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This is a great idea Doc.


Rick:   AKA  Rick Chamberlin,    Front Royal, VA

Rager Fan:  6 months

Occupation:  Welder

Family:  Shadoe........my Black Lab

Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, Bluegrass listening

Goal:  I want to have a hunting or finshing guide business.  Prefer fishing that way I can listen to my bluegrass music while we fish.   Are there any under 30 pretty, bluegrass loving women, living in n.w. Virginia?


Hello Doc, et.al.


My name is jimmy, and my home is Saint Peters, MO. (suburb of St Louis)


I was in the fan club when the "Rhonda-Sign" was erected in Greentop.  Rejoined, becoming a RAGER in good standing last year in time for the Sally Mountain Festival.  I am the heavy-set banjoist of sort you may have seen at the festival.  Wow!  What a great time!  It will be hard for even gas prices to keep me away next year.  (It's only 200 miles from St Louis to Queen City). 


I am retired Pharmaceutical Industry.  My wife passed away 5 year ago from leukemia.  My single daughter teaches Kindergarten. (Old Maid School Teacher).  I have been enjoying working for our school district in Early Childhood Centers as a Special Ed para-educator.  The children seem to enjoy hearing my banjo.  I also play in a local groups for Nursing Homes and area churches.  My favorite things are RV Camping, Fishing, Digital Photography, and a "Great" jam session with friends.  Hi Digger!  Hi Roger! Hi Ed!  Hope we can all be together again soon!

Mike Garlock

Good Morning Doc,


Name: Mike Garlock    Brenda(wife)


Rager: Almost 4 Years


Occupation:  Startered my Auto Parts Store right out of College 27 years ago.


Hobbies:  Golf, Master Gardener, Hunting, Fishing, for the last year Swimming Pool & Tiki Bar constuction.  Current Sodus Rotary Club President.


Great idea, good doctor.


Name: Vernon Brogan,  wife Karen.


We have one daughter and one grandson, live about 25 miles west of Dayton OH on a small horse farm.  I was a superintendent in a paper mill until a Canadian company bought us and shut us down.  I am now semi-retired and dable in excavation.  We started going to bluegrass festivals about 7 years ago and love it.  We became aware of Rhonda and the gang 3 years ago and have been fans every since.  Karen is still working at a brewery, largely because of insurance.  She is fortunate to have a lot of time off and that allows us to do what we love.


Hobbies:  horses, going to festivals ( our favorite), taking cruises, guitar, banjo, and mandolin, ( not very good at either but we're learning), and just hanging around and working on the "farm". 


Lisa McCaffrey

Hi  my name Lisa

My hubby  Hugh  is  cousin  to  Hunter


I was waiting to post after some chief ditch digger or bottle washer. LOL.You guys have some impressive resumes. Here's ours.

We are: Mr. and Mrs. Mountaineer, aka Farrell and Sheila Sheppard

Age:            Farrell, 2 days younger than Rhonda

                  Sheila,  2 years younger than Farrell

Resides in:    Vilas (Suburb of Boone), NC 

Occupation:  Farrell, Residential Building Contractor

                  Sheila, Cheif Financial Officer, Hound Ears Club, Golf Resort

Education:    Farrell, BSA Appalachian State University and working mans PHD

                  Sheila, BSBA Appalachian State University

Children:       Leslie, 17, Watauga High Senior,

                  Hobbies: Lacrosse, Singing, Guitar, Mandolin

                  Jamie, 14, Watauga High Freshman

                  Hobbies: Lacrosse, Singing, Fiddle, Internet

Rager since:  Almost 2 years ago at 2nd annual Boone Bluegrass Festival

Hobbies:       Farrell, Guitar, Fishing,

                   Sheila, Reading, Water Skiing, Piano

                   Both, Camping, Boating, Mountaineer Football and Basketball,

                   Going to Bluegrass Festivals

Dream:         Farrell,  play guitar for a spiritual bluegrass gospel group

                   and to someday have grandkids and teach them how to fish 

                  and play guitar. Also to play on stage with Rhonda and 

                   go fishing with Herb. 

                   Sheila, Read every book that has been written, LOL

Final thought:  Looking back over this, I thought some might think it odd

                    that my wife works for a golf resort but neither of us play.

                    I guess there's not enough time for everything. Maybe

                    someday.  A round of golf with Herb might not be bad either.



Didn't mean to sound like Lisa and Hugh are cheif ditch digger and bottle washer.  I was actually posting after Carol, (shows how slow I type) and was impressed by what everyone has posted on her so far.  I was just kidding about not wanting to follow after someone with an impressive Bio.  

Jimmy Douglas

 Well hello everyone I hope this let's everyone Know about Jimmy Douglas.My

bill paying job is with Lowe's of Oxford,Al. I am A commercial Sales Specialist.

