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Pat Sharman


grassisblue2:   AKA  Pat Sharman
Time w/Ragin Fever:   12 years

Occupation:  Soil Conservation Technician, Milan, MO

Hobbies:  Ragin, anything playing Bluegrass/Old Time Fiddle Music/The Real Country Music(aka Classic)

2 Kids-Wayne and Melissa- who between them have 4 kids

Friend-Steve Head who is an awsome fiddle player

Friends- Bluegrassers everywhere

Other favorites besides The Rage and Sally Mountain Show are Moon Mulligan, Gene Watson, Faron Young, Hank Thompson, and most other bluegrass bands too numerous to mention

Stage Shows- House Band at Rathbun Country Music Theater, Iowa (north of Centerville, IA); Sometimes at the Macon Opery, Macon MO

Jim & Mary G
Jim says I should up date our information so here goes. (I wish I knew how to print out this entire roll call as I go back and refer to it often.. . .Does anyone know how to do that?
We have seen Rhonda probably 30 times by now. . . 11 times so far in 2009. We took the whole family (there are only 5 of us) on 2009 cruise and are signed up for 2010-just Jim & myself.
Jim retired with 30 years from Alliant, our local utility on a Friday and went to work the following Monday for ITC International Transmission Company/ULC Utility Line Construction Services out of Novi, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. As you can tell he is a true workaholic. Except when I mention lets go see Rhonda then he's ready to take off for a few days! (It's ok She keeps him young and I get to go . . I love to go!)
I am now happily retired at 58. I was a late bloomer, staying home with my boys, driving a school bus 10 years then taught for 18 years. I teased Jim that I'd never been a kept woman and he said go for it and retire. . . so I did and LOVE it! I super enjoy being Nana to my grandson Dean (Martin) Goodman who is also a huge RHONDA fan!
Sons Tob & Jod (Dean's dad) are really getting into the Bluegrass theme also. Toby is especially a Rhonda fan,  plays bass guitar but doesn't get many weekends off for festivals. He has used his vacation time for 3 cruises. Jody just bought a standup bass, is a teacher and plans to be attending more festivals this summer.
We really enjoy the message board, roll call, and meeting as many Ragers in person as we can. Hope to meet more Ragers down the road. The Goodmans




New Rager Roster
Introduce yourself, and tell us about YOU!!!

A Rhonda Fan


It's a wonderful idea to update your information.  You could even post your facebook address here also. We love to stay in touch with our Ragers!!!
A Rager

Hi everyone!! I just saw this neat little thread so here I go:

My name is Elizabeth Cox and I am 18 years old. I grew up in Blacksburg, SC and just recently moved to Spartanburg into an apartment with my best friend. I am going to Spartanburg Community College and will transfer to a university to pursue a degree in zoology or animal psychology.

I have two labs named Sammy and Jake and a Quarter horse named Kibbles. They are the loves of my life and I treat them like my children!

I have been a huge fan of Rhonda and the Rage for about 4 years. I hope that once I get a job and can start saving my money, I will be able to travel around to festivals like so many of you!

My hobbies include soccer, my high school marching band of which I served as Drum Major, almost all types of music, singing, guitar, saxophone, reading, writing, animals, gardening, cooking, camping, hiking, repelling, and the internet

Hopefully I can meet y'all someday!! Feel free to add me on facebook if you'd like!

By the way, my AIM screen name is lifeismusic2009 for those of you who attend the chats!

Hey Elizabeth!

I meant to tell you.  I did a lot of work in animal psychology and my undergraduate degree is related to zoology so if you ever have any questions about the field, let me know!


Courtney, you may be my new hero lol. I am excited/nervous about getting into my major. I know that alot of work is in store for me!

Larry Weldon
NAME: Larry and Pam Weldon from Broken Arrow, Ok

AGE: My birthday is the same as Rhonda except for the year, I'm alot older ! 7-13-53 and wife's 8-18-53

We are high school sweethearts been married scense 1972. We have 2 boy's and one granddaughter Rhonda meet our grandaughter in Claremore last Sat. I'm a farm Manger for a throughbreed racing and brood mare farm. Been a RVR Fan of over 3 years and now am a fan club member and enjoyed the Sally fan club everything and looking forward to retuning next year. Learning the mandolin and really enjoyed Rhonda's workshop.

Hobbies are mandolin, bluegrass, going to jams,bluegrass fests, camping, fishing. Wife love's to read, scrapbooking, listen to music.

Will be going to lenoir city, Ten around thanksgiving if anyone know of any jam sessions than. Wife's sister live's there
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