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I may as well join in !

Greg Parks  6-29-54

Clearfield Co.  Pa. Married 23 years to Lori. 1 daughter 22 years old.

Work at local hospital.

Bluegrass journey began nearly 10 years ago( always thought bluegrass was a bunch of hillbillies singing through their noses and strummin on guitars, boy was i wrong). Anyway, always listened to classical musical on WPSU-FM out of State College, started listening to the folk show,loved/love celtic music and as I heard the occasional bluegrass was hooked.

Only way to get a full time diet of bluegrass was on DirecTV where I first heard RV and being a novice I didn't know that she was an established artist but I knew that she was my favorite. First saw RVR at Gettysburg in 2003 left before the evening show tho because a monster lightning storm was coming. Saw her again later that summer at the Centre Grange Fair (admission $5.00!!)

Listen to bluegrass now and nothing else on Sirius satellite radio.

Other activities: refinishing furniture-especially Hoosier cabinets(Sellers brand are my favorite);gardening(Master Gardener/Penn State); birding,and hiking. Active member at the Cherry Corner Bible Church http://www.cherrycornerchurch.com, lead the singing,teach teens,activities director for church camp.

Volunteer at Smoked Country Jam bluegrass festival near Lock Haven Pa.

http://www.smokedcountryjam.com would highly recommend that everyone attend.

Bluegrass festivals are my favorite events.

Am looking forward to meeting members of the RVR and bluegrass family.

Dr. George

Hey Greg.....thanks for contributing to this "epic novel" which is unfolding before our very eyes.  It is truly great reading......learning about all of RVR's fans.


So ironic!


I became a bondifide Rager the day you left Gettysburg because of the powerful thunderstorm that rolled through....if I remember right.....during the third song of the 9pm set......just as Josh got to the bridge of Cold Virginia Rain.  When that storm hit....... most everyone left the seating area to find shelter.   There were only a handful of us that "braved" the elements.  I'm sorry.....I've told this story dozens of times, but Rhonda and the guys were kind of stuck on stage with no where to go.  

By the time the elements cleared  they could have bolted to the Martha

White Express to head off to their next show.  It was getting late and no one would have thought a thing of it.  BUT.....Rhonda and guys had a group of 20 or so folks, standing in front of the stage watching the Cherryholmes kids jam with Hunter.  Rhonda, not one to disappoint her fans, gathered the gang together, with no microphones, and proceeded to finish the set.  That's where I knew that Rhonda and the Rage were really, really special. 


I've been infected with the Ragin Fever ever since.......and I love it!!


Thanks Greg..........Doc

Uncle Pen in PA

Dr George...    Amy and I were there that night also, and it was truly wonderful.  When almost any other group would have headed out, RV and the Rage came out and sang and played with no PA system and made a tremendous impression on the small gathering that was still around!!!   It was a truly special night.

Wow, what a story! So inspiring!

Dr.George,Uncle Pen and other diehards:

I solemnly swear to never leave a RVR performance for any reason!!

I wish I had been one of the faithful that had stayed behind.  Actually I   never let the elements chase me away from any bluegrass stage anymore. 

Actually that occured in 2004- I posted 2003. It was a storm really that no one should have braved, you all should be presented with special citations.( not sure yet, whether for bravery or insanity!)

Take care.....Greg

Charles Flanary

I just brought this back to the top just in case there might be some out there that might like to join in.          Charles


Charles I guess I am one of the old timers you were refering to.

Name Ed Rosenkrans 57 years old

Retired career Firefighter

Presently driving for a commercial ambulance

Three children

five  grandchildren

Two sons-in-law and a significant other

Have been a fan of Rhondas since she came back on the road,a member of the fan club at least five years (only fan club I had joined up until than) and a Rager since before the term was coined.Been a steady member of this board so long there are only five or so members that still post from when I came on.

I am proud to call RV&R friends,and that of course includes Julia,who I consider a great friend we have had many a long talk at festivals.

 I have met many many Ragers  and postors from this board at the festivals,and have yet to meet one I didn't like. In fact I have said many times,I sometimes wonder if I go to the shows for the music or to see and talk to my friends.

 rage on





Whit King

Rager: Little over a year. Seen her 5 times now. (just turned my roommate on to Rhonda in Oakboro and now he wants to see her again)

Occupation: Manage Jeff Hammond's Store. We sell racing display cases.

