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ol mt fiddler

Ol Mt Fiddler: AKA Timothy Kennedy

D.O.B.:         9-11-1956

Status:         Divorced

Children:        3 Boys, 26yo, 21yo, 17 yo and <1 Daughter {dec} 2 years ago>

Occupations:  Certified Coal Miner, Logger, Firefighter, EMT, EMS Instructor,

                    American Heart Assoc. and Red Cross, also Instructor Trainer.

                    Truck Driver, at present I am leaving 9-10-05 going to MS to

                    drive a truck for FEMA doing the storm recovery clean-up.

Hobbies:         My Fiddle, Ol Time Music, Gardening, Camping, and working

                     with Honey Bees.

Rager:             Have enjoyed and followed several years, officially 1 year.

Goals:             To keep learning the old fiddle tunes and help preserve them,

                      by passing them on down to others: as great friends and

                      fiddlers: Melvin Wine and Art Stamper, did for me.



Everybody say a prayer for Ol Mt Fiddler ( Tim Kennedy)  he tells me that is going to be in Mississippi for at least 6 months working with FEMA and the Red Cross!  That is a great work you're doing my friend!!


Name: Heather Twigg - Catonsville, MD

Birthdate:  12-22-1985

Time w/Ragin Fever:   5 years

Occupation: Administrative Assistant & Receptionist

Family: 4 sisters, 1 brother, & currently live w/ my 2 room mates

Marital Status: Single, but have a boyfriend

Hobbies: Bluegrass festivals, playing fiddle & singing tenor, camping, fishing, soccer, movies

Goals: Record an album with my band Pick-up Line, go to IMBA, and GO ON A BLUEGRASS CRUISE!!

Photos: http://photos.yahoo.com/htwigg85

Website: http://www.pickuplineband.com  
Lois Gulliver

Hi, I am Lois Gulliver,live in Hancock County, TN, childhood home of Jimmy Martin.

Occupation: Bail bonds, and make apple cider for 2 festivals, have small apple orchard.

Husband: Ed, will have 40yr anniversary in November

Children: 4 boys- Scott, Dennis,John & Kris      4 grandchildren

Rager fan for 3 years

Hobbies:   Sewing, making quilts, raising Shelties.   (Have 4 Shelties, 1 Pom,1 Anatolian Shehard and 1 German Shephard.    2 cats

Love going to Bluegrass festivals where Rhonda & The Rage are singing.

Susan Hypes from Summersville WV.

Occupation: I am a Protective Service Worker for the State (for 17 yrs)

I have had Ragin Fever for 3 1/2 years and it is getting worse

Hobbies are : Rhonda Vincent and the Rage shows and Rhonda Vincent and the Rage shows.

Goal : I want to attend more Rhonda Vincent and the Rage shows than Gary K.

Leannette Stephan

Fan/friend Rhonda since I was 13 years young

Back in touch with Rhonda for almost years now this December/January.  Saw my first Rhonda and The Rage show at the Trenton County fair six years ago and treated my dad and mom for my dads birthday.


Occupation:In process of looking for my first paralegal degree.  Possibly working in the music business in the near future.


Hobbies: I have many. Most of all I love music and see Rhonda and The Rage when I can.  I sing in the choir in church and we are cutting a cd in one month with a man from Nashville recording us.  Donny and all the Osmonds are my hobbies and see them every chance I get.  I like to scrapbook and take pictures.  I am going to start taking mandolin lessons after the first of the year.  We are also going to start doing some traveling with our first trip to be in March the Lord wiling to Las Vegas to see Donny since he is taking some time off and will be only in Vegas next year and also my husband has never been there.  We are not gamblers but there aremany other things to do.


I have been married to Jeff my husband 13th years this Noember 21st.  We have two dogs Fletcher and Jake who is a Golden Retrever and Fletcher was adopted by finding hiim under our porch near Halloween nine year ago.



            Name: Russ Reeves

            d.o.b: 5-27-60

 Martial status: single, never married, lived in sin for several years

    occupation: Caregiver for my mother for the past three years,

                     and dad the first one also

                     computer tech ( on leave ) for the local gov't  

         hobbies: playing music, motorcycles, hot rod cars, listening to music,

                     mountain biking, camping, creating music, and music.

       Life goals: write some songs that people like, live happy.

      Ragin' fan: almost three years.

    # of shows: Two SM Fests, GOO, old town school, two rivers, Troubadour

                     soon to see at GOO and Station Inn

Jim Hughes

Good Sunday morning to all.....


What a great mix of folks from all walks of life and, from all areas....   Hope that those who have not posted yet will do so soon and  add to this very impressive list.


