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Hi Rhonda Too!!!  

Great to hear from YOU!!!

I've been married for 25 years, as of this past Christmas Eve 2008; to
Dear Herby.

Dear Herby and I have 2 daughters  (Sally 22 & Tensel 20); who have just discovered their love for bluegrass music. (Even tho they have been around it all their lives.)  They have their own band; and their music is played on SIRIUS XM RADIO, and they'll be performing around the country this summer for their first official TOUR 2009!!  They are very excited.

They have a new dobro player that I predict could be the next "JERRY DOUGLAS". His name is Brent Burke. He's a very talented player.  They also have a new mandolin player who is an incredible singer, and he really fits them like a glove, by the name of Cody.  (In fact, other bands have already been trying to hire Cody.) 

The name of their band is  "NEXT BEST THING". 

My advice to you is, take every opportunity you can to perform. Local nursing home; church; country music show; festival; or at a local jam.  Just sing, play, and it's always good to play and sing with musicians that are better than you. They will help you to step up with your talents.    I don't know what level you're at. Beyond that, you can branch out to festivals; playing open stage.

If you're playing around an area; people will hear you.  And word of mouth is best advertising.   Good luck to you!! 

Welcome to the board; and thanks for posting.

Where are you from Rhonda 2?

Check out



Rhonda, too!

You probably don't want my advice--cause RV already gave you amazing advice....
but audition for local opry's--I don't know where your from, but here in TX, we have A LOT!  so, if you know of one, or you can look them up on the web, and go see a show or two.  If its a good opry, then ask the owner or manager about auditions.  I love bluegrass (well, duh!) so, I perform a lot of bluegrass with the opry house band I play with.  The band can be picky,(not me of course!), so choose your audition songs carefully.  you want to choose a song or songs that the band would know at first---like Patsy Cline, Bob Wills, Bill Monroe; then when and if you get booked, you can sing anything you want--bluegrass, blues, old/new country--whatever. 
I started out fiddling in nursing homes, schools, parks, weddings--with out a band sometimes.  But def, play/sing with people who are better than you, like RV said, thats how you get better--peforming and practicing!

Sorry I went on for so long!  I tend to not shut up about music!

Fiddle On!

That's great advice Lacie!!!  
Outside of family bands, the oprys in Texas were how I got started, as well!

Good luck, Rhonda, Too!
I think anytime you are singing, you are honing your craft!

(You don't mind if the rest of us take your advice, too, do you, RHONDA the QUEEN?)

Have a great night everyone and stay warm!

where in TX did you sing?  What opry's?  I work at the Gladewater Opry--for now...I love it though, they are my family.

Rhonda, too--jam sessions are a great way of learning as well--remember you can learn from everyone--bad or good.  you can learn how not to play, and how to play by watching and listening.  We have jam sessions every night where I live, so I'm pretty lucky--but look them up-go to local music stores and just ask the people there playing guitars and mando's--they will know about them. 

Best of luck!!!!
fiddle on!
Mostly the Grapevine Opry in Grapevine, TX (outside Dallas/Ft Worth!)


OH!!  Thats a great one!  I was on my way to audition there the day I got the job as the fiddler in the band at Gladewater--Texas Smoke.  Funny!  Good thing they were in need of a fiddler the day I walked in!

Fiddle on!

I always sing and play with people who are better than I am.  Not that there's ever been any other option.


I know what you mean!  I don't have an option either--but it feels good knowing, everywhere i go, I'm learning something.  Sometimes I'm up till 1 or 2 in the morning just listening to cd's or watching youtube videos and practicing different things I like out of them.  I like the fact that I'm never through learning.  

Rhonda too
Thank you all SOOOO much for the advise and thank you so much Rhonda (the original Rhonda or the Queen!) for taking the time to respond to my question! I have been singing other genres and have recently fell in love bluegrass music so I am really looking forward to what's in store! I am from Florida (NW Panhandle) so I think we will have to travel a little ways from here to get real involved in what's going on in bluegrass.
Well, thanks again everybody for making me feel so welcome. I can see where I'm going to be making a daily stop or two here on the boards to see what's happenin'!!
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