I have been a fan of Rhonda's for about 4 years now I guess.I would like to tell a story about my first hearing her sing.I get most of my C.D.'s from Ernie's records on Broadway in Nashville I walked in the store one day and heard an Angel singing a song asked the clerk who is was they told me.I

purchased my first C.D.'s on that visit and have purchased other as well.I did not visit website until a couple if months ago and I hope that I now have an extended family.Let me further say that because of her music I have started playing the Dobro this past march and Currently play with a group called Brimstone.I have always loved music of any kind and will continue to do so Bluegrass is my favorite.However I play country at the present time and it is

ironic that I now want to play the Dobro at the age of 52 when my fathers brother had a roommate in Nashville many years ago they called him UNCLE JOSH.I could have really been playing better had I just Visited my Uncle when Josh was around.My Uncle Donald was my first influence on music so much so that I played drums in his group at the age of 8.What a time for a boy of my age.Anyway thats my story.If ya'll care to hear any of my music please visit our Website at http://www.brimstoneband.com we have some music clips

that you can listen too.Please fill out guestbook after you visit and I also created the website I would like everyone's oppinion on it please.

Thanks for letting me rant about nothing really there are others more deserving on this site.

God Bless You All,

Jimmy Douglas




Name: Robert R. Coleman (Rocky's a nic)

Age: Plenty Nine (actually 50 in Oct)

Occ: Disabled (former school bus driver) Presently helping out with the Iaeger Volunteer Fire Department

Location: Iaeger, WV

Status: Divorced but looking! LOL

Kids: Two, Becky (25) and Charlie (19)

Ragin' Fever: 2 years

Hobbies: Bluegrass, bluegrass shows, computers and watching sports

Goal In Life: Just to be happy, and to learn to trust again. Also glad to have met so many wonderful people thru Rhonda's music.




I am William Hinson, wife Myrtle, we reside in Archdale, N.C., near High Point, N. C.. We have three children, four grandchildren and one white German Sheperd. Iam a N. C licensed plumbing contractor, but have sold plumbing supplies for 41 years. Have been Rhonda Vincent fan for about 6 years, and have met some great people who hang out with her. I love music and I love rhonda and what she does very much. I talk on chat as BluegrassBill338.  Bill Hinson


Hope we can do this later in the year for the cruise too!!


Phil   Phil Wiechman   Reside in Oshkosh, WI


RVR fan about 3.5 years now.  Bluegrass fan about 4 yr.


Occupation :  Transit bus mechanic for the city of Oshkosh


Married to June for 37years.  We have 4 grown and gone children.


I have many hobbies, my favorites are golf, fishing, (especially for Muskies)


    bluegrass music (especially RVR) Woodworking and mandolin practice.


Goals:  to drive the "Bluegrass Express" when I retire.

          and get good enough at the mandolin that I can play along at a jam.


June and I are going on the cruise in Feb. 2006 with RVR.  Sure am looking forward to that!!!!!




Doc, thanks for starting this - I have really enjoyed reading about other Ragers.  This was a great idea.  It lets you get acquainted a little bit, I wish some more of the ragers had responded.


PS:  Charles - on your goal, you didn't list "having the lastest imposter detection equipment"!  I can't believe that'd not be a HIGH PRIORITY  with you being Rageland Security and all


I didn't list a goal, but my only goal is to see tomorrow.

Dr. George

Thanks, ladyplum.....you're right.  It's been great learning about all of us



I'm hoping we'll get more folks to tell us about themselves. 



Jim Hughes

What a great idea to post personal bio's...   Here goes everything!


Name     Jim Hughes

            Dennisport, (Cape Cod) Massachusetts


Age       46


             Married to Jane (H.S. sweetheart) for 23 years

             2 sons...  Christopher,20, Auto mechanic  and,

             Benjamin,15,High School sophmore/Graphic Arts



Work      Retired Police Officer after 18 years of service in

             home state of Connecticut after neck fracture.  Nine (9)

             years assigned to a motorcycle unit....

             Now own/operate an old fashioned mens barber shop here

             in Massachusetts.   

             U.S. Marine Corps Veteren (4 years)


Hobbies  There are many...  Creating opportunities for quality family

             time with Jane and the boys, Bluegrass festivals/concerts,

             Golf, Camping, Boating, playing horseshoes, riding my

             Harley (Police edition Road King... whatelse could it be!!).

             Also...  Ben and I have a Bluegrass radio show we do

             together here in our area on a local FM station, WOMR 92.1

             on Wednesday evenings from 5-8pm EST.



             Introduced to the wonderful world of Bluegrass music over

             25 years ago thanks to Janes mom and dad...   They took

             to my very first festival, Winterhawk in upsate New York.

             Thank you Herb & Jane...   If they had a way to do so, I'm

             sure they would tell me that THE GRASS IS BLUER ON THE

             OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


             I think I have taken up enough space for now....  We are

             going on the cruise in February and, we also agree  with a

             previous post that recommends doing this again for all

             those going on the Bluegrass Cruise........   Take care all and,

             have a great day.

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