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PJ Henderson
Rhonda, thanks for sharing those memories...who is going to fill HIS shoes?  There will never be another George Jones!...pj (your Air Force bud)
Gary Smith
I loved George Jones Ever since I can remember. Some of the first songs I remember are The Race Is On & White Lightning. When he sang Window Up Above I would cry every time. The new generation can't hold a candle to his singing. George I will miss you very much.

I was at the Salem show, Rhonda, as you may remember.  When you and the guys came out on stage you were surrounded by a mountain of giant speakers that were there for George Jones.  It was a great bluegrass night and a great GJ country night.

Bruce Wilson
Thanks so much for your wonderful stories on the great George Jones!  As you continue to impact the music along with your band The Rage may you enjoy many more happy, productive years!!!  May God Bless!!!!
what great memories for you Rhonda!!  I grew up listening to Country music. It was the only music my Mom and Dad listened to. My Dad was a big fan of George Jones all his life!  My Dad passed away in 95 and we played George Jones gospel music at his funeral.  Every time i hear his music I think of my Dad.  Maybe George will put on a concert in heaven and my Dad will get to enjoy his music once more!  RIP George Jones.
Johnny Mann
Rhonda - Thanks.  U sure stirred my heart strings and brought back some great memories.  Like when I first saw George in LA back in 1967 when I was stationed in the Air Force.  I saw him again in VA a few years back after I retired from the AF.  I have always been a fan.  Oh get this my wife (doesn't go for country music) but loves George Jones.  Go figure.  LOL  I only discovered you in the last five years but now have several CD's and listen to Family Reunion etc. and plan on seeing U in VA in May.  Keep up the great work (even though I don't know how U keep up the schedule u do).  I like your posts and Martha White biscuits too.  I find it sorta funny that no one has mentioned that when (I believe) the ACM shunned George a few years back and cut his time that "Alan Jackson" changed his performance and sang the whole dang song that George was going to sang.  Alan Jackson is traditional country in a modern world which seems impossible but I love it.  And I love your music.  Being born and bread in KY guess what - It's BLUEGRASS to me.  RIP:  George, Hank, and Bill Monroe (father of Bluegrass).  THANKS TO ALL.
Loved reading your story about the great George Jones. Even at my workplace there have been those of us so saddened by the loss of George Jones so I can just imagine how those of you in music industry with experiences with him must feel! As fans here, we just feel that the end of an era musically will be no more! No one gonna fill those shoes!
I'm not a super fan of him, but he does have several tunes that I really like (The Race Is On, He Stopped Loving Her Today, High-Teck Redneck to just name a few).  He was planning to tour next year, for what I heard.  My brother has a lot of his music. R.I.P. George.
Randall Warwick
Beautiful homage to the Possum Rhonda.
ONE YEAR AGO - Our hearts ache remembering the passing of one of the greatest singers in Country Music!!  We love and miss you George!
ron law
george jones-the possum was 1 of a kind,a kind hearted man whom sang from the heart in every song he sang.i was a fan club member of his and u got to go back stag then.each and every time,i was amazed to see him.he responded how u doing and i responde good sir and u,he said to me my name is george and how i felt at eaze with that.he said god has blessed me alot over the yrs,i repled yes george and u have blesseall ur fans by ur songs and ur great voice.i told him god bless u and he replied god bless u young man-ron law
Larry Malin
Rhonda, You are the answer to the question in George's song...."Who's gonna fill them shoes."  You have done a mighty nice job filling them shoes and keeping the true sound in country music as well as bluegrass.  You are one of the few singers left who can stir the emotions of the listener with your singing.  When I am on the road driving I can go 1000 miles without tiring when your music is playing.
Thanks for the tribute to George and Vaya Con Dios from New Mexico. (Go with God)
shelly kierstead
Hi Rhonda, that was so beautiful. You and the rage are so talented how could George not love you all. I love all your songs and my favorite is also I'm not over you. love you always I hope to see you very soon! [smile]
George Geisser
Thanks for the beautiful Jones post!  I sure miss him as He is my favorite sanger! 
My favorite show was the one in early 90's at the Grand Palace Branson where you opened for him. My favorite singers period   God Bless you and yours
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