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After 34 years at the coal mine, Richard has one more day of work then he turns in his retirement papers!!!!

Congratulations Richard!!!

Congratulations Rich

John S
Congrats to Richard! A life of work deserves a little rest, and I hope you enjoy every minute!
Now you can help Julia with all the things she has on her plate 
Jim G

Congratulations Richard Enjoy your retirement.

Mike B

Congratulations Richard!  Wish I was the one retiring!!!

Mike Garlock
Congratulations to Richard,

    Please tell Richard, Brenda & I are happy for him!  Let me know if you want Hunter and me to plan a party for him in Nashville.  It would be a huge burden, but we think Richard has earned it.  Mike G.
Carol Cox
CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD!! I am so happy for you! I remember the excitement we felt when John retired. He went early at 55 and has enjoyed it very much despite some illness.

I know you both must be very excited to be starting a new life in Tennessee. You two are so very special to me!  I wish you every happiness!!  Hope to see you in June in Summersville........Carol
and you're going to have him working this weekend???

Congratulations Richard!!
Charlie K
Congratulations Richard, that is aweome.  I hope to get there someday myself. But be careful, since Rhonda doesn't plan to ever retire you two will both be puttin in the hours for a long time!!

Good luck to both of you on your move to Tennessee. That sounds so exciting!!

Congradulations Richard  Now you can really enjoy your lovely wife and she can you.  Have a wonderful rest of your life and we will see you at Sally Mountain.


Congrats Richard!!!! Now you can stay home and make sure Julia cooks, and cleans the way she is supposed to. I'll send you a copy of my book, so you will have a reference for training purposes.

Stay out of this Herby
Mary C. and Jim

Congratulations Richard!!!

Congratulations Richard

I know that it is a great feeling, because I join the retired in just 6 days myself.
Enjoy your retirement.
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