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Sweet Brenda
I wanted to let you know, it was a great write up in BU about you. 
Thank you for all you do for Bluegrass!
I just got my issue of BU in the mail today. Can't wait to read the article on Connie!
Aint nothin ever fair in life!  I aint even got my copy yet....
Hope it don't have any bad words I might have said or something
Connie Leigh
Alvin Bressler
I enjoyed the article so much. Kathryn & I  would like to meet you at the Awards Show, & introduce you to Frances Simpson, if you haven't already met her. We have recorded 25 of her songs, & 2 of them twice. I saw you there last year but didn't have time to get over there & meet you before the show started. Alvin
Carol Cox

WOW Connie!! Great article!! I really enjoyed it!! The pictures are great. You look beautiful!!  I love all of your songs that I have heard!! Congratulations on all of your success and best wishes for much more!!   

Carol Cox

P.S. Connie say hello to your Farmer for me. He sounds like one terrific guy!! Also would like to know how Matthew is doing......Carol

Mike Garlock
Hi Connie Leigh,

    My Bluegrass Unlimited finally showed up in the back woods of NY today.  Great article and you should be so proud.  Congratulations!  Mike G.
Hi Connie ,
Finally received our copy of BU yesterday.  I loved the article about you and the photos were lovely.  Nice to see good things happening to wonderful people.

Connie Leigh
Thank you all for such nice comments...
Connie Leigh
I just got my copy on Friday and didn't get a chance to read it until yesterday.  I had tears in my eyes at some parts and laughed at others.  It was a great article about a great person. 

But I did notice that there wasn't any mention of her 'brother' anywhere in the article, LOL.

Tom Alman
Gee! How could anyone forget Harry LOL!!!

Robert Hall
"Oh Brother,Where Art Thou"????...huh Harry!!

I wont be able to read that article,but I'm sure Connie is worthy of all the success and praise she's getting lately!..I love her song on Rhonda's new CD "Scorn Of A Lover"..along with her others on previous CD's..

Hope everyone is having a good day...I'm still suffering here with severe backaches!!..not much better at all,and I'm getting very discouraged..

Good afternoon to Louise,Don,Tom,and all the other Ragers,and our lovely RHNDA!..hope she's getting some well deserved rest after such a hectic weekend,safe travels to her and the band!..

I know you probably WON'T believe this..... BUT......I DID try to get them to put a picture of you in that article, and they told me no!  I was in SHOCK, Harry!  They said people might judge me by my brother!!!
And the photo I submitted was respectful and all.... It was just one of you keeping up with the world news....  So no hard feelings, Harry... I tried,  I really did....
Koko reads her newspaper by algoyo.

That's because you showed them the picture of me reading something other than Bluegrass Unlimited.

Gary Kennedy
The Pony Express rides again!  A mere 16 days after Sweet Brenda started this, my Bluegrass Unlimited arrived today.

Connie, that was a wonderful article.  I really enjoyed reading about you, and I know that we're all very proud of you and your accomplishments.  It's expecially gratifying to see a member of the Rager Band pursue a career in music.
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