DancinFiddleGirl (Ellyn Carson)
  77. Courtney Pitre (The Ragin' Cajun Rager)
  78. Alvin Bressler
  79. Ashley O'Quinn
  80. Sami (Samantha Daggett)
  81. Amy Miller
  82. Peter Hersbach
  83. Amanda Lynn
  84. Fred Weddington
  85. ~debbie (Debbie Blood)
  86. SweetCowGirl (Kerry)
  87. Mary
  88. Mary Walker
  89. Ragin' Lunatic
  90. Sky
  91. Don Fender

WOW! I didn't realize how many people actually posted to this message board. I know that many many MORE jsut read the posts, but it seems like every day the number of people coming out and posting is growing. That's pretty cool.

I'll probably update this list when we reach 10 pages. It's good enough for now, though.

-Ben Hughes

p.s. - Im really sorry if I mispelled anyone's name! Just tell me and it won't happen again!
Sue Danym

Let's get this list to 100+  !!


Good Morning and Happy Holiday weekend to all.... 

               100+ sounds like a good number to...   and Ben you spelled my name correctly... can't screw uo Sky...  Have a good  day all


I guess I can't type this morning.... ITS YOu.....  NOT OU>>> LMAO


OK folks ONE MORE TIME........ ITS UP NOT OU OR YOU>>> sky

John S
Very good Ben ! I am glad to see you have moved this post back to the top of the list!! It is such fun to read about other people and see where everyone is from, and I really like the fact you went through and listed everyone numerically by their post! Have a wonderful day and let's see who all else posts! John Spence

Ok, I haven't posted yet but I am Alayna from Marshfield, MO and I am 16. I am a big country music/bluegrass music fan. I haven't seen Rhonda in concert yet but plan to by years end. The first concert I went to was Terri Clark when I was 13. We never really went to concerts.


I am also a huge Patty Loveless and Alison Krauss fan. I have 3 pet turtles. Their names are Bonnie, Addie, and Hollie. Can I say they are hungrey little vultures most of the time.


I love to draw, paint, make crafts and anything that has to do with art. I also love playing soccer.


I really don't know what else to write but is you want to know something else I may like just ask.

Ben Hughes
Hey there, everybody!

Just so EVERYONE knows, we have some new Ragers to the board, and I thought that I would go back and dig up this great topic out of the Message Board vaults (AKA page seven) so that everyone can get to be known a little better.

Hope to see some new Rager bios up here soon!

-Ben Hughes


I love this thread! Thanks for bringing it back again. 


I'm Rhonda...and This board's for YOU!



Rose Crum

Rose Crum

Age: 42

Men: None - but still looking! LOL!

Location: Inez, Ky.

Rager: Approx. 2 years (just started posting recently)

Occupation: Reading Specialist/Teacher(19 Years)

Hobbies: Writing songs, Listening to music, Going to see Rhonda, Hanging out with family

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