Enjoy the day!!!!!!!


Jim Hughes

Carol Cox

My name is Carol Cox and I live in the beautiful hills of West Virginia in a little place called Walker just outside of Parkersburg. Have known Rhonda for about twenty years. Became a fan club member when it first started. My first fan club letter is dated March 1994. I still have it along with all the others I have received since then in a scrapbook with lots of pictures, newspaper articles etc. Have been visiting the message board and posting occasionally for about two years, I think. I feel like I know a lot of you personally although I have not met very many of you. I am totally addicted to this board. I told my husband it is just like reading a good book, just can't wait to get back to it. 


My husband and I are both retired. He worked in a chemical plant and I was the bookeeper in our local IGA Store.

Have been married for fifty-two years, have three children, three grandsons and three precious great-grandsons, two of them born just this spring.


As far as hobbies , we have only one: BLUEGRASS MUSIC! Thirty years ago this summer we held our first Bluegrass Festival here on our farm and it has been our life since then. Of course we had our day jobs to pay the bills. LOL  If you know anything about promoting Bluegrass Festivals you will know there isn't much money in it, but I wouldn't trade the experience for a million dollars. We have met people from all walks of life, from all parts of the country and other countries who come together because of their love of the music.


Our park is called Cox's Field. maybe some of you have been here.

It was here that we first met Rhonda. She came with her family the summer of 1986 for the first time and we booked them several times after that. My husband played in a small band and played at Sally Mountain in 1993. I have never been there though. Maybe some day. We have followed Rhonda's career very closely since she formed her own band and are so very proud of what she has accomplished. We are especially proud of her and the Rage as it is today. They certainly make beautiful music together.


As far as goals, in this stage of our lives most of them have been realized.

We have since sold our Field and just kind of take things easy now, go to as many of the shows as we can. We plan to be in Marmet, WVa and Wilmington, Ohio. Hope to see some of you there.   


well i'm a little late, but that's me.

my name is shelby

ragin fan: for about 3.5 yrs

occupation: cleaning homes and offices.

family: married for 20yrs. to larry, have 4 sons. jonathan 19, justin 18, and identical twins matthew and andrew 16. i was pregnant for a long time.

hobbies: singing, bluegrass, reading, getting together with friends and family. and i love to dance!

gaols: to steer my children in the right direction and live a happy, peaceful life. which is a hard task these days, but all things are possible with the lord.

great idea doc.


Name: Dianne Collins, Jonesville Virginia (Lee County) Hey Carol we used to be neighbors.. next county over..... and Lois G.  WE are neighbors!


Family: Husband-Jim, married 11 years October 15 this year.  Kids: ME- one girl, two boys all grown and 2 grandsons so far.  JIM- two girls and two grandkids, 1 boy, 1 girl.


Occupation:  Forced to take disability retirement from VDOT (I was the first female Operator A for Lee County..... drove 3 ton dump truck and all the road equipment!)  Now I work part time at a local greenhouse here in Jonesville. 


Time W/Ragin Fever: 2 years and counting!  I fully plan on being a fan for life!


Hobbies:  Used to be quilting, painting, woodworking and just about anything else I can get my hands on...... NOW it is being totally in charge of putting on "Bluegrass In The Park" on the second Saturday of each month through October.


Goals:  I've only got one..... to see that Bluegrass in the park is a total success and that I will someday get the backing and have enough money to book Rhonda and The RAGE to come here!!  


 "ol'roy"  pevely, mo, 30 miles so, of st,louis,,, Rhonda fan club and rager member since 4/2001 ,,,


Name  Lynn Roberts   Chillicothe, MO

          Married to Joe 24 years this Dec. 18.

          Between us we have 4 boys, 4 grandsons,  

          6 grandaughters, & 1 due in Dec.


Work   Lynn-Teachers aide going on 26 yrs

          Joe  - Factory worker, 40 acre farm


Ragin Fever  Have heard of Rhonda for several years.

                  Saw our first show Sept. 5, 2003 in     

                  Unionville, MO. Been hooked since then.


Hobbies   Camping, Bluegrass shows, horseback







Bill Combs

Name:  Bill Combs


Location:  Mount Airy Md - Dr. George when you're ready to fish try my farm pond - I'm in the "hood"

                   Moved from Catonsville - Farewell Heather Twigg


Years Ragin:  Met Rhonda backstage at the Opry about 2 years ago.  Haven't looked back since then.


Spouse:  Cathy


Occupation:  Dept of Defense


Age:  47


Hobbies:  Collecting Coca-Cola & music



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