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scott coble,jr.

sorry i missed the boone fest but hope to see you in oakboro. the fastgrass was a far cry from last year as the attendance was really great and, im sure, will even be bigger next year. i  hope you will see fit to come nest year, we have missed seein you andd the rage near here this year. im glad you are  getting your wings back on and hope you continue to do well.  scott

Charlie K

I've been tryin to find the time for this since the first day this was posted. I don't really have the time now but here goes.


Charlie K, AKA Charlie Knoth (nobody pronounces it correctly so I just use the K)

I was overcome with Ragin Fever about 2.5 years ago.

Married to my ever-tolerant wife Sally for 18 years. Three young-uns: Nick (16), Mackenzie (13) and Gracie (4.5)

I'm a self-employed contractor and I sell and install commercial doors and hardware (like in office buildings, etc,)

Hobbies include restoring a 1928 Chevrolet Sedan, photography, improving my home, shooting.

My goal is to learn to play the fiddle I recently bought and my long term goal is to get out of Southern California before it's too late!

Jim Miller

I am Jim Miller from Goshen Indiana. I have been a Rhonda Vincent fan for about five years after hearing her on Prairie Home Companion. I saw her and the rage here in Goshen almost four years ago. I saw Josh here in Goshen with Special Consenus about three years ago and was tickled when they got together.

My significant other is Cheri, she is a high school librarian and I work as a Risk Manager for county government. My hobbies are raising dahlias and golf. I am an Indiana University fan and being  close to South Bend have to root for the Fighting Irish. I am active in the VFW and ask you to continue to pray for those who guard the gates of freedom.

I envy all of you who play music and hope you never give up your dreams.

Charles Flanary

This has been great but there is still several of you who hasn't participated in this and it would be great if you would.         Charles

Bud Quinn

You're right Charles, there are a bunch of the "older" Ragers who have not responded, so I'll start and maybe some will follow.  My name is Bud Quinn and my wife's name is Fran.  We lived most of our lives in Liberty, Missouri but now live at the Lake of The Ozarks near Camdenton, Missouri.  I was in law enforcement for 36 years and Fran was with Farmland Industries in Kansas City for almost 40 years.  I retired from the Clay County Sheriff's Dept. in Feb. of 2000, and Fran retired in Dec. 2001.  We first saw Rhonda and the Rage on the televised portion of the Grand Ole Opry about 5 years ago and first saw them in person at Silver Dollar City in Branson about 4 years ago.  We have been Ragers since then.  Our hobbies are going to bluegrass festivals and other traditional country music shows, traveling, and doing family history research.  I play guitar in several jam sessions around the lake area and am a member of The Missouri Traditional Country Music Association. 

Mark H

I've been a reader more than a poster, but here goes, so you know who I am...


Mark H:  AKA Mark H, in Middletown, PA

Wife: Beautiful (also named Sherri)

Kids: Wonderful (also named Joesph, 10 and Colleen 8)

Occupation: Financial Analyst w/ Fortune 500 company

Education: Me, PSU and Bucknell; Mrs. Bloomsburg U.

Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, being with the family, and listening to music

Goals: To do my best to leave this earth a better place then when I got here. 

Discovered RVR: Listening to Bluegrasscountry.org streaming audio about 2 years ago...  2 songs caught my attention.  "Passing of the train", and "Check the book again" (done with Bull Harmon...  that song will MOVE you!)

What I like best about RVR:  That both my wife and I enjoy their music.  She and I are VERY different in our musical tastes, but we both love RVR!  We've only seen her live once, in Shafferstown, PA last summer, but we've got tickets to the Hanover show in Jan (our Christmas presents) and plan on making the G-berg festival in May. 

What I listen to when I'm NOT listening to RVR:  Silence!  No, really, my other favorite artists are Yes, Kansas, UB40, and the Police.

The Cookie Girls

Ok, so let's see if we can fit everything in...


The Cookie Girls...AKA...

Kimmy & Jessica Sharpe  (sisters)      Ages: 30 & 24

Monica Martincic (best friend)             Age: 30

Linda & Ted Sharpe (Cookie parents)  Ages: 52 & 54


all from Eastpointe, MI...which is about 20 min. north of "downtown Detroit"



Kimmy: Elections Assistant at Eastpointe City Hall since 1996, also certified massage therapist, cookie baker

Jessica: Patient Registration/Clinic Registration at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI, since 2003 also certified massage therapist, cookie baker

Monica:  Delivery, pick-up, and Part-Time Assistant Manager of Mr. Pita restaraunt in Eastpointe since 2000, cookie baker

Cookie Mom Linda: at home babysitter/day care for LOTS of kids since 1987, and the best mom ever!

Cookie Dad Ted: Electronics/Diagnostics/Calibration fix-it guy...it's hard to explian, he fixes electronics and big machines and stuff!



Kimmy:  the computer nerd of the group....likes to work on the computer all day, do pedicures, power walking, road trips!, knitting, fishing, singing, anything with music!!!

Jessie: likes to nap often, bike ride, does some computer stuff, bowling, keep everyone awake in the car on road trips, fishing and some hunting, anything with music!

Monica: also likes to nap often, plays every kind of video game known to man, practice fiddle, plays flute, the main driver of our trips, fishing, errand runner!

Mom: spend time with her grandbaby Lea, (will be 1 in Dec) go for walks, spending as much time with her kids as possible, fishing, reading, and road trips

Dad: likes to play/practice mandolin & guitar, fall asleep with the tv on loud and remote in hand.., fish, hunt, spend time with family, road trips



Kimmy...single   but has a chihuahua named Lola

Jessie...single   but has a cat named Puzzles

Monica.single   but has a cat named Poonchkie

Linda & Ted...obviously married to eachother! LOL



To thank the Lord every day that He allows us to enjoy our lives to the fullest!  And a big part of what we enjoy is BLUEGRASS MUSIC!  Especially Live Bluegrass and Road Trips!!  But you all probably figured that out already!  And to keep doin' what we do best, make everyone smile and fill their bellies with cookies!! ha ha ha


I cant believe I didnt see this post... I bet Im one of the last people to reply.. but thats ok better late than never.


Im Samantha, 19 from Orange Virginia. I sign onto chat under the name burrnmebaby85 (practical joke gone way wrong!!)


Ive been a fan of RV since I first heard Im Not Over You. First saw Rhonda & The Rage in 2002 (i think...) in Orange at Booster Park. Turned Dad into a fulltime Rager.


Life goals:get a degree in criminal justice and then forensic science. Yes, I will now be known as the morbid rager!

Fred Black

Well OK,

I’m normally very private, because, if the law finds out where I am….. just kidding!


Fred Black

Wife: Kim

D.O.B: 9/1/62,  Kim's D.O.B.... she'd kill me!


Children: Daughter Hannah (12), Stepsons Jacob (12) and Will (8) and a son Walker (7months)… This is both Kim and my second marriage.  I met Kim because she was Hannah’s dance teacher for tap and ballet.  I kept hanging around the dance studio doing my John Ritter imitations (panting, drooling, etc.) until she finally relented and went out with me!


Occupation: Programmer and web server specialist working with streaming audio and multimedia.  Currently I work for Batanga.com, the largest (I think) Hispanic internet radio station.  We have 23 stations, or different genres, none of which are bluegrass!  I’m responsible for the server farm and internet infrastructure.  I keep trying to sneak some RV&R in there, but they won’t let me!  No, I’m not Hispanic, nor do I speak Spanish!


Kim’s occupation: Dance teacher and Real Estate agent/broker and awesome full time mother.


Hobbies: Music.  I’m an aspiring songwriter and musician.  I’m working really hard towards recording an independent CD, but it’s taking forever.  You can sample some of my unfinished recordings at my web site http://www.FredBlackMusic.com.


Goals: Survive being a new father again at 43, and finish the CD I’m working on.


Discovered RV&R: Kim was in the record store at the mall and was looking for an Alison Krauss CD but they were out… one of the employees told her that if she liked Alison the she’d love Rhonda… and she came home with “One Step Ahead”.  Soon after that, there was an article in the paper about Rhonda performing in Roxboro, NC, about an hour from us, and Kim bought me tickets and we went.  And we’ve been going to see them whenever we can since then.


