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Ragin' Lunatic

What a thrill to finally have Rhonda in Rock Hill, South Carolina!  Thank you so much.  Y'all delivered an awesome display of bluegrass.  You brought a largely unschooled audience of Rock Hill movers and shakers up to true Blue Grass speed in about a minute and a half.  Rhonda you wowed the crowd with your grace, charm and humor.  And your voice has never sounded better.  You were nailing high notes I never heard you go for before.  The Rage delivered musicianship that was at times breathtaking. If you all aren't the best musicians and showmen (show woman) in the business (and I mean any genre of the music business), I don't know who is.  But the absolute show stopper was the a cappella "His Promised Land".  You have Rhonda's soaring vocal and there is somehow mixed in her voice qualities that are fragile, haunting and beautiful that seem to come from some place deep in the soul of the heartland and is the voice of all America.  Add to that harmonies that were oh so pure.  It is magnificent the way the harmonies would seem to briefly dissolve and then resolve into stratospheric crystal clarity.  It is beyond exquisite and it is heart stopping. Well done.  So very well done.  Applause, cudos and bravos!!  All Rock Hill hats are off tonight in homage and appreciation to Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. 

PS.  Check out the Rock Hill Herald on line for a picture and story of Josh and Brent teaching a class this afternoon at Winthrop University.
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