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Joan Marks
Thank you so much for sharing your  story remembering George Jones and yes what a country singer we have lost.  Our prayers are with you all during this time, rest in peace George.

Wanda Boutilier
Hi Rhonda:

What a very touching story!  I just read it aloud to my fiance - and, at times, found it difficult to get the words out without crying.  Since I first heard you sing, I knew that your voice was awesome.  ... and to hear that George Jones appreciated it and told you so is amazing.  To record a song with him and Merle Haggard would have been an experience second to none.

We saw George Jones play in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, a few years ago.  It was likely at or around 2004.  My boyfriend at the time (now my fiance) and I took my son, Corey, with us.  Corey would have been 16 at the time and was a George Jones fan.  My son passed away in 2010 at the age of only 21.  We had a George Jones song played at his funeral.

He's singing with the angels now - and my son has a front-row seat, I'm sure!

Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing your story.

- Wanda Boutilier and Dan Fournier (your friends from Nova Scotia - who visited Sheldon Frost in Grand Manan for your last two visits there)
Mike G.
Thanks for Sharing our Rhonda!
Lila Whitten
This brings tears to my eyes. George not only made good music, it sounds like he knew good music when he heard it
The Ol' Red Clay Hound

I feel fortunate to have seen the Possum "ply his trade" live on many occasions, and own about a kazillion of his CD's. There was NOBODY like him. Country Music is in a pitiful state these days. The two major "country" stations in Atlanta, as well as the Athens, GA station, made little or no mention of his passing yesterday. As a matter of fact, one of 'em had the daily Country Music news from their perky little gal reporter who informed us that Jason Aldean is having marital woes, Dierks and his wife are expecting another child in the fall, and NO mention of George Jones. How sad. WCON FM in Cornelia, GA started each half hour with a George Jones song in tribute. Fortunately, Willie's Place on Sirius XM had wall to wall Possum yesterday afternoon, as any Country station worth their salt should have done. Possum's endorsement of Our Queen only validates what we already know - Rhonda is TRUE COUNTRY. We thank you, RV, for sharing your memories of George with us. You have an eye toward the future, with a foot firmly planted in tradition, and we thank you for that. Can't speak for anybody else, but, I love the Possum and I love my Queen - Rest In Peace, George. 


Lori Drew
What a wonderful story Rhonda!  We were getting ready to see him for the first time in May.  We had always wanted to but he never came near where we were living at the time.  Now he was coming to our town and we were so excited but God decided to take him home first.  We are so sad.  I really wish we could have seen him but what an honor it must have been for you to actually meet him and for him to love your music!   We love your music too and hope we can one day hear you sing in person and maybe even meet you.  We are going to hear your brother sing (Daily and Vincent) on Memorial Day.  Take care and thanks for the story.
Lori Drew
I want to give credit to WSSL in Greenville SC and all the other local radio stations for paying such a wonderful tribute to George Jones.  All day yesterday they played his music and talked about him and his life. 
Diane Brock Deckard
Oh Rhonda.......What a great story you have and what a wonderful tribute George paid to you!!!  You will have these great memories to carry with you the rest of your life!!!  I stopped in at a gas station in Paducah,, Ky and while I was pumping gas into my vehicle the famous Silver Eagle pulled in.  While George's "boys were inside, the door of the bus opened and out stepped George Jones, himself!!  He told me to have a good day and I replied that it was already a great day because I felt like I had just had the Grand Tour!!  To my surprise, George started singing Gran Tour, to me, right then and there!!!  What a special person!!!  Not many music legends would do this......but this gracious man did!!  Thank you George, for all the great music, and for being such a generous person!!  Rest in the Lord's loving arms!!  Diane Brock Deckard
Eileen Fenner-Duhaime
Thanks Rhonda for sharing your memories of George.  I have loved his music for so many years although I never got the chance to see him in concert.  It's wonderful that you had such a close and personal and musical relationship with him.  Rest In Peace, George Jones
Jim Rizer
Rhonda, I'm sure you George had excellent taste in country "Girl singers" You are the best Rhonda and George knew it. We all loved George and we all love you!!...Jim
Sweet Brenda
Rhonda, This is so awesome. I feel like I him just by reading this.

Roger Campbell
Our Family, Also from Missouri, was blessed to have 
George sing a song written by my Uncle Jack Campbell on his Gospel Album. One of my fondest memories as a child is remembering my Dad saying that thats the greatest singer in country music , as a record spun on the record player. 
Ginger Kirksey
What a wonderful story! I just can't imagine a world without George Jones in it. It's so hard to watch a generation start to disappear. It's good, that at least in the music industry,  they are immortalized thru their recordings, and our memories.
Bette Jeffries
Rhonda, I enjoyed reading your memories of George Jones throughout the years.  I've had the pleasure of attending several of George's concerts and especially enjoyed the years he and Tammy lived in Lakeland, Florida at the 'Old Plantation', where they had an outdoor country music hall.  I've also had the pleasure of attending one of your concerts as well as one of your brother's (Dailey & Vincent).  And seeing your daughters perform in Kingsport, TN added icing to the cake.  You come from such a musically talented family!  May God continue to lead you all in your musical careers, as you bring so much pleasure to all of us.  RIP Mr. George Jones
Barbara Hartwick-Trevino
Dear Rhonda...What a loving tribute to George Jones...My only Wish Is that I could hear you sing tonight...I am sure He will be smiling down from heaven as you do....With much Admiration and Love...Barbara Hartwick-Trevino
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