Hobbies: NASCAR (worked on NASCAR racing team for 10 years), Bluegrass festivals, & eating a little too much.


Whit King

Guess I will add a little more.


I am 50 years old and not married. Live in Concord, NC. This is the best board on the internet. RV&R are the best!!!

Tony & Terri

We are Tony & Terri Williams, aka Josh’s Dad & Mom.  We have been Bluegrass fans for years, and fans of Rhonda Vincent since a local group made an attempt to bring a Bluegrass festival into western Kentucky in the early eighties.  Naturally, we have been closely connected to Rhonda since December 2003 when Josh joined the Rage.  Tony is retired, but works almost full time for the Jackson Purchase Friends of Bluegrass, and Terri is the office manager for a local law firm.  The J.P.F.O.B. is an organization whose mission is to preserve and promote Bluegrass music.  Tony serves as President, and Terri serves as Secretary.  Tony writes reviews for the association, and also produces the Kentucky Lake Bluegrass Festival, and Bluegrass On The Square in Benton, Kentucky.  We try to attend as many RV&R performances each year as we can.  Tony played guitar for many years, but gave it up when Josh was learning, because Josh passed his Dad in ability so quickly!  The entire RV&R experience has brightened our existence.  We have made so many new friends that we don’t know how to thank RV&R for the special relationships they have brought into our lives.  These “Ragers”are the finest people on earth, and we thank God for each of them we’ve met.


I guess it's my turn...

My name is Kristin Smith, and I'm 19.

I'm an elementary education major at Murray State University, in Murray, Kentucky, where I was born and raised.

I've been a fan of Rhonda and the Rage for about three years, but I've loved bluegrass since I was a little girl. My dad always played it around the house and every Saturday morning we would listen to a local radio station that played bluegrass.

My hobbies are singing, listening to music, reading, fishing, and driving. I love live bluegrass shows and I'm lucky because we have a lot of great bands here in Western Kentucky. My dream has always been to sing on the Grand Ole Opry...maybe I will someday! Even though I don't post a lot...I love checking out the message board. Someone always has the inside scoop on Rhonda and the Rage!

Tony Williams

Hello Kristin -

I do not know if you are aware of the first Friday night Bluegrass shows at the Kentucky Opry, but the J.P.F.O.B. has a Bluegrass night on the first Friday of the month at the Kentucky Opry and it is a free show, and is always a lot of fun.  Our December Bluegrass night (on Friday, December 2, 2005) will feature Special Consensus, Old Santa Fe, The Bankester Family, and the McKendrees.  I believe Josh is coming to sit in with Special C as well.  It all starts about 7:30 PM, so why not join us?

Richard at Lake Ozark, MO

Hello Ragers.  My name is Richard Farmer and I live at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, where i have managed a grocery store for the past 21 years.  I have two daughters 25 and 21, and one grandaughter that has "PaPa" wrapped around her finger.  Not spoiled at all.  Kim at JC Mo and I are avid bluegrass fans and have gone to several shows over the past few months.  I play the five string banjo and have since i was 16, gosh, I'm telling my age now. lol  I went to college at East Central in Union, MO  and on to College of the Ozarks in Branson for my last two years.  Hope to hear from you all soon.  "Love that Bluegrass."

Bob Martin

Bob Martin       Emporium, PA    North central Mountains


Retired Forester   Worked 40 Years for the PA Bureau of Forestry


Married 39 years   Wife - Pat a RN working with Hospice care


Been a RV fan for 5 years.  Try to make as many shows as possible, but seem to keep too busy with volunteer jobs in retirement.


Sorry that I am so late with this post.  Have not been at home often during the last two months.  Did see Rhonda at Norris, TN and Myrtle Beach, SC during my recent trips. Have tickets for Hanover in January.


We have three sons located in Atlanta, GA, Lexington, KY and Pittsburgh, PA.  Two grandchildren. 


Hobbies:  Birding, Bluegrass music (listening), travel and volunteer work.

Dr. George



Can you believe the incredible response we've gotten from this Rager Roll Call requestI can't tell you how wonderful it's been reading about everybody who has taken the time to contribute.  It has been really great to get to meet each and every one of you and learn that we really have so much in common.


I hope this doesn't get buried too deep in the board.  I find myself going back to refresh my memory at times and since there were so many responses, it's easy for the memory to fail.


Thanks to everyone who contributed!!



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