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It was very late when we checked into the Red Lion on Hayden Island last night.

I didn't bring in my suitcase, just my pillow and jammies.

After my shower, I realized I didn't have body lotion nor a brush or comb.

So I ended up using hair conditioner as body lotion,  and an ink pen as a single comb tooth.  It worked pretty well.

So the next time you forget your lotion, brush, or comb; these items work very well.

Ragin' Travel Tips by Rhonda      

You really need to write a book

We already have one author in the family.

I don't think I better infringe on Dear Herby's writings. 

I can vouch for the conditioner trick as well.  It works GREAT as shaving cream as well. In fact, it makes your legs even smoother than with conventional shaving cream.

Thank goodness for the "complimentary" bag of stuff the hotel leaves in every room!  I still use some of the shampoos and soaps I've collected over the years. haha

That's hilarious... I use hair conditioner as lotion and shaving cream... weird.


So I ended up using hair conditioner as body lotion,  and an ink pen as a single comb tooth.

that's why I wear hats.
Rail Rider
Here's another travel tip.
Never try to go to the bathroom on a moving train. Let's just say thing get "complicated"
What Shall I Do?
Uh oh.....I'm taking a train trip in the near future.   

Rail Rider
Dear "What Shall I Do"
My personal suggestion is to hold your bathroom needs until the train comes to a complete stop. The clicky clack may sound nice and inspire many a song, but it isn't very nice when you are holding onto the commode for life and limb

If you think the powder room is an adventure.....you should try the shower and shaving your legs!!!  

Rhonda, you are very resourceful!  I didn't know conditioner would work as body lotion, but I have had to use it in the place of shaving cream before.  That made me laugh about you using the ink pen as a single comb tooth!!


You are the only celebrity I know who let someone take a picture of you shaving before a show...and then let them put it in a book!

I love that photo, because it accurately reflects what the rigors of bus travel and pre-show prep must be like for you and the guys. Who else would let anyone print it except someone like you, who is so honest and comfortable in herself?

BTW, I still think a "Numbers from live shows + bus/road observations" DVD would be a great thing to do someday.

Thanks Dean.  What you see is what you get.  :-)

Now I haven't even breathed a WORD to Dear Herby.....but the guys and I talked about a  Ragin' Live 2 - LIVE DVD.

I think it's perfect timing, with new members, new songs, etc.

I also have my heart SET on doing an all Gospel DVD.

I have to catch my breath from this past weekend, and we need a release date for the new project; before I can even begin to think about the actuality of any of these. 

They will be on list though.

Ben was amused at the millions of sticky notes, with my scribbles, that I carry around.  They pile up, and then I go through them eventually.

It's a great feeling when I go back and see the lists I've made; and then can scratch off the accomplishments that were on the wish list.

They are merely on MY wish list.

I pray for the reality of God's Will.

That's what I need help in remember. 
Not in MY time, but in God's time.

Those sticky notes scare me
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