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Don & Ann A.

Way to go RICHARD!

34 years ?????????  Now that's a long time.

Now you'll be able to drive Julia around to all the festivals and events. 

 That's a good thing, right Julia?


Congratulations Richard,
  I pray you have a great retirement, many, many healthy years of it.
   Linda from Ind.
Kim from MO
Congratulations Richard!
Ditto what Linda and Whitey posted!

Brenda A
Congrats Richard!!!
May you enjoy every day of your retirement!!!
Gloria Boyd
    My husband left work at 55. He thought I was going to work at least that long. I'm 6yrs younger. But I retired the next yr from a local hospital after 31 1/2 yrs. (51).   We both work 2-3 days a week now. Did nothing for 2 yrs but mission trips with church and vacations w/family.
    I know that you and Julia are going to really enjoy this time.

    Met you and Julia at the Morganton NC show. I'm Rick's sister.

    Have fun!!
Congratulations Richard!!It won't be long until you'll wonder how you ever had time to go to work.  Enjoy yourself!!
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