What I like Best about RV&R:  That they’re incredible musicians and really care about their fans and about bluegrass itself.  The first few times we saw them I said, naw, they can’t really be that nice, but after seeing and talking to them time after time, I’m telling you, they are… even Hunter!  Seriously, it’s normal in bluegrass for bands to take time with their fans after shows, etc. but Rhonda and the guys take it to another level.


More about our kids: All of our kids play music.  Jacob plays the bass (upright), guitar, banjo, mandolin, and piano.  Hannah plays the piano, guitar, cello, and takes voice lessons and chases boys, Will plays the piano and we’re getting him started on the violin.  We spend WAY too much money on lessions for them, but it's worth it.


That’s way more than most of you probably wanted to know, so I’ll stop!




Dr. George

WOW..........just got back from a business/Rager trip, which started at Fort Meade, MD on Wednesday to practice my Ragin,  to Fredricksburg, VA for business, up to Quantico, VA to practice my Ragin even more......than....deep breath......over to Charlottesville, VA for more business....for two days.........then back home tonight.


I am really thrilled to see that more and more of our Rager buds have divulged the deep, dark secrets of what goes on in their lives when they're not chasing RVR around our great country.  Thanks gang for the great response and educating each other about ourselves.  It's been very interesting reading, for sure.  Please keep it going.


By the way.........Rhonda is doing just great!!!!   Her recovery, from her very serious illness, has been just short of remarkable.  


God is good!





Monica.single   but has a cat named Poonchkie


I'm not sure I want to know what a poonchkie even is, lol


Education: Me, PSU and Bucknell; Mrs. Bloomsburg U.


2 good PA schools.  I must ask though, is your wife a nurse or teacher?  I know Bloom is one of the best schools for both.  My niece and nephew both went to Bloom(both teachers) and I have another niece going now(for teaching).

The Cookie Girls

Harry....you are silly!


Poonchkie is actually our own spelling of Pazcki...its a polish donut that is bigger and filled with more fat than a regular donut!  Its a catholic thing i think....Monica got her cat on "fat tuesday" the day before "ash wednesday" and here in detroit, we catholics eat Paczkis the day before to splurge before we go into 40 days of Lent. 


So, there is the info on that! Here's a link to an article about it all...


Charles Flanary

These have been really good but I know that there is still some Ragers out there that has not participated.How about it?      Charles

Now as much as I like to talk about myself, how in Heaven's name did I miss this post? Oh, I see ... you guys tried to sneak it by me while I was in the hospital, huh?  Well, nice try!

Seriously, it's a great idea, and I have loved reading all about you guys and getting to know all of my special friends just that much better. I wonder if Julia would consider 'pinning' this thread so we would have easy access to it if we wanted to refer back to it as we continue to meet and greet new Ragers? Whaddaya think, Julia?

Okay ... now about me:

Name:             Bobby Carroll Johnson
DOB:              12-28-1954 in Enterprise (Coffee County), Alabama (Age 50)
Education:      Enterprise High School, Class of 73,
    College:      School of Hard Knocks with a Ph. D. in Common Sense
                       Minored in Tenacity, Perseverance, and Savvy
Day Job:        Senior CD-ROM/DVD Specialist, JVC Disc America Corporation (Feb. 93)
How Did I get this job on a high school diploma? - See 'college minor'

Personal -      Married to Nancy Hendrix (Athens, AL) August 12, 1984
Children -       Angela Marie (8/31/85) - Jennifer Catherine (3/29/88)

Goals -           to begin new adventure as full-time photographer as soon as humanly  possible. Portraiture, weddings, groups, industrial, publicity, doesn't matter ... just want to strap on the camera and go. And frankly, after this medical bump in the road, I may be closer than ever. Funny how things work out that way ... God at Work, as I like to say. 

Dreams - To shoot celebrities in the 'Golden Age' style (for example)

Hobbies? Well, gotta keep my eyes on the prize for now. Should I ever become a successful photog, then I guess a '63 Impala or '59 Royal Lancer Convertible would be a nice personal reward. 

Okay, that's enough ... next? 

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