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John Meyers

My wife and I got tired of living in Hurricane alley in Florida and moved to Tennessee (Wears Valley, TN....Our backyard is the Great Smoky National Park) this year.  We're 5 minutes from Dollywood and are adapting to living in the country in a log cabin on the side of a mountain.


I've been interested in music my whole life.  Used to consult with several radio stations. 


My musical interests have ranged from Johnny Clegg to Little Feat to Beatles to old Jamaican Mento. 


I just picked up on Bluegrass although I was indoctrinated by an old Earl Scruggs record (remember those) that I got years ago.  I just bought a mandolin and am learning to play.  Good news.....My fingers have stopped bleeding so now I can concentrate on where to put 'em!


I found out about Rhonda while looking for mandolin players to learn from. 


I'm now a convert and a Ragin' fan!


I'm 45, a computer/business management Geek and love living in the Smokies with my wife Kate, our 2 Pomeranians - Koko and Lulu


Hope to meet more fans at upcoming events.




John... sounds like you caught the fever... Ragin' Fever that is.  And you're not just a Ragin Fan... you're a RAGER!!


I bet you're gonna look back on your move to Tenn later in life and say that was the best decision of your life.

Uncle Pen's Friend

I can't imagine that it would be that hard to adapt to living in the Smokies in a log cabin on the side of a mountain.   Sounds absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! and Uncle Pen will agree!!!!!  We are too Jealous of you.


Great idea,  I just found it, so here it goes


Carol (Vincent) Western, does that give you any ideas how long I have been a Rhonda fan?   1 husband of almost 44 years Richard.


Our hobbies, include bluegrass music, old cars, bluegrass music and more old cars with Granddaugters along the way.


I can't play  a lick in the road but I sure do like to listen, Richard used to play different instruments, but his hearing isn't what it used to be so doesn't do very much of it any more.


Johnny is my first cousin and I work with Carolyn as an EMT.


My goals are to retire,,,,,,  and enjoy our granddaugters more and be able to travel more, maybe find a few Rhonda and the Rage shows along the way.

Charlie K

Another word about Carol and Richard Western as I met them at Sally Mountain this summer. Carol is a real sweetheart and if you purchased food at the Sally Mountain concession, it may have been prepared or served up by Carol. But because I am in the process of restoring a 1928 Chevrolet, I took alot of interest in Richard's antique cars. If you saw the Sally Mountain Memories on the Ragin' Live DVD then you saw the Westerns and a couple of their cars. Richard was nice enough to take my daughter and I on a drive in his 1927 Ford Coupe and we went to his garage and saw all the other cars that he has, seven or eight in all. He has a tremendous knowledge of antique cars and happened to find a couple of parts that belonged to 1928 Chevrolets and he gave them to me. I would be happy with a fraction of the knowledge that he has about mechanics and antiques. When we came back to Sally Mountain, my daughter Mackenzie said "That was so interesting". I really hope to make it to Sally Mountain next summer to see the Sally Mountain Show, Rhonda and the Rage and, last but not least, I'm hoping to get another ride in one of Richard's other cars. Those Westerns are real nice folks...just like the rest of the Vincent family.


This is still so interesting!!  But, you know who I just noticed has not filled out a bio?  None other than MISS JULIA, herself.  I know that a lot of you know her, but I have not been fortunate to personally meet her and she was a MAJOR help for me on getting to one of the shows and one of the main reasons (RV&R nonewithstanding) for joining the "club".


Hey Julia!!!  It'd be nice to "MEET" you - here on the board and hopefully (someday) in person!




Name: Craig Lee Watts 45 yo


Known Rhonda now for hmm lets see, for many years now. I live down the road from her in another town near Sally Moutain. I remember as a child, my family would go to her house to listen to the vincents practicing. Back then Rhonda was a good friend of mine. Through the years, everything must change. My father died and Rhonda and the Sally Moutain Gang sang at his funeral. I moved alway to Unionville, Missouri. I kinda lost track of the vincents for while I grew up and went to nursing school in LA, California. I came back home. My Neighbors "The Mullenix's", would drive to Green Top to get lessons from Rhonda. I had to work so they would come home and teach me then. Thus forming our Assembly Of God Bluegrass band, playing at local summer events and playing at the old Sydney Opera in Sydney, Missouri. Rhonda as alwas been our inspiration. She is well loved around this community and Iam very proud to call her my friend. She has a wonderful family. She deserves all the best things in life for she has helped others so much.


Hobbie: My hobbies are computer work, music. (someday getting back to my mandolin and fiddle). Ive been out of commission for the past 7 years with heart trouble. I have a trach. (which is a tube in my windpipe to help me breathe). But, I try not to let this keep me down.


Goals: Like I said I hope to be back a music before long . Iam having Gastric Bypass to help me lose weight in order to removed my trach tube for good..Iam excited. My most favorite time, over the 7 years of being sick is to sit with Rhonda at the Sally Mountain park last year. tallking about old times. Then to see her again at the Rotary Park this past July. I brought with me two pictures. One of Rhonda, and Darrin when they were starting out 30 some years ago.. they signed it . Rhonda signed it again with 2005 signature. To  me that is priceless. I will never ever give it up . Please continue praying for me. As I will all of you.

                      From the Watts/Powell family Rhonda we love you and wish you the best best in your future carreer.


Hi Betty! I'm looking forward to meeting you at a show sometime. Since you asked

Julia Yocum from Central PA (Penn State Country...though I'm more of an Altoona Curve/Pittsburgh Pirates fan than Penn State). Graduated high school in 1981. Worked various jobs including 10 1/2 years working for a janitorial company cleaning offices, banks and car dealerships; also worked in an office as a file/mail clerk.

1996 was the year that changed my life forever. I joined the Rhonda Vincent Fan Club and went to see my first Rhonda Vincent show in October in Chambersburg, PA at a high school. Needless to say, the show made me a fan for life. Shortly after the show, I emailed Rhonda and we quickly became friends. Over the next few years I began to help her out whenever she needed something done on the website or the fan club. Several years ago my dream job became a reality when Rhonda hired me as a full time assistant! Thx Rhonda!!!

Not only is this the best job in the world...but because of my work for Rhonda, I have met so many wonderful friends who have become like family to me..thank you Ragers!!

As for hobbies...as many of you know, I'm an Apple computer nut ( I have an iMac, iBook and iPod), as well as a baseball fan and of course I love bluegrass music and traveling to RVR shows!!


Well Julia, whenever you are ready to retire just let me know! I would be MORE than happy to have a job like your's.

ol'roy Ellis

SOMETIME in 2000, heard the song  "the unclouded day" by Rhonda on kumr radio in car,while driveing down i-44  noone said who it was, i thought it was such great singing of one of my favorite gospel songs i just had to find out who it was,,my friend who is a d-j said "why thats Rhonda Vincent " from "Bull Harman,s new c-d, I bought it right away and played that song over & over, then about a week later i saw Rhonda on the opra the night she broke a string on her mandolin on tv ha-ha-, she said her next show would be at Grassy mo,, thats were i met her in person and a happy Rhonda fan ever since,,

 I,m retired and go to lots of bluegrass festivals and country music shows,

 I,m a rhonda rager, and cuz-ol'roy in Porter Wagoner fan club,,and also a member of "Hank Williams sr, fan club,

Charles Flanary

This was very interesting and I would like to bring this back to the top and see if there is some new Ragers or old ones that would like to participate in this.                 Charles


Name: Tabitha Wilson

Age: 24

Rager Fan: one month sunday the 23 rd.

occ: resturant manager

Hobbies: haging our with friends, listening to music, and watching movies

Still time to sneak in here? I'm one of the newer members, but certainly don't lag in enthusiasm.

Vital stuff:  Sharon Shannon (yep, that's really my name!); married for 30 incredible years to the finest man on Earth, Patrick. Age, um, as Emmylou Harris would say, "29 with a bullet."
Two kids--daughter Alina, 19 and in college; our son Jeremy went to be with Jesus in 2003 at the age of 25. Live for the past 10 years in Salinas, California, AKA Lettuceland, USA.  Born in Oak Hill, West Virginia and raised on Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, and Flatt and Scruggs. (Do I remember the Martha White theme? Used to hear it on the radio every single morning!) Lived for four years in Brazil during the 80's and many years in upstate New York before escaping the madness of winter.

What I do now: Work is what happens to get me money so I can play and go to bluegrass events. Right now, that work consists of several part-time "jobbies" and the generosity of my Celtic music-lovin' hubby! What I really do, though, is play rhythm guitar and sing in a duo called The Spindle Sisters. We're not just bluegrass, as we do lots of old-timey/roots/Gospel stuff as well, and there are only two of us (my friend Michelle plays the upright and sings like an angel). It's a blast! We play locally, of course, and are thinking of recording a CD when we can get up the money.

Ragin' experience: Would you believe I've only been aware of RV since last Christmas? I found an mp3 online of her doing "Christmas Time's a-Comin' " and have been solidly in her camp ever since! Only got to see her live one time so far, in San Francisco last month at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival where she and The Rage just tore the place up! Just can't get enough now. Watched the DVD over and over until I almost wore it out. Then I found this message board and have come here every day, multiple times a day, since.

Other stuff: Learning autoharp as well as getting better on the guitar; happily and hopelessly addicted to the Internet; sing in my church's worship band (led by Patrick); volunteer for two local nonprofits; write poetry and songs; working up my eBay business. Husband working towards a new career teaching English as a second language; he also plays mando and guitar, but prefers Celtic style.

Sure hope to meet some of you someday, but as Rhonda doesn't get out to the West Coast that often, don't know when that'll be. Maybe someday Patrick and I will have our dream of living on the road in a comfy home on wheels and who knows?

Hi Everyone,

I've enjoyed reading about everyone!  I'm a new Rager but I have the fever bad!  lol


My name is Kimberly Burnham from Jefferson City, Missouri.  I work for the (state) Division of Medical Services.  I worked for the state right out of high school, more years ago than I care to think about, then took a 19 year break to work in law enforcement, then back to the state. 


I'm divorced but seeing Richard, we met on the net.  He's a banjo picker and loves bluegrass.  I have always liked bluegrass--my grandfather was a fiddle player.  I will say that Richard "furthered" my interest in bluegrass.  I watched the bluegrass music station on my cable and found RV&R and caught the fever.  I got to see them in person a couple of weeks ago in Stockton MO.   Saw AKUS a few days before that in Cape Girardeau.  They were great but I have to say, RV&R were totally awesome!


Sorry, getting carried away.....


I have 2 kids, son Daniel age 20, Junior at Lincoln University here in Jeff City and daughter, Kerra, age 13, in Middle School.  3 dogs, Sadie, Ricky and Mo and 1 cat, Kizzy.


Richard and I are going to the festival in Springfield IL in Nov.  RV&R are playing Saturday.  And have the Sally Mt Festival info printed out and hanging on my bulletin board.  Guess I'm going to have to join the fan club....


Leannette Stephan 


Married  13 years Nov. 21 to husband Jeff


Just graduated with a Paralegal degree-looking for  a job full time.


I live in Excelsior Springs MO


We have two dogs, Fletcher and Jake a Golden Retriever


I have known Rhonda for 33 years.


Hobbies-singing photography scrapbooking embroidery and if I had more money would go to more concerts but I usually find the money to see Rhonda.


I attend and I am a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.  I sing in the choir  We just recorded a Christmas cd.


I almost forgot to tell that I am also a Donny Osmond fan.  I have not met him but I did get to talk to him on the phone.  I have seen him 8 times in concert.


We are soon to have our 12th great niece/nephew and I have one nephew on my side.


My friend is going to Nashville next month to try and make it as a singer.  I want to follow her and either work for an attorney in entertainment law or work with her if she makes